Vedic Astrology uses the Guna Milan method to check the compatibility between two Zodiac Signs (Rashis). Based on the panchanga (Day, Nakshatra, tithi, Yoga, and Karana), one can determine the compatibility of two zodiacs in points. The maximum score for determining compatibility is 36.

The compatibility of the zodiac signs of partners is considered on 8 points, and each receives from 1 to 8 points. First, the region of the mind – Varna – gets 1 point of compatibility. The next one -Vaisya – gets 2 compatibility points. The third is Tara, the fourth is Yoni, the fifth is Griha Maitri, the sixth is Guna, the seventh is Bhakuta, and the eighth is Nadi.

Guna Milan is performed by studying the couple’s birth charts; however, to only check compatibility between two horoscope signs, you need to know the personality and facts about zodiac signs.

Let’s dig deeper into this topic.

Most Compatible Zodiac Sign

Most Compatible Zodiac Sign

Based on the Guna Milan of Vedic Astrology, the following are the most compatible signs in astrology:

1. Aries and Libra

Like lighting a match, sparks tend to fly when Aries and Libra come together. If these two signs are willing to appreciate and learn from their differences, they will create an unstoppable fire.

A planet influences each sign, and with independent Mars in charge of harmonious Aries and Venus ruling Libra, this pairing will give each other the balance of autonomy and connection that every relationship needs to thrive.

2. Taurus and Scorpio

Ruled by Venus, Taurus is drawn to share tactile beauty while Scorpio, ruled by the transformer Mars, yearns for intensity and explore what lies beneath the surface. The contrast here is what makes this particular pair ready for growth and happiness.

Scorpio deals with the reality of pain and pleasure; Taurus embrace all the storms of life. Alternatively, Taurus’ contagious joy gives the Scorpios permission to step out every now and then. Together, this pair cultivates a lasting foundation that can withstand anything.

3. Gemini and Sagittarius

Gemini and Sagittarius couple have all the ingredients for a relationship full of fireworks, excitement, and emotional questions. What really makes these signs compatible is, ironically, their mutual need for healthy boundaries.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and internal evolution. They are always reinventing and exploring and need breathing space for self-discovery. Meanwhile, the Jupiter ruled Sagittarius goes out to find the purpose, needs freedom to explore, and live in a place of continually widening vision.

Gemini-Sagittarius pair really understands and celebrates each other’s need and both are grateful to have a partner committed to inquiry and pilgrimage.

4. Cancer and Capricorn

The only sign to be ruled by the Moon, the emotionally intuitive Cancer, may seem unlikely pair to the logical Capricorn led by Saturn. However, when Cancer and Capricorn come together, they create the perfect balance between smooth flow and dependable structure.

Cancer’s oceanic healing energy finds a perfect companion in Capricorn’s grounded wisdom. Cancer feels emotionally secure and is attracted to reliability, discipline, and integrity. On the other hand, Capricorn appreciates Cancer’s generous vulnerability and feels inspired by them to step in and show their own feelings more fully.

5. Leo and Aquarius

When the Surya ruled and fiery Leo teams up with Aquarius, a supernatural air sign led by the innovative Saturn, the entire world is a stage.

Leo can get lonely in their castle and crave attention and connection. As a result, Leo can’t help but admire how universally adored Aquarius is and is insane with this air sign’s ability to show them a whole new experience.

Alternatively, Aquarius appreciates Leo’s courage and unshakable sense of self-worth as incredible tools for liberation. Recognizing that trust is contagious, Aquarius finds purpose in spreading his companion message of self-love. This pair is weird, fabulous, and can inspire us all.

6. Virgo and Pisces

This pair is unbeatable in their combined ability to heal a wounded world, and these signs are continually moved and motivated by each other’s strengths. While Virgo, ruled by Mercury, is adept at understanding the intimate relationship between the body and nature, Pisces, ruled by Jupiter, intuitively intuits how to read the heart.

Virgos fears Pisces’s spiritual and transcendent nature, and Pisces benefits from Virgo’s ability to translate and apply his divine energy here on earth. This couple listens, helps, and uplifts everyone and everything in their path.


Kundali Milan is done for long-lasting marriage and relationships according to Vedic astrology. One should understand that each zodiac signs are compatible with the other to a certain degree. The most important element needed for the greatest compatibility is love. If love exists, each couple is compatible, irrespective of their zodiac sign, Guna Milan and kundali Milan.

(Last Updated On: July 30, 2022)