Hindu interpretation of dreams and their meanings

Hindu Dream Meanings

People dream. That’s a given. Whether they remember the dream or not is a different question. Hindu dharma has established a roadmap to understanding the secret message of the subconscious. Thus, it is important to know what your dreams are made of.

Dream Symbols And Their Meaning/Interpretation

Hindu Dream Meanings

Here are some of the dreams that you might have and the Hindu interpretation of them.

Dream of seeing your mother

If you see your mother in your dream, then it reflects the nurturing side of your own self. In case you haven’t seen your mother (if she is alive), then it means that you have been seeking your own individuality and development. It also represents health and well-being.

Dream of conversing with your mother

If you talk to your mother in your dream, then it means that you have been facing difficulty with something that you require suggestions of. Your mind is preoccupied and you are not sure how to deal with certain things in reality. It might also mean there are unsolved problems that you need to work out with your mother.

If you hear your mother call you, then It suggests that you have been negligent in your activities or responsibilities or that you have been pursuing the wrong path.

Dream of becoming a mother

If you dream of becoming a mother, then it reflects that deep down you know you need to show a more caring and nurturing side of yourself in reality and that you haven’t been that self. It means that you have been indifferent to something that requires compassion.

Dream of a pregnant woman

Seeing a pregnant woman in a dream can signify many things. When you see such a dream, you are ready to start a new life or take on new responsibilities. A pregnant woman in a dream also symbolizes a creation. When you are creating something new, in any form, or even planning a child, you can see a pregnant woman. Your creation starts to manifest in your life.

Dream of being chased

If you dream of being chased by someone, it indicates that you have been avoiding alarming issues in your own life. Subconsciously, you have realized that you have been falling behind to address your own issues. Take it as a brain’s way of telling you to man up and face your problem head-on rather than hiding behind the curtain. Dreaming that you are trying to run but cannot run means that you lack self-confidence.

Dream of being naked

In case you have a naked dream, it symbolizes insecurity, humiliation, shame, or feelings of vulnerability. Another way of interpreting might reflect the need to return to your natural self, liberate yourself from some ties that have been binding you and strive for freedom.

Dream of clouds

Dream of clouds represents our own thoughts. It takes about the balance between our critical mind and our emotions. The level of moisture in the cloud indicates the level of emotion with which we have been making our decisions. Dark clouds represent dark feelings inside of us – a rather brooding nature, or it might be a feeling that we have failed to express the feelings. In reverse, if the clouds are bright, then it represents a balanced state of mind and emotion.

Dream of mourning

When you find yourself mourning in your dreams, you might have some past experience or incident that you haven’t been able to let go of. It does also mean grief, bad luck, and unhappiness. Contrarily, it signifies some disturbing influence on your social construct.

Dream of flowers

Dream of flowers signifies the events based on the various development cycle of the flower. Blossoming flowers signify growth and development of yourself. Dying flowers represent chapters of our lives that are about to end. Understanding the context of the flowers in the dream can assist us to heal.

Dream of Darkness

Darkness signifies failure in the work that you are attempting. It also is related to ignorance, subconsciousness, evil, death, fear of the unknown, and many others. In case the sun breaks through the darkness, then you will be able to overcome your failure. If you are lost in the darkness, then it denotes feelings of insecurity and desperation.

Dream of mouse

To dream of the mouse means that you have fear or lack of assertiveness within you. You have been experiencing thoughts of inadequacy and think that you are spending too much time becoming someone else rather than living your own path. It can even signify irritation and annoyance. If you see a dead mouse, then it would mean that you have been ignoring a very important part of your life and it is up to you to find it.

Dream of blood

To dream of blood means that you have a very deep underlying life experience that goes beyond your awareness. It might be the sense of guilt if you dream of blood on your hands, or you’re overburdened if you are losing blood in your dream, or having difficulty in social or emotional settings if you see someone else’s blood.

Dream of mountains

Dreams of mountains symbolize a victory in a certain instance. The climbing part implies you are struggling with something and yet learning new skills, reaching the top implies victory, and descending implies you are taking a step back and taking time to think. If you see a mountain range, then you are up for some new adventure.

Dream of forest

Forest dreams imply experience, vision, and emotion. They also indicate unresolved feelings about something or not being able to see through a problem. At times, if you are suffering from something, it implies that you are lost in your life and that you have deviated way far from your plan. In case you see the forest in a fire, it means that you might have health problems.

Dream of Lion or Lioness

When you dream of a lion or lioness, it can symbolize many things. Based on Vedic astrology Leos are ruled by Sun, an authority, strong and powerful. People who are bold, and strong in nature often dream of lions or lionesses. It depends on how and where you see lions, for example, if you are not cat friendly, or have a fear of lions, you might also see them in your dream.

Dream of devil

When you dream of a devil, it means that you are occupied with negative thoughts or someone in your life is bringing you down emotionally. It might also indicate temptation or your ego.

Dream of murder

If you committed a murder, it means that you put an end to a former way of thinking. Alternately, it might also mean that you have repressed anger or rage within yourself or towards others. If you witness a murder, then it indicates a deep-seated anger towards someone. And if you’re the one who’s being murdered, then it means important relationships are being severed and you are trying to disconnect with yourself.

Dream of tunnel

A tunnel in dreams refers to the cycle of death and birth. If you are the starting point, it is asking you to take a look back at your own starting point of something. And usually, it is inside the tunnel that we encounter our deepest and most unconscious thoughts.

Dream of umbrella

Dreams of the Umbrella is pointing towards the need to take a closer look at your worries and fears. If the umbrella is open, then you must act carefully, especially with your actions in regard to others. If the umbrella is closed, then it means that you are worrying too much unnecessarily.

Dream of water

Water dreams are related to cleansing and emotional state. In case the water is murky, then it is an indication that you should not indulge yourself in new endeavors. But if the water is clear, then it means that success is on its way, and if in that clear water, you see yourself, then it means that you have not been fully honest with yourself.

Dream of moving in slow motion

To dream of moving in slow motion usually means that there is some case of the sensation of paralysis or your inability to move away from looming danger. It indicates your inability to move straight forward or progress toward your waking life. If you feel trapped in it, then there is something that is holding you back.

Dream of falling

This is a very serious dream. It signifies anxiety and your loss of control in your waking life. Alternatively, it can indicate abandonment issues. One very interesting fact is that dreams of falling usually occur in the first stage of sleep. In later parts, if you fall, your body trembles and you wake up.

Dream of vehicles

Vehicle dreams refer to the control you have in your waking life. For instance, if the vehicle is large, your organization is enabling your experience, if the vehicle is an ambulance, then you require healing of some sort, and if the vehicle is a police car, it means that you require discipline.

Dream of the dead

If in your dream you talk to the dead, then it means that you have been hanging out with the wrong crowd or with negative people. Alternatively, it might also mean that you have some things to resolve with someone who has passed. If the person has been dead for a long time, then it means that your current situation is in some way related to the person’s past situation.

Dream of teeth

It usually is the case of your teeth falling out, crumbling, decaying, or simply missing. It signifies that you are aware of the fact that you have a fear of being found unattractive in your dream, but not in reality. If you go deeper, it signifies your loss of power in your conscious life.

Dream of taking the test

It is quite a common dream amongst the ones who have been out of school than amongst the ones in school. It can go in different ways. Commonly, either you don’t get to the test center on time or you get there unprepared. This reflects your upcoming test in the real world too.

Dream of dying

This is usually associated with your deep underlying emotional pain in your life, and the dream is a warning for the upcoming danger and risk in your life.

Dream of a game show

To dream of participating in the game show means that there are certain aspects that you need to change your life, and usually, the meanings differ with the type of game show you are in.

Dream of being abducted

If you are being abducted, then significantly it means that you are being manipulated by someone in reality. There is no sense of control within yourself. But if you witness an abduction and you don’t do anything, then it implies a feeling of helplessness. In case you are the one who is abducting, then it means that you are holding onto something that you have not been able to let go of.

Dream of balloons

Balloon dreams are associated with love. It indicates disappointment and hopelessness in your own search for love. At times, it might also indicate arrogance or your inflated ego. If you are blowing up the balloon, then you are setting your goals and ambitions for something. But to see it ascending, it means that your current life is frustrating and you need to rise above it.

Dream of Garuda

Some people do see Garuda in their dreams. It signifies agility, fear, fierceness, superiority, and power. It means that you are strongly associated with your spirituality.

Dream of abuse

Dreaming of abusing someone indicates that your past life is coming back to haunt you. But to dream that you are the one who is being abused, then it means that you are victimized in real life and that you have been taken advantage of by someone.

Dream of ghost

If you see a ghost, then it means that there is something in your life that is no longer obtainable or within reach. It also implies that you are now feeling disconnected from the society. It might also be a call for you to move on. If you see a ghost of someone real who is living, then it means the person might be wanting to harm you.

Dream of keys

Keys are related to opportunities, access, control, secrets, freedom, knowledge, or responsibilities. If you are applying a lock, then it might mean that you are keeping your feelings and emotions inside. If you are unlocking, then it means that you are close to finding the answer to something. In case the key is a skeleton, then it refers to an old memory that you have locked away.

Dream of snake

Dreaming of being bitten by a snake implies hidden fears that threaten you. It might mean that there is something in your conscious life that you are not aware of. If the snake is tangling itself, it means that there is a subsiding threat or that the problem you were thinking about is not really a problem. Alternately, it might symbolize temptation, danger, forbidden sex, or that there is someone around you who can’t be trusted.

In case the snake is in your bed, then it suggests that you are feeling sexually overpowered or sexually threatened. If you are afraid of it, it means that you fear commitment to your partner.

Dream of rain

Dream of rain is related to forgiveness and space. It is also a metaphor for sadness or moroseness. If you get wet in the rain, it means that your troubles and problems are getting washed away. If you watch the rain from the window, it means that spiritual ideas and insights are brought to your awareness and might also indicate fortune and love.

Dream of old

If you see an old thing in your dream, it means that you need to replace or get rid of that thing. Alternatively, it means that there is something in the past that you need to involve now in your current life. If you see an old man or an old woman, it means that you are making a wise decision. Alternately, it also means that you are taking a conventional approach to things.

Dream of fruit trees

If you dream of trees bearing fruits, you have good news regarding your finance. If you see plenty of fruits on the tree, it is a sign of wealth, pleasure, and richness.  If you are in the business, you could see an increase in sales after such a dream.