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Monthly Astrology Predictions

Monthly astrological guidance can help you avoid obstacles and carefully plan your days. Our Vedic astrologer will provide you with a detailed analysis of your upcoming 30 days with the necessary remedies and guidance.

Monthly Astrology Predictions and Guidance

Monthly horoscope predictions and guidance by the expert team of Vedic Astrologers from Nepal. Know what planets and stars say about your upcoming 30 days and understand how to navigate carefully using astrological remedies if needed.

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Vedic astrologers use a birth chart to predict your future and provide guidance on how to live your life. Get the guidance monthly directly in your Inbox!

What do I get in my email?

You will receive a well-prepared monthly horoscope report from a highly experienced Vedic astrologer. Based on the transits of planets, you will receive guidance from our astrologer.

Why should I receive monthly guidance?

Planets are always in motion, like our thoughts and actions. Every thought and action of ours is governed by planets and stars to some extent. Astrology can be a very important tool for your personal development to move forward in your life.

You can ask our astrologer if you have a specific question regarding any aspect of your life.