7 Significance of Kundali Milan – Why it is Absolutely Necessary!

Kundali Milan

Kundali Milan or matchmaking is considered the first and foremost step in finalizing the marriage prospect between the groom and bride. Since ages, Kundli Milan or Rashi (horoscope) matching has always been an important ritual to start with the process of marriage.

Kundali Milan

7 Reasons Why Kundali Milan is Necessary

In Vedic astrology, kundali matching, or Kundli Milan, is an important process. We’ve highlighted seven reasons why you should consider it.

1. For Overall Compatibility

Before marriage, kundali (birth charts) are matched in order to determine compatibility between the bride and groom.

According to Vedic astrology, there are 36 gunas, or qualities, which are matched in order to determine how compatible two people are and how prosperous their lives will be. These gunas have different points, and each point indicates a different factor of life. It also indicates how their individual star and destiny will affect each other.

By matching kundali, we can also specify conjugal harmony. If in case there are problems, Jyotish Shastra also provides various remedies.

2. Effects on Financial Stability and Career

When two people unite in the sacred relationship of marriage, the movement of their planets affects not only their lives but also each other’s lives. Bhakoot, the seventh guna, indicates this effect. By matching Kundali, financial stability and job prospects are also looked into.

3. Compatibility to Bear Offspring

One major concern that is looked into through Kundali matching is the happiness and health of children. Naadi, the eighth guna carries the maximum points and indicated the chances of childbirth or the problems arising around it, if any. Since a family is considered complete only after the birth of a child, parents are very particular to secure this happiness for their children after marriage.

4. Gauge Mental and Physical Compatibility

The Kundali Milan task is used to predict the partners’ mindset, interests, behavior, temper, and, most importantly, attitude. This is the basic premise of a successful marriage, especially during these challenging times when the world is moving ahead at a massive pace.

The matching also evaluates the health and well-being of both partners. Lastly, physical attraction is also tested to ensure an adequate level of desirability between the boy and the girl.

5. Overcome Dasha

When a child takes birth, the positioning of the stars and timing of his birth decide his fortune. This factor is scientifically proven and is therefore very important to every individual.

The timing and positioning of stars can sometimes be such that they create Dasha in the person’s charts, like, Mangal Dasha or Shani Dasha. Such dashas can lead to problems after marriage, and with the help of kundali matching, the same can be detected. Once detected, the astrologer can guide you to perform certain poojas or follow certain routines to lessen its effects. In extreme cases, marriage is not advisable.

6. Solving Problems of Unmatched and Mismatched Kundalis

For now, we all know that kundali matching is a significant aspect to check out for the success and failure of a marriage. But, what should be done of every other factor except for the kundali is right as a prospect in marriage? In such circumstances, consulting an esteemed and renowned astrologer is recommended.

Astrological remedies can apply or opt for to reduce the negative and ill effects of the dashas and yogas in the couple’s horoscope. Astrology has a solution to tie the knot with a particular person even if your kundali does not match each other.

7. Special Poojas (if required) For a Better Life

Once the Kundali is matched, the astrologer may suggest certain poojas for a happy married life. Sometimes, doshas found after matching Kundali can be corrected by applying remedies and performing pujas.

Even though the kundali match, certain remedies are advised after a detailed analysis of the planets of the bride and groom for a successful married life.

In conclusion

According to Vedic Astrology, the main and biggest reason for kundali matching or kundali Milan before getting married is to ensure that the couple will have a happy, prosperous, and long married life.

One of the famous and renowned astrologers’ Bejan Daaruwala’ quoted,

“The importance and significance of kundali matching are very essential in life if you want to ensure that the marriage will be successful.”

It is believed that the nature of an individual can be predicted through their horoscope. Before getting married and in general, Kundali Milan helps us know if someone is honest and sincere about their relationships and other important factors contributing to the success and failure of any marriage.