Why Lord Krishna is worshiped more often with Radha than Rukmini?

The immortal love between Krishna and Radha has been told and televised to us since childhood. The innocent lovers were made to part as Krishna had the greater part to play elsewhere. Never has there been any documentation of them meeting again though Krishna is said to have married eight princesses (Ashtavarya)?

Rukmini is the first and widely known among the eight wives, and yet Radha Krishna is more famous and is worshipped throughout the World. Why is that?

Rukmini (Rukmani)

Krishna kidnaps Rukmini and rides away in his chariot
Krishna kidnaps Rukmini and rides away in his chariot

Rukmini is said to be the incarnation of Goddess Laxmi. Rukmini is perfectly portrayed as the devotional wife of Krishna, who fell in love just by hearing Krishna’s stories and agreed to marry him without meeting or seeing Krishna.


Radha is said not to have existed in physical form; Radha represents the pure bliss of consciousness of Lord Krishna himself.

Radha Krishna

As per Devi Bhagwat Purana, Adi Parashakti (Yog Maya) was born from the center between the eyebrows of Lord Krishna. The very same Yog Maya divided herself into two parts, the right part became Radha (or consciousness and also represents the soul of every living being), and the left part became Lakshmi (which represents matter and the world)

If we look into the Vedic Version -the full manifestation of the Godhead is a male and a female – Radha and Krishna. Radha is the female aspect of God. They are one as the energetic and the energy. Radha is Krishna’s energy of bliss, meaning that all bliss in the world, both spiritual and material bliss comes from Radharani or Her distortion, Maya.

Radha Krishna

There is only a little evidence about the existence of Radha in Hindu Texts. But the Divine Love of Radha and Krishna during his Boyhood was popularised much later during the Bhakti movement of the Medival period, like Gita Govinda Mahakavya by Sri Jayadeva Kavi.

It focuses more on the devotion of Radha as the prime devotee and her love for Krishna. It speaks of Radha’s pain of separation while Krishna is away and their final reunion. This is to signify the untiring love and desire the Atma (spirit) needs to have towards Paramatma (Supreme Soul) for their Union.


Even when Radha is mentioned in post-medieval times, she is portrayed as an epitome of selfless love, the love which regarded no boundaries. This devotion pulled Krishna to play his beautiful flute, and it was the same devotion that drove Radha to the Raas Leela, forgetting herself.

This love, devotion, and karma, pure as a prayer and silent meditation, makes Radha divine; this is what turns a devotee into God. Radha-Krishna has been a part of poetry, drama, and folklore since immemorial.  So the world worships Radha to celebrate the bond of love and devotion, one of the paths to realizing the Truth.

Names of Radha Krishna

Names of Radha – Radhika, Radhe, Madhavi, Keshavi, Shyama, Shreeji, Gopika, Kishori, Laadli ji, Radharani, Gaurangi, Madan Mohini, Nitya, Shubhangi, Aparajita, Raseshwari, Brajeshwari, Vrindavaneshwari, Golokeshwari, Krishna Priya, Krishna Kaanta, Krishna Samyukta, KrishnaVallabha, Krishna Stuta, and Krishneshwari.

Names of Krishna – Kanha, Madhav, Keshav, Shyam, Gopinath, Kishore, Gaurang, Madan Mohan, Gopal, Kanhaiya, Madhusudan, Hari, Damodar, Murlidhar, Govinda, Raseshwar, Brajeshwar, Vrindavaneshwar, Golokeshwar, RadhaRaman, RadhaVallabh, Radhanath, RadhaKaant, and Radheshwar.

Krishna captivates the world, Radha captivates Krishna himself

Little Radha – Recreated using Watercolor photoshop action

Krishna, known as Svayam Bhagavan in the Krishnaite traditions of Vaishnavism, holds a significant position. Within this belief system, Radha is regarded as the primary embodiment of three essential aspects of God’s power: Hladini (profound spiritual bliss), Sandhini (eternal existence), and Samvit (existential consciousness). Specifically, Radha represents the intense feeling of love toward Lord Krishna, who is considered the almighty.

As such, Krishna and Radha are revered as the Supreme Deities in the Krishnaite traditions. Devotees recognize that Krishna can only be fully satisfied through acts of loving service, and Radha personifies this devotional service towards the supreme lord. Many followers worship Radha, understanding that her merciful nature is the key to attaining Krishna.

Interestingly, Radha is also viewed as an aspect of Krishna himself, manifesting as a separate entity for the purpose of his enjoyment. Hindu scriptures additionally depict Radha as the complete incarnation of Mahalakshmi. Krishna captivates the world, and Radha captivates Krishna himself. Hence, she is regarded as the supreme goddess and the divine couple is collectively referred to as Radha-Krishna. In certain Vaishnava sects, Radha and Krishna are identified as the avatars of Lakshmi Narayan.

Rādhe Kṛṣṇa Rādhe Kṛṣṇa
Kṛṣṇa Kṛṣṇa Rādhe Rādhe
Rādhe Shyām Rādhe Shyām
Shyām Shyām Rādhe Rādhe