June 2022 Monthly Horoscope Based on Vedic Astrology

June 2022 Horoscope

The second half of the year begins with the Sun moving from Taurus to Gemini zodiac sign. June 2022 Horoscope for all the zodiac signs is here!

June 2022 will likely be a much more comfortable month than May as Mercury retrograde will end on June 3, which started on May 10. Currently, Mercury is in Taurus, the zodiac ruled by planet Venus.

From June 4, Saturn will also start its backward motion towards Capricorn; we all need to be a little conscious about the actions we perform in our daily life.

June 2022 Horoscope

June 2022 Horoscope

Let us look at the June horoscope for each zodiac sign based on your ascendant sign or Lagna.


Mars rules Aries, and Mars is currently in Pisces until June 27. June 2022 will be a good month for the Aries natives. Because of Mars, you would want to execute the creative works you have been planning since the 3rd week of May.

Due to the conjunction of the Sun with Mercury, Aries ascendants will succeed in their administrative, calculative, and communicative works. When the Sun conjuncts with Mercury, it is called Budha Aditya Yoga, similar to Bhadra Yoga (One of the Pancha Mahapurush Raj Yog).

Love relationships and the married life of the natives will be peaceful. Due to Mercury’s conjunction, good conversation with each other will grow the trust. For those who are single and are looking for a partner or companion, June is favorable.

There will be mutual trust and harmony among family members. You will be relieved if there are any disputes among the family members.


Taurus natives will receive mixed results from June in terms of material happiness. Your finance will improve, but Rahu in the 12th house will increase expenditures. However, 2nd half of the month will be much better with the conjunction of Venus with Mercury after June 18.

You will improve your communication and calculative skill, which will result in marital happiness. If there are ongoing disputes regarding the property, they will be resolved this month.


Gemini ascendant (Mithuna Lagna), June is a good month for your career due to the conjunction of Jupiter and Mars in the tenth house. You will be rewarded by the aspect of the Sun in the seventh house.

The conjunction of Venus and Rahu in the eleventh house is not supportive; you should be more conscious regarding family. But, this conjunction will help improve your finances.

The aspect of Venus on the fifth house, its own house, will give positive results regarding your relationship with your partner. Lord of the sixth house, Mars and Jupiter (lord of Pisces), since 17th may, Mars is in Pisces, ruled by Jupiter. The conjunction of Mars and Jupiter will help you fight illness, enemies, and competitions.


June will bring several challenges for Cancer ascendant, but in terms of finance, it is favorable. Sun and Mercury conjunction in the eleventh house will benefit natives with Cancer or Kark lagna.

Saturn’s current transit in Aquarius can disturb your partner’s health. However, this transit will not harm your health. Saturn is lord of the seventh and eighth house for Cancer natives. The full aspect of Saturn is on the second house; this is not favorable for family happiness.

Seeker of knowledge will progress this month due to the conjunction of Mars (fifth-house lord) and Jupiter in the 9th house.


If your ascendant is Leo or Simha Rashi, June will be giving you mixed results but a balanced one. Your confidence has increased since the last week of May, and this will continue until the first half of June. Sun is in the tenth house with Mercury; you might also get promoted after June 15.

In a relationship, June is not favorable for Leo ascendant or Simha lagna because of Jupiter’s transit in your eighth house. Since Jupiter is in its own sign, Pisces, this is the time for Leos to turn inward.

Saturn will retrograde in your sixth house, which might cause some difficulties in your health; follow a conscious lifestyle. Mars and Jupiter aspects the second house, don’t be surprised if you receive any unexpected results this month of June.


Virgo natives will face a few challenges this June, especially in career and profession. Your tenth-house lord, Mercury, and Sun transit in the night house might create difficulties in your office or work. The conjunction of Jupiter and Mars in the seventh house is not considered favorable for students.

Your relationships with your partner or family will be disturbed due to your issues in the office or studies. Venus is in your eighth house with Rahu until June 18; this conjunction also increases unnecessary expenses.

Saturn retrograding in the sixth house is not favorable for Virgo ascendant or kanya lagna. This can increase enemies, illness, loans, etc. Be more cautious this month and adopt a conscious lifestyle.


June is going to be a favorable month for Tula lagna or Libra ascendant. Mars and Jupiter are in your sixth house; enemy, loan, and diseases will remain away. Your lagna, Venus, and Rahu are in your seventh house, the house of Aries, until June 18; this will help your social reputation.

Mercury is in retrograde motion until June 3; your good time starts once it is in its normal motion. When Sun enters Gemini on June 15, your ninth house, you will notice progress in luck and work.

The formation of ‘Budh Aditya Yog’ by the Sun and Mercury in your eighth house till June 15 will be helpful for your spiritual progress and understanding of life. Your lagna lord Venus will enter its sign, Taurus (Your eighth house), which will be auspicious for you.

Due to the retrograde of Saturn in your fifth house, your mind may wander if it is about your studies and education. However, Saturn will move through the retrograde motion from June 5 to offer the auspicious results for your hard work and efforts.


June is going to be a very good month for Scorpio students. In your fifth house, your lagna lord, Mars, is in conjunction with Jupiter in Pisces until June 27. This conjunction will create a strong “Kendra-Trikona Raj Yog” to sharpen your intellect and help you with your studies.

There will be growth in your business because of the Sun in the Seventh House; Sun is lord of the tenth house for Scorpio ascendant. However, problems may arise in married life due to the Mercury and Sun in the seventh house. You should avoid unnecessary fights during this period and be patient.

After June 15, Sun will enter your 8th house; you will start to see your thoughts and plans taking shape in a good direction. For the people with Scorpio lagna, With Mars being in the fifth house, there will be a good atmosphere and peace in the family life.


June is going to be a relatively better month for the Saggitarius ascendant. Till June 15, the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in your sixth house will create an auspicious ‘Yog,’ and you will be successful in healthy competitions. This conjunction is supportive of your health as well.

Saturn’s retrograde motion from June 5 will also be favorable for you. When Sun moves to your seventh house after June 15, your social reputation will increase.

Mars and Rahu’s conjunction in the fifth house will create some problems in your relationship in the second half of the month. Due to the presence of Venus and Rahu in your fifth house till June 18, you should be aware of your emotional health.


For Capricorn ascendant or Makara lagna, this month of June will give mixed results. Your lagna lord Saturn is in retrograde motion on your second house from June 5; unexpected financial opportunities may knock on your door.

Mars and Jupiter are in your third house, this can give you confidence, but you should be more conscious in your family circle. When Sun moves to your sixth house on June 18, you will feel relaxed. You can expect to receive good news from a distant place.

The conjunction of Mercury and Sun in the fifth house is favorable for love and relationship until the first half of the month. Dedication toward a life partner may grow due to Jupiter’s appearance in the seventh house. If you are an unmarried couple, the thought of a long-term partnership or marriage may arise. Get your Kundli Milan report before you decide to get married.

There will be no major issues regarding health as Mars will assist you in your sixth house.


June will be a good month for Aquarius natives as Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius is on June 5, 2022. This is an auspicious period for Aquarius lagna. New doors will open up for you; your social image will improve. However, Saturn’s aspect in the 7th house might create little disturbance in marital life.

Due to the motion of Mercury in the fourth house (Lord of the fifth house) and Sun will boost your intellect after June 15. Mars and Jupiter’s conjunction in the second house is also favorable for Aquarius; your finance will improve.

Venus and Mercury conjunction after June 18 in your house of comforts, the fourth house, will give you good results.


June is a favorable month for Pisces ascendant; Your lord, Jupiter, is in your Lagna making conjunction with Mars until June 27. Since your fifth house lord is also Jupiter, your intellect will grow and become more focused this month.

Mercury will retrograde in your third house from June 3; this is not favorable for you; you should become more conscious regarding calculations and communication. When Sun enters Gemini on June 15, you will get good results with the help of an authority figure.

There will be mistrust in the family due to Venus’s conjunction with Rahu in the 2nd house, and arguments are possible.

Due to the conjunction of Venus with Rahu in your second house, conflict in a family may arise; you should be careful. This conjunction of Venus and Rahu until the 18th of this month will also affect communication; think before you speak.

Note: Since June 2022 monthly horoscope is only based on the ascendant sign, you can ask an astrologer to look into your birth chart to predict your monthly horoscope.