Taurus Woman – Personality Traits and Facts

Taurus Woman Traits and Facts

The Taurus woman is an example of an ideal wife and mother. She is reasonable and reserved in emotions, loving and sensual. Taurus knows how to be empathic, but at the same time, they always cherish personal boundaries. These Earth signs are practical materialists, which does not prevent them from being creative at all.

Taurus women have heightened hearing, smell, sight, touch, and taste. For this reason, they enjoy good food (and are reputed to be greedy), enjoy admiring nature and works of art, and listen to music, in addition to giving and receiving affection. They are naturally sensual.

Taurus Woman trait according to Vedic Astrology

Vrisha Rashi (Taurus) is the second sign in the zodiacal circle of Vedic Astrology. They are under the auspices of the elements of the Earth, due to which they always feel the ground under their feet and have such qualities of character as solidity, stability, practicality, reliability, and conservatism. Shukra Graha (Venus) has the main planetary influence on Taurus.

In combination with the earthly element, this planet endows women with magical energy, sensitivity, and a practical attitude toward the material world.

The second patron planet of Taurus is Chandra (Moon). The moon’s influence makes women of this sign romantic, elegant, and able to receive and deliver aesthetic pleasure. The double influence of Chandrama and Shukra gives the representatives of the sign the main dignity – femininity, in which there is wisdom, sensuality, and strength of mind.

In essence, they are patient and peaceful, but this does not prevent them from becoming goddesses of war when danger threatens them or their loved ones.

The personality of Taurus Woman

Taurus Woman Traits and Facts

Taurus woman has such basic character traits as accuracy, seductiveness, and elegance. She is brilliant; she has a well-developed sixth sense of nature. She always feels that it will be appropriate to show feminine charm to achieve the desired goal.

The Taurus woman does not immediately show people her inquisitive mind, misleading them. Therefore, they often underestimate her potential and discard her early. Let’s take a look at the characteristic features of these marvelous women in different aspects.

Before that let’s know some famous sensual women have Taurean Woman Personality traits. Megan Fox, Penelope Cruz, Pom Klementieff, Emily Beecham, Meghann Fahy, and Carolyn Jones to name a few. 

Taurus Woman in a committed relationship

The Taurus woman has the element of the earth; therefore, in love, she also seeks earthly relationships. For a Taurus woman, comfort, coziness, and financial stability are important in love. In romantic relationships, she values consistency. Among her gentlemen, she will prefer someone who, in love, can satisfy all the needs of a Taurus woman.

A woman with Taurus as an astrological sign does not hide that a good financial situation and a sense of security are very important for her partner. She will rather choose the one whose financial condition will be the best. But not only this plays a major role in love for a Taurus woman. She is also an important and promising partner. The girl will converge with a partner for a very long time, as she does with new people.

Behavior for Married Taurus Woman

Taurus women are born for family relationships. In a Taurus woman’s marriage, conflicts, disagreements, quarrels, and misunderstandings rarely occur. She can make compromises as a life partner. The chosen one will always appreciate, respect and support; she will not pay attention to many shortcomings thanks to her patience.

Women under the sign of Taurus will definitely not forgive treason, betrayal, and deception. Since she herself is a very devoted and loyal nature, she requires the same from her partner.

Everyday Life of Taurus woman

Taurus woman is a unique hostess in her personal life. Their house will always sparkle with cleanliness, and any guest will appreciate the comfort they create. They have exquisite taste, and they can create a unique interior even from the most unprofitable layout. Their house is always filled with the scent of flowers.

Taurus is very frugal, does not waste money, and no one needs anything in their house. They are hospitable and will treat visitors with the finest and most exquisite food, but only if you are invited.

Taurus Woman’s Family

As devoted mothers, they are thoughtful and affectionate, and demand commitment from their children, always most politely and kindly. As wives, these caring woman will do their best to please their partner and are those women available for a conversation on any subject, as they are usually the best advisors.

As daughters, they are stubborn, affectionate, and dedicated. They always try to meet the expectations and dreams of their parents. Their only problem in any relationship is managing to control the jealousy that is usually excessive and the stubbornness that sometimes does not allow them to progress because they stay stuck to the same idea.

Taurus woman in professional life

An analytical mindset, professional acumen, ingenuity, a creative approach, and high efficiency make Taurus ideal careerists, comfortable employees, and desirable partners. However, this is possible only on one condition – a Taurus woman must see personal benefit in her work. Otherwise, it will be difficult to find a lazier, irresponsible, and indifferent person to the work being performed.

Taurus women are very grasping and tenacious when they feel power and money. They always strive for leadership, and, it should be noted, they take leadership positions with pleasure.

Taurus woman is ready to give all her strength to her beloved work. Taurus choose activities that bring material income so that they are always financially secure. At the same time, work brings them only pleasure, and makes their souls rejoice. Otherwise, they will not work 100% and will never achieve the necessary results.

Physical Health of Taurus Woman

Women born under the Taurus zodiac sign are endowed with excellent health. However, due to their tendency to all sorts of excesses, unwillingness to take care of themselves, and inability to take care of their health, they are prone to such offensive diseases as obesity, constipation, colds, and depression.

Intimacy and sexual relation with Taurus Woman

In intimate life, Taurus girls are far from being so calm and restrained. They are always open to experiments; they are not afraid to express their desire vividly and be liberated. This zodiac sign has high attractiveness and good sexual potential. She tends to dream, and therefore she will definitely realize all her sexual desires.

This woman is not averse to playing or trying on various roles. Knowing how sexy she is and her requirements, a man, should make every effort to please her. She requires an intimate atmosphere with some amount of romantic thrill.

Negative Trait of Taurus Woman

The main negative trait of Taurus women is indulgence in their weaknesses and base desires. Then they can bitterly regret their actions, but they will always find excuses for them, not admit their guilt and not ask for forgiveness. Taurus thinks this is not very respectful. Other negative qualities include indecision, unwillingness to accept new circumstances, and inability to adapt to them.

Due to their stubborn nature, many consider Taurus women to be arrogant and proud. The excessive directness of judgments only confirms people in the prevailing negative opinion about the representatives of this sign.

Favorables for Taurus Woman

Here are some favorites for Taurus women to know for themselves:

  • Lucky days: Friday and Monday
  • Perfect match: Virgo
  • Lucky numbers: 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51
  • Lucky color: Blue, blue-green
  • Lucky Stone: Turquoise, Diamond
  • Ideal Compatible match: Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, and Leo
  • Suitable job and occupation: Navy, civil services, plastic, and paint business

Taurus Woman Facts

For those gentlemen who are dating Taurus women, you may like to know some facts about her so you can woo her in the best possible way. So here are some facts for you:

  • Taurus women are amazing cooks and chefs! They understand food and know how to make it tasty!
  • Taurus women prefer the security of home to being out and about. They strive to make their homes as beautiful as possible. These women love having a well-functioning home and see their homes as an extension of themselves.
  • Taurus women protect their space well and dislike strangers on their property as they consider it a complete violation and a sign of disrespect.
  • If anyone lays a finger on the child of a Taurus mother, he will fall victim to Taurus’ wrath and fury! Taurus’ mother is highly protective of her children because she finds it very difficult to let them go as they grow.
  • These women don’t change their minds easily. Once they’ve made up their minds about something, it isn’t easy to make them do something else – even if it’s a better option.

The Taurus woman prefers quality over quantity and is the perfect partner if all pleasures in life are met. A solid foundation for a family is the biggest gift that these successful mothers can provide. As an employee or business partners, these women have formidable work ethics. If you are willing to win the hearts of this natural beauty and are not able to do so based on zodiac traits, why don’t you consult our astrologers?