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Most frequent questions and answers about Vedic astrology and our services.
Vedic Astrology is an ancient form of Astrology that comes from Vedic thoughts and philosophy since it is rooted in the Vedas. It is also known as Hindu Astrology or Jyotish Shastra.
Vedic astrologers understand that planetary movements indicates many events, so understanding these movements is vital to understanding ourselves. They use their knowledge to predict future events or understand past occurrences to guide people in making better life decisions and progress spiritually.
Yes, Vedic astrologers use a birth chart to predict future to help on making conscious decisions. They can also help you find solutions for problems you might be facing in your life. To create a birth Chart or Kundli, the date and time of birth and place of birth are required. (Read more)
You can ask for guidance regarding various aspects of your life, like love, relationships, careers, finance, business, health karma, etc., and ask for astrological remedies. Astrology is not just about predictions but more about guidance based on what planets say. (Questions to Ask An Astrologer for Better Advice)

We’ll analyze your birth chart, interpreting its messages for you. We’ll discuss your current experiences and aspirations.
We’ll provide actionable guidance to support your spiritual evolution.

We do not offer free astrology or any type of Vedic services. However, we do offer premium astrology services for a fee

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