5 Highly Sensitive Zodiac Signs in Astrology

Highly Sensitive Zodiac Signs

To worry about some insignificant events, not to sleep at night because of accumulated experiences, to emotionally react to everything that happens – the quality is far from the most useful and, nevertheless, inherent in many of us. Like many character traits, astrologers believe that it is given to a person from birth and depends on their zodiac sign.

If a person thinks that they are breaking down under pressure and do not control their emotions, then this person’s zodiac sign may be most sensitive. So, who is a compassionate person? The answer is that such a person has deeper emotions than others. They often react more emotionally to events than other people.

Sensitive Zodiac Signs

Highly Sensitive Zodiac Signs

Let’s see which zodiac signs represent the most sensitive people:

1. Cancer (Susceptible to jealousy)

This water sign is who from birth is endowed with strong sensitivity, excessive impressionability, and developed imagination. Thanks to such wonderful qualities, their nature seems deep and attractive. But at the same time, a problem arises; it is easy to offend them. People born under the Cancer zodiac sign are especially susceptible, and this can sometimes cause jealousy. Hard on the outside but raw emotions inside, just like their crab counterparts!

The imagination of this emotional zodiac sign works great when a loved one does not pick up the phone. They scroll in advance in their head the possible options for their location and scenarios for the further development of events. Cancers give free rein to their emotions in any stressful situation, having absolutely no way to control them.

Cancer people being fragile water signs is easy to hurt, and they have plenty of pain points. Besides, they are very sentimental, quickly get used to people and begin to feel sympathy. Cancers are secretive, but they feel everything acutely and take it to heart. Their mood swings and can go from joy to despair and anger to affection in seconds. They should probably share their emotions with someone else. Otherwise, these watery crabs will explode from the inside out. They sensitively and subtly perceive the intonation of the speech of their interlocutor. And even if the words were harmless, they could still shake their delicate mental organization.

2. Pisces (Weepy Babies)

Pisces, like Cancer, is also a sign of the Water element, and this sensitive nature sign tends to perceive this world mystically. This watermark is often interested in esotericism or religion. These telltale signs feel the surrounding reality very subtly. And you can often see that Pisces is extremely insecure.

It’s hard to find a more compassionate zodiac sign; Pisces will always help those who need help. Pisces are very susceptible; they often find themselves trapped in the mood of others. Needless to say, these temperamental water signs are vulnerable regardless of having an uncanny ability to grab what people are going through. Any criticism or harsh word puts them out of action.

Pisces carefully guard their inner world, and hardly anyone will ever know what is on the mind of this sign. In conflicts, they rarely take the attacking side; rather, on the contrary, they become victims of an inappropriate attitude. Pisces have a subtle mental organization, they can be easily hurt, and they, in turn, often take words too close to their hearts. They are very impressionable and can burst into tears while watching the next melodrama. The watery nature makes them cry at the sight of cute puppies or a beautiful sunset. They are easily hurt and offended by the slightest criticism of their address. They are just a walking bundle of nerves, so they try to avoid people.

3. Leo (Silent Sufferers)

All Leos are creative people, standing out from the crowd, and bright. The stars gave them many talents. And it is important for this fire sign that their achievements are fully appreciated and applauded. If someone does not recognize their achievements, then Leo is greatly offended. In this case, the courageous sign begins to suffer alone; sometimes, they can begin to build a plan of revenge. Sometimes they can completely lose faith in themselves. But it is worth remembering that this fire sign is sensitive to offensive words and flattery. If any person showers Leo with compliments, they will always be held in high esteem by this sign.

Leos try to hide the subtlety of their soul behind narcissism and indicative indifference. But not everything is so simple. Once in an ambiguous situation, they will wind themselves up, how much in vain. It is essential for them that their actions and accomplishments are appreciated. If this does not happen, Leos will silently suffer from this while not explaining what they did wrong. Often, out of fear of a broken heart, Leos reject the courtship of the opposite sex, explaining this by their unpreparedness for a relationship.

4. Scorpio (Mystical sorrowers)

Scorpio is a sign of strong emotions and deep feelings. These representatives of the zodiacal circle will not expose their feelings to the public, and they keep them deep inside themselves. Moreover, when they are overwhelmed with emotions, they manage to control their behavior. If a person is not familiar with this sign of the zodiac, then these emotional people may consider it harmless and naive. But it would be best if you didn’t take this as true.

If someone from those around them offends this hyper-aware sign, then they will not show the appearance that it hurt them. Scorpio will pretend to be indifferent. But in the soul of this sign will be a hurricane of emotions. Scorpio will write this person as an enemy. They are very sensitive to everything that belongs to the realm of emotions. If they get hurt, they always strike back. Be careful – this kind of reaction can be dangerous. People who are determined to start dating a Scorpio should know about this.

5. Libra (Not a Mr./Mrs. Lonely)

Sociable Air signs Libras are afraid of loneliness. These cardinal signs care about the attitude of others around them and will not ignore actions that seem indifferent to them. Most likely, Libra will ask why a person acts with them in one way or another, but sometimes you can hear rather baseless accusations from them. With their inherent sentimentality, they also relate to a good attitude and secret sweetness. The airy nature individual will thank loved ones for gifts or congratulations with special sincerity.

It is challenging to win Libra’s heart, but they will give you their affection if you still succeed. When Libra really falls in love, they become very romantic. They get their inspiration from relationships. However, Libra really does not like it when they restrict their freedom and drive them into a frame. If this is not done, then Libra blooms before our eyes and willingly shares their tenderness.

So which of these sensitive signs are you? Life is more than that of intense sensitivity. Rather it’s an action balance with emotion. But remember sensitive people are brilliant souls. No one knows what these weepy babies have gone through. The zodiac universe is strong enough to tell the personality traits of a person. However, an astrology universe needs also to be encoded for knowing the inside of your favorite people. Ask an Astrologer service is here to analyze your astrological element based on an astrological birth chart.