5 Ayurvedic Herbs for Weight Loss – Indian Medicinal Herbs

“Old is Gold” holds true when it comes to curing a certain health problem. Due to our busy lifestyle, we are entering into an obesity zone. Also, our days loaded with too much work do not provide us enough time to exercise. Therefore, nothing better Ayurveda can be a natural option for shedding that extra kilo which gives us a sick bulky look.

5 Ayurvedic herbs for weight loss

In India, from ancient times Ayurveda has cured several diseases. Even ancient Indian texts and epics speak well of Ayurveda. Here are 5 Ayurvedic herbs for weight loss.

1. Triphala

As the name suggests ‘tri-phala’, it is a combination of 3 fruits namely, Amalaki, Bibhitaki, and Haritaki. It aids digestion and flushes out toxins from the body. It is a colon toner which strengthens colon resulting in weight loss. It lowers cholesterol levels and prevents bloating.

2. Guggul

Currently scarce, it is the most important Indian Herb. It prevents the oxidation of fat and prevents cells from creating cholesterol. It stimulates the thyroid and boosts metabolism.25 mg taken thrice a day is enough for reducing cholesterol content. Helps to remove fat accumulated around waist, abdomen, and thighs.

3. Vrikshamla

Known for controlling appetite it helps in the disposition of fat. It burns fat inside the body which helps to get rid of fat in a short period of time. It is a boon for people wanting to lose weight if taken on a regular basis. The high amount of hydroxy citric acid present is the reason behind its fast pace in fat reduction process.

4. Kalmegh

It has fat-soluble herbs which not only cuts fat but cleanses blood as well. It looks after the adverse effects of obesity and reduces them to minimal. It should not be consumed by pregnant women. Its benefits are not limited to reducing fat only as it is a remedial collection of herbs for all kinds of fever, allergies, and diseases like cancer and diabetes.

5. Chitrak

Chitrak is known as the worst enemy of body fat. It strengthens digestive fire and increases the metabolism process. It increases Pitta in the stomach and hence stimulates gastric juices. It has a brilliant cleansing formula as it frees the body from all kind of toxins.

Ayurveda has never been a reason for disappointment. Ayurveda herbs become your rescuer on your journey of weight loss. Hence, these are the herbs which you should lay hands upon if you are looking forward to shedding some extra pounds.