Traits of Women based on Moon Sign & Rising Sign (Ascendant)

Traits of Women based on Moon Sign & Rising Sign (Ascendant)

In Vedic astrology, the zodiac sign that occupies the first house of the birth chart is Lagna or Ascendant Sign. It represents your potential and your destiny. After Lagna, the Moon sign plays a significant role as it governs the mind.

Planets may affect males and females differently in certain areas of life. Here we have the general traits of a woman based on two houses, the first house and the house where the Moon is located in the birth chart.

The results of the Moon and Lagna or Ascendant Sign in the twelve Zodiac Signs based on Vedic Astrology.

Aries Woman

Aries Rising – A woman with this ascendant will be honest, mean, and mad; have a lot of mucus in her body; love her relatives; and may have a harsh tone.

Moon in Aries – A woman born with the Moon in Aries will be beautiful, confident, and skilled in work. Her husband and her elders will love her.

Taurus Woman

Taurus Rising – A Taurus ascendant woman will be frank, skilled in various crafts, and close to her own kin. She will have an appealing appearance and be cherished by her husband. She will be dutiful and dedicated to her household chores.

Moon in Taurus – A woman born with the Moon in Taurus will be hardworking, studious, and interested in ancient history and texts; she will go on religious pilgrimages and be loved by her husband.

Gemini Woman

Gemini Rising – A woman with Gemini rising sign has the ability to change their appearance, attitude, and skillset to best adapt to those around them. She is witty and extravagant.

Moon in Gemini – The woman will be beautiful and kind-hearted, and her appearance will be delightful. She will become very wealthy and respected and knowledgeable; she will care about the well-being of others and have lovely eyes.

Cancer Woman

Cancer Rising – A Cancer Rising woman will be beautiful, accomplished, fond of relatives, of good nature, skilled in works, and glorious. She will be blessed with wealth and enjoy domestic peace and happiness.

Moon in Cancer – The woman with Moon in Cancer will be cherished by her friends and relatives. She will subdue her enemies and greatly revere Gods and saints.

Leo Woman

Leo Rising – A Leo-rising woman will be quarrelsome, hot-tempered, and phlegmatic but beneficent. She will be non-vegetarian.

Moon in Leo – This position of the Moon gives the woman great physical strength, ability, and superiority. She will be lucky, beautiful, and adorned with diamonds and other precious gemstones.

Virgo Woman

Virgo Rising – A woman of this Lagna will be fortunate and skilled in creative business. She will have good friends and relatives, be spiritually minded, and have the power of self-control. She will also do good to others.

Moon in Virgo – A woman born with Moon in this sign will have various properties; she will be devoted to values of pure and forgiving nature and subdue her enemies.

Libra Woman

Libra Rising – A woman born in this sign will be proud, unforgiving, and dilatory. If the position of other planets is not favorably positioned, she will have misdirected intelligence, will not be disposed to love, and will not observe the rules of morality.

Moon in Libra – The native of the Libra sign will perform many religious ceremonies. She will be kind towards her friends and relatives. She will be free from vanity and lust. And have a charming appearance.

Scorpio Woman

Scorpio Woman – If the birth ascendant of the native is Scorpio, the woman will have an elegant body and charming appearance. She will be pious, truthful, accomplished, and devoted to her family.

Moon in Scorpio – A woman born with the moon in Scorpio will be wealthy and free from self-esteem. She will be fond of spiritual activities and will be loved by her elders.

Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius Rising – A woman with a Sagittarius ascendant will be intelligent. She will only be satisfied with kind words and a loving heart. She will not be inclined towards love and relationships.

Moon in Sagittarius – A woman born with Moon in Sagittarius will perform many religious rites. She will be charitable, affectionate, fond of music, benevolent, modest, and interested in learning ancient texts.

Capricorn Woman

Capricorn Rising – A Woman with a Capricorn Lagna will be very fortunate, devoted to her partner, fond of going on pilgrimage, capable of subduing her enemies, and glorious.

Moon in Capricorn – This position of the Moon in the birth chart gives the woman a charming appearance, good learning capability, truthfulness, beauty, and self-control. She will observe the rules of morality and subdue her enemies.

Aquarius Woman

Aquarius Rising – A woman born under this sign may be disobedient to her elders, pious, and extravagant. She is a result-oriented woman who believes in hard work.

Moon in Aquarius – A woman born with Moon in Aquarius will have a beautiful face, be charitable and spend money for spiritual purposes; she will be benevolent, proud, and blessed with wealth.

Pisces Woman

Pisces Rising – Pisces ascendant loves her husband and family from the core of her heart and is respected by all; she will have beautiful eyes and hair. A Woman with a Pisces rising sign will be religious and observe the rules of morality. She will have respect for her elders and superiors.

Moon in Pisces – This position of the Moon will make female natives devoted to spiritual practices, self-control, and ability in all sorts of handicraft business, modest but of proud nature. She will have a charming appearance.


The rising or Ascendant sign and Moon Sign can give us information about someone’s general personality. To get a precise and accurate reading, we must look at all the houses and the planetary positions in the birth chart.

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