It can be challenging when two zodiac signs of differing thoughts and approaches form a relationship. It also applies to Capricorn (Makara or मकर) and Sagittarius (Dhanus or धनुस्) connection. Both of them belong to different elements. So, they act and think just the opposite.

Capricorn and Sagittarius’s Compatibility is low in the horoscope chart rating. But, sometimes, opposites attract one another so strongly that they form a perfect bond. No matter how different they are. Still, they have the potential to make a good friendship and love life. So, to make it possible, they have to turn their weakness into their strength.

Externally, Capricorn and Sagittarius’ bond look like a relationship full of chaos, confusion, and conflicts. But it provides them chances to understand people of different nature. Apart from that, they can learn and understand things that are out of their comfort zones. If they appreciate and complement each other, then their relationship can flourish well in the future.

Capricorn and Sagittarius Personality

In Sanskrit, Capricorn, also called Makara or Makar, refers to a crocodile. It is an earth sign with cardinal nature that resides in the 10th house of the horoscope wheel. It is also known as Karma Bhava, representing all types of professions or works a human does. A sea-goat is a representation of Makara Rashi.

The Nakshatras of Uttara Ashadha, Shravana, and Dhanishta lie within Makara. Capricorn’s ruling planet, Shani (Saturn), moves the slowest among all the planets. Thus, it influences Capricorn-born people to act slowly after analyzing everything. Before taking action, they think about its effects multiple times. They believe struggle and hard work are crucial to success. Therefore, once they set their goals, they will single-mindedly work hard to achieve them. Sometimes, this single-minded nature can make them look stubborn. Apart from that, they are slow to act, unforgiving, and pessimistic.

In Vedic astrology, Sagittarius refers to Dhanus, which means a bow. Thus, its symbol is an archer that lies in Dharma Bhava of the horoscope wheel. This house represents learning, knowledge, success, disciplines, and truth. Dhanu Rashi is a fire sign. That’s why they are energetic, passionate, and adventurers. Also, they have mutable qualities, which allows them to adapt to any environment.

The most auspicious Graha, Guru (Jupiter), governs Dhanus. Purva Ashadha, Mula, and one-fourth of the Uttara Ashadha Nakshatras lie within this zodiac. People under this zodiac are ambitious, optimistic, curious, and fun lovers. They don’t hesitate to take risks and bold decisions. Their philosophic nature makes them always travel for knowledge. However, some negative aspects of them are impatience, recklessness, and short-temper.

Capricorn and Sagittarius Compatibility

Capricorn and Sagittarius Compatibility

Compatibility of Sagittarius and Capricorn in different aspects of life.


Since both zodiacs are opposite, they have less similar topics to discuss. Ultimately, it results in creating trust issues from both sides. For example, Sagittarius is flirty and wants to live like a free spirit. They value their freedom and adventures. On the other hand, such nature raises trust issues in family-oriented Capricorn.

Similarly, Capricorn is a workaholic. They prioritize their careers and goals before anything. Such actions can make Sagittarius feel unloved and less valued. Therefore, they need to find common ground to talk and resolve their problems to build strong trust bonds.

Love Compatibility

On their first date, Capricorn and Sagittarius won’t fall for each other. It is mainly because of their opposing nature. Capricorn will analyze their partners in-depth and take things slowly. Unless it is about long-term relationships, Sagittarius won’t take it seriously. However, if they ever fall for each other, they will irritate one another every time.

The positive aspect of the Capricorn-Sagittarius relationship is that they can be honest and loyal. If they see each other as the ideal one, then they will always be on their side. Throughout their romantic journey, they have to face many ups and downs. Such problems can be solved through proper conversation and appreciation.


Capricorn and Sagittarius have a decent sex life. So, to improve their sex life, they had to keep their differences aside. For example, in bed, Capricorn has to accept the Sagittarius nature of experimenting and energizing things. Similarly, Sagittarius needs to have patience as Capricorn takes time to open up. Moreover, Capricorn likes to plan out things beforehand, especially when it comes to sex and love.


Sagittarius and Capricorn can be great colleagues. They can understand each other better at work if they don’t have conflicts. For example, visionary Sagittarius’ impulsive ideas can be implemented by pragmatic Capricorn. Likewise, Sagittarius can boost up Capricorn to anything without stepping back. Such supplementing attributes can be beneficial if they ever want to be in a relationship. However, the problem arises when Sagittarius finds Capricorn dull. In the same way, Capricorn might find Sagittarius chatty if it isn’t related to the real world. Therefore, to improve communication, they have to find similar topics that interest them.

Emotional Bond

Both zodiacs don’t prefer showing emotional affection towards each other. That’s why they face many relationship problems which remain unsolved. The differences in their personality and outlook towards life, lack of conversation, and trust issues are the main reasons they cannot connect with the heart. Therefore, they have to work on these weak points if they want to sustain their love life.


As for friendship, they need to work extra hard to sustain it. Even though these zodiacs have differences, they can still become a good companion. They can be a teacher who can teach each other some life lessons. On the one hand, Capricorn can teach Sagittarius to be more patient, pragmatic, and disciplined. On the other hand, Sagittarius can teach Capricorn to be adventurous and enthusiastic in life. Nothing is impossible for them to achieve. They only have to work together, keeping their differences aside.


It isn’t an ideal relationship, but it can work. Mainly, both zodiacs have to let go of their egos and are ready to accept each other in whatever form they are. Even though they have different traits, they are still complementing, which they can turn in their favor. Capricorn and Sagittarius Compatibility will grow strong if they put equal efforts with pure dedication.

(Last Updated On: September 25, 2021)
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