There is an ode dedicated to Hanuman, known as the Hanuman Chalisa. It is a poem of 40 stanzas and talks about the strength, generosity, and intelligence of Hanuman. Every stanza of Hanuman Chalisa shows how the legendary figure surpasses everyone.

One of the most powerful deities, Hanuman, is blessed with “Mrityunjay” from Lord Shiva, making him immortal and thus has a special place amongst the Hindus.

According to Ramayana and Hindu scriptures, Hanuman is portrayed as a man with the face of a monkey with ultimate strength and power like that of the Gods. As the famous saying goes, “With great power comes great responsibilities,” and with the power of Hanuman, he has become one of the main characters of the epic Ramayana.

Hanuman Chalisa

Lessons from Hanuman Chalisa

Let’s talk about some of the qualities of Lord Hanuman that Hanuman Chalisa talks about:

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1. Strength and Humility

Shree Guru Charan Saroj Raj, Nijamanu Mukuru Sudhaari; Barnau Raghubar Bimal Jasu, Jo Daayeku Fala Chaari; Buddhiheen Tanu Jaanike, Sumirau Pavan Kumaar; Bala Buddhi Bidya Dehu Mohe, Harahu Kales Bikaar

The starting lines of Hanuman Chalisa talk about how you can purify your mind if you submit yourself to the “charan” (feet) of Lord Rama, who is the seventh avatar of Maha Vishnu. As we know, Hanuman is one of the strongest people, and even though he has that strength, he still dedicates himself to the “charan” of Lord Rama. This shows humility personified by Hanuman.

Learning: Accepting these qualities of Hanuman can stimulate better and purer thoughts within us.

2. Both the Pen and the Sword, i.e., wisdom and bravery

Jai Hanuman Gyaan Gun Sagar, Jai Kapis Teehun Lok Ujagar, Raamdoot Atulit Bal Dhaama, Anjani Putra Pavansut Naama, Mahavir Vikram Bajrangi, Kumati Nivaar Sumati Ke Sangi, Kanchan Varan viraaj Suvesa, Kaanan Kundal Kunchit Kesa

It talks about how Hanuman is brave and wise at the same time. And these qualities of him are talked throughout the universe.

Learning: Every achievement is important, no matter how small they are. Each achievement can make a difference in your attitude. But the most important thing is to keep your feet to the ground no matter how high your success reaches.

3. Surrender to the Master

Haath Vajra O Dhwaja Viraaje, Kaandhe Moonj Janeu Saaje, Sankar Suvan Kesari Nandan, Tej Prataap Maha Jag Vandan, Vidyabaan Guni Ati Chaatur, Raam Kaaj Karive Ko Aatur, Prabhu Charitra Sunive Ko Rasiya, Raam Lakhan Sita Mann Basiya,

Sukshma Roop Dhari Siyanhi Dikhawa, Vikat Roop Dhari Lanka Jarawa, Bheem Roop Dhari Asur Sanhaare, Raamchandra Ke Kaaj Sanwaare

Hanuman had several powers; he could shape himself to a size of a mole or even expand large enough to touch the sky. His power is limitless, yet he is eager to serve his master no matter what.

Learning: It’s important to remain polite and humble, just as mentioned in our point no. 1. Only then can a person respect the elders and surrender oneself to the master.

4. There, when required

Laaye Sanjivan Lakhan Jiyaaye Sree Raghuveer Harashi Ur Laaye

Hanuman was readily available to do the necessary to keep Laxman alive when he got wounded. He even kidnapped the Vaidya of Demon King Ravana and fetched for Sanjivani Buti in a very remote village.

He never made excuses and was always up to the mark to fulfill his duties and responsibilities.

Learning: Be committed to your work, but never surrender to the situation.

5. The unparalleled dynamism of Hanuman

Sankadik Bramhadi Munisa, Narad Sarad Sahit Ahisa, Jam Kuber Digpaal Jahan Te, Kavi Kovid Kahi Sakey Kahante

Hanuman has many personalities. He has the blessings of Yama, Digpal, Kuber, and many other gods and thus can complete any task with ease. He is the master of all trades as he can do anything, from writing poetry to playing instruments.

Learning: It is necessary to keep an open mind to learning and master a few things so that you can challenge yourself to keep yourself on your toe. There is a lesson in everything, every success, every failure. One must learn what it has to offer.

6. Friendship is important

Tum Upkaar Sugreevhin Kinha, Raam Milaaye Raajpad Dinha

Hanuman played a great role in igniting the friendship between Sugreeva and Rama. He made Rama fight Vali to restore the kingdom to Sugreema.

Learning: Friendship is important. “A good friend in need is a good friend indeed.” Just as the saying goes, you must help your friends when you have the opportunity.

7. Be a good guide and a good listener

Tumhro Mantra Vibhishan Maana, Lankeswar Bhaye Sab Jag Jana

Hanuman always used to listen to others’ problems and always guided them to the right path. For instance, his advice to Vibhisan helped him become the king of Lanka.

Learning: Unless you don’t listen to others, you can’t understand their problems.

8. The Infinite Level of Power

Jug Sahastra Jojan Par Bhaanu, Lilyo Taahi Madhur Phal Jaanu,

Prabhu Mudrika Meli Mukh Maahi, Jaldhi Laanghi Gaye Achraj Naahi

Legend has it that Hanuman even tried to swallow the sun, thinking it was bright orange. He even crossed the huge sea and reached Lanka to find Sita.

Learning: You must carefully use your powers to achieve your goals. No matter how difficult things get, you must excel at what best thing you can do.

9. Turning impossible into possible

Durgam Kaaj Jagat Ke Jete, Sugam Anugraha Tumhre Tete,

Raam Dooare Tum Rakhwaare, Hoat Na Aagya Binu Paisare

Sab Sukh Lahaye Tumhri Sarna, Tum Rakhshak Kaahu Ko Darna

Aapan Tej Samharo Aapaye, Teeno Lok Haank Te Kaapen,

Bhoot Pishaach Nikat Nahi Awe, Mahavir Jab Naam Sunawe,

Naasaye Rog Hare Sab Peera, Japat Nirantar Hanumat Veera

You don’t need to be fearful of things if you believe in Hanuman. It is said that he is the gatekeeper of heaven who has the capacity to turn even the impossible of things into possible.

Learning: If you believe in Hanuman, he can help you achieve great things in life and help you deal with finding the right morals and paths in the most difficult situations too.

10. Purity of Soul

Sankat Te Hanuman Chhoodawe, Mann Krama Vachan Dhyaan Jo Laawe

Sab Par Raam Tapaswi Raja, Tin Ke Kaaj Sakal Tum Saaja

Aur Manorath Jo Koi Laawe, Soi Amit Jivan Phal Paawe

Chaaro Jug Partaap Tumhara, Hai Parsiddh Jagat Ujiyara,

Saadhu Sant Ke Tum Rakhwaare, Asur Nikandan Raam Dulaare,

Asth Siddhi Nau Nidhi Ke Daata, Us bar Deen Jaanki Maata

The power of Hanuman is great, and if you call his name from the bottom of your heart, he will always be by your side. He is ready to help anyone – both the strongest and the weakest.

Learning: Do things with a pure heart and with good intentions. It’s a gift for you if you have a greater resource or great power because it means that you can help others.

11. Moksha through dedicated devotion

Raam Rasayan Tumhre Paasa, Sada Raho Raghupati Ke Daasa,

Tumhre Bhajan Raam Ko Paawe, Janam-Janam Ke Dukh Bisraawe,

Antakaal Raghuvar Pur Jaayee, Jahan Janam Hari Bhakta Kahayee,

Aur Devta Chitt Na Dharayi, Hanumat Sei Sarba Sukh Karai

Sankat Kate Mite Sab Peera, Jo Sumiraye Hanumat Balbira,

Jai Jai Jai Hanuman Gosaai, Kripa Karahun Gurudev Ki Naai

Being a devotee of Rama, Hanuman has achieved a permanent place in his heart. If you repeatedly chant his name, then he has the power to free you from the suffering of the cycle – the cycle of life and death. He is compassionate and can ease your heart.

Learning: It is important to have a good heart and utilize your power and resource for the good of others.

12. Regular prayers to get blessings from Hanuman

Jo Sat Baar Paath Kare Koi, Chhootahin Bandi Mahasukh Hoyi,

Jo Yeh Padhe Hanuman Chalisa, Hoye Siddhi Saakhi Gaurisa,

Tulsidas Sada Harichera, Kije Naath Hridaya Mahn Dera

Pavantanaye Sankat Haran, Mangal Moorti Roop;

Raam Lakhan Sita Sahit, Hridya Basahu Soor Bhoop

The writer of the Hanuman Chalisa, Tulsidas, said that if you repeat the Chalisa, then you can discover the true nature of Hanuman and receive blessings from him in times of fear and unhappiness.

Learning: If you recite holy verses and chant Hanuman mantras, then you can be closer to God which leads you closer to the world of spirituality.

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