Libra natives value fairness and justice above most things and are natural soothers and harmonizers. On their own, most of them will steer clear of conflict or arguments and would also not prefer to create or cause disputes and disagreements.

    Friendly, amiable, and attractive, Libra-born individuals are popular among their friends. Let’s have a look at what libras are compatible with?

    Libra Compatibility

    According to Vedic Astrology, the most compatible signs for Libra are GeminiLeoSagittarius, and Aquarius.

    Libra Compatibility

    Libra and Aries

    Tula Rashi compatibility with Mesha Rashi

    • Friendship – They shall have an incredible connection as friends.
    • Work Compatibility –They think differently and have trouble working together.
    • Love – They will be attracted to each other immediately and will be the stereotypical model of a famous couple.
    • Relationship – They have a complicated relationship as they are opposites.
    • Being together – At times, they will have tension and conflict. Still, this pairing is a promising one, and it can stand the test of time.
    • Married Life – They take natural marriage partners and have a balanced and happy married life.

    Libra and Taurus

    Tula Rashi compatibility with Vrish Rashi

    • Friendship – They can get along very well together.
    • Work Compatibility – Together, they work surprisingly well.
    • Love – Everything will go smoothly between them when in love.  
    • Relationship – They balance each other very well and have a stable relationship.
    • Being together – They are very different from each other, but their connection can go a long way towards having a wonderful life together.
    • Married Life – If they decide to get married, their marriage will be good.

    Libra and Gemini

    Tula Rashi compatibility with Mithuna Rashi

    • Friendship – They have a good bonding with one another, and their friendship lasts longer.
    • Work Compatibility – Together, they share an ability to brainstorm and solve problems that arise, providing a valuable bonus to team assignments.
    • Love – When in love, they will be instantly attracted to one another.
    • Relationship – Their relationship with one another will be filled with romance, travel, music, flowers, children, and love.
    • Being together – Together, they will connect on an intellectual level, which will make them extremely attractive to each other.
    • Married Life – Once married, they shall have a good husband and wife bonding leading to a long-lasting marriage.

    Libra and Cancer

    Tula Rashi compatibility with Kark Rashi

    • Friendship – As friends, they are highly compatible, but they also annoy each other.
    • Work Compatibility – The major difficulty for these two will be communication. Yet, both of them will be highly motivated to work together.
    • Love – They will be attracted to each other from the start, and their love will flourish as per the time.
    • Relationship – Their relationship is challenging, and it could also become volatile.
    • Being together – They feel secure and free being together.
    • Married Life – They shall have a stable and long-lasting marital life

    Libra and Leo

    Tula Rashi compatibility with Simha Rashi

    • Friendship – As friends, they shall have incredible and beautiful connections.
    • Work Compatibility – They make an excellent team, especially in any work that involves sales or other forms of social contact.
    • Love – They will balance each other well, and their love can stand the test of time.
    • Relationship – Their relationship leads to a long-term romance or marriage.
    • Being together – They will continue to hold each other’s interest over the years and decades.
    • Married Life – They will both be committed to making their marriage successful.

    Libra and Virgo

    Tula Rashi compatibility with Kanya Rashi

    • Friendship – They shall have an average friendship together.
    • Work Compatibility – They will make an excellent working partnership together.
    • Love – When in love, they have an intuitive understanding of each other despite their differences.
    • Relationship – They have a genuine understanding to have a long and prosperous relationship together.
    • Being together – They tend to get along well with each other.
    • Married Life – They will do well together if they get married.

    Libra and Libra

    • Friendship – Together, they shall remain friends longer in life.
    • Work Compatibility – They will not work well together.
    • Love- As lovers, they will make a great pair and maintain a lasting relationship.
    • Relationship – They shall have a harmonious relationship.
    • Being together – They will have a good life together.
    • Married Life – Together, they will be able to navigate the challenges of marriage with ease and delicacy.

    Libra and Scorpio

    Tula Rashi compatibility with Vrishchika Rashi

    • Friendship – If they reach a long-lasting friendship, they will both have to control their anger.
    • Work Compatibility – Working together will be extremely difficult for them.
    • Love – If they genuinely love each other, they will happily sacrifice depth to achieve harmony in their love life.
    • Relationship – A relationship between a Libra man and a Scorpio woman is challenging, but these two can have a lasting and fulfilling relationship with honesty and compromise.
    • Being together – In many cases, they do not get together, but there can be a strange attraction.
    • Married Life – If they do marry, the marriage will generally be a good one.

    Libra and Sagittarius

    Tula Rashi compatibility with Dhanu Rashi

    • Friendship – As friends, they will enjoy each other’s company and have a lot of fun together.
    • Work Compatibility – They are a great working team, and they both adopt whatever comes their way.
    • Love – As lovers, they will enjoy their dates and bonding with each other.
    • Relationship – In many cases, their relationship would be much more than just a romance.
    • Being together – Together, will have a great rapport with one another.
    • Married Life – Their marriage may challenge them as their priorities are different.

    Libra and Capricorn

    Tula Rashi compatibility with Makara Rashi

    • Friendship – They have everything they need to build a happy and stable friendship.
    • Work Compatibility – Working together will be a particular challenge for them.
    • Love – The chemistry between them is often more potent, and they have more harmonious aspects when in love.
    • Relationship – A romance between them can be a stormy one, but it could lead to a lasting relationship.
    • Being together –They will be fascinated by each other every time, leading to a passionate romance and love being together.
    • Married Life – They will be highly motivated to make their marriage work.

    Libra and Aquarius

    Tula Rashi compatibility with Kumbh Rashi

    • Friendship – As friends, they will help one another be better in their respective lives.
    • Work Compatibility – They will work well together even in the most challenging situations.
    • Love- When in love, they both know how to love and care for one another.
    • Relationship – These two can have a happy and long-lasting relationship together.
    • Being together – They will get along well with each other, and at the same time, their differences are such that they complement and balance each other.
    • Married Life – They will have a long-term commitment and a good marital life.

    Libra and Pisces

    Tula Rashi compatibility with Meena Rashi

    • Friendship – As friends, there is a hidden connection between these two, due to which their friendship lasts longer.
    • Work Compatibility – They will generally work together and do their best to help one another.
    • Love – They make a surprisingly good match. They are both romantic and highly motivated when in love with one another.
    • Relationship – Relationships are extremely important to both of them, and they will go out of their way to be with one another.
    • Being together – When together, they will be a gentle and tender couple who will bring out the best in each other.
    • Married Life – They shall develop a wonderful marital life that lasts long enough.

    Last Updated on March 10, 2022