November 2022 Monthly Horoscope Based on Vedic Astrology

November 2022 Monthly Horoscope

The month of November in the year 2022 is going to be very important. Major planetary events are happening up in the sky this month. Based on astrological events, we have a monthly horoscope report for November 2022.

In the last week of November, all zodiac signs will experience a significant shift in their thoughts in certain areas of life, more into the important life choices. This is because Jupiter will move directly to Pisces from the 24th of this month. This happens once in 12 years.

This once-in-12-years event of Jupiter in Pisces is happening in the sky along with the once-in-29-years event of Saturn in Capricorn. These highly influential planets are responsible for the Dharma and Karma of each individual.

Knowledge and Career-wise, you may have already experienced a lot this year, especially after Jupiter entered Pisces on 13th April 2022.

Major Transit of Planets in November

Mars will be in retrograde motion in Gemini until 13 November. Saturn will continue moving forward in Capricorn, and Jupiter will move directly in Pisces on November 24. These two slow-moving planets are very influential. Such combinations in the sky will not happen again in 59 Years.

  • Venus Transit in Scorpio on November 11
  • Mars Transit in Taurus on November 13
  • Mercury Transit in Scorpio on November 13
  • Sun Transit in Scorpio on November 16
  • Jupiter turns direct in Pisces on November 24

November 2022 Horoscope

November 2022 Monthly Horoscope

November will be a time for reflection and reviewing different life areas. If you are struggling with your career or relationship, this month will help you better understand. Let us look at the monthly horoscope report of each zodiac sign based on Vedic Astrology.


For Aries natives, November will not be friendly for you. There will be ups and down in a few areas of your life. Due to the Mars retrograde in your third house, you may have communication difficulties with your friends and co-workers. Saturn’s placement in your tenth house will provide opportunities to help you carry on this month.

The influence of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Ketu on the seventh house and Saturn’s aspect will ensure that the business is on track despite any challenges. When Mars enters Taurus on 13th November, your second house, your finance will improve.  After the Sun, Mercury, and Venus move into the eighth house, expenses may increase; you should be conscious of where your invest.

The Aries zodiac sign will have a month of growth in love and relationships in November. In the first half of the month, the Sun will be in your Seventh house with Venus and Mercury. However, the second half of the month will bring some ups and downs to your love relationship when Venus, Mercury, and Sun move to the eighth house. Despite some obstacles, you will be able to come closer to your beloved.


November will start slowly for those born under the Taurus sign, but things will start to look up during the month’s latter half. Transit of Mercury to your seventh house on 13th November will make you more aware, allowing you to act according to the situation.

Career-wise, this month will be fruitful for you. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Ketu being in the sixth house indicates good results from your work, but you may also have to face competitors in your workplace or area. Financially, there will be some challenges, but you will balance your expenses well.

After the 16th of November, the conjunction of the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in the seventh house will significantly reduce your expenses and benefit you. Healthwise, you need to be conscious.

The love life of the Taurus natives will be good this month, and they will fulfill their desires. This month, you might want to get into a long-term relationship due to Jupiter’s influence on the fifth and seventh houses. Jupiter will aspect to your third, fifth, and seventh houses and provide you the best possible results of your sincere efforts.

Mars retrograde in your second house could make your speech harsher, and you might unintentionally hurt those close to you. Mercury retrograde might also cause problems with food, leading to frustration and anger toward family members.


If you have Gemini as your Lagna or ascendant, November might be a month of mixed results due to the combust Mercury. This month looks promising for your career, but you may face some challenges in other areas of your life.

In the first half of November, the conjunction of the debilitated Sun, combust Mercury, combust Venus, and Ketu, in your fifth house is beneficial. This conjunction will increase your knowledge, talent, and status in your circle or community. 

The month of November will help Geminis get rid of your financial problems and help you move forward in life. Mercury transits into your sixth house on the 13th of November, which may increase your expenses. Venus and Sun will transit in the same house to join Mercury on the 16th of November; this will help you reduce the stress and struggles. But still, you need to be more cautious about where you spend your money.

Retrograde Mars will be in your Lagna from the beginning of the month until the 13th of November, which may cause arguments and tension in your intimate relationships. The presence of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Ketu in the fifth house means the love life will have some ups and downs.

After November 13th, when the planets move into your 6th house, you may focus more on finance and career. This could be beneficial for your love and relationships.


The cancer natives can expect mixed results in November. Lord of your fifth house, Mars, is in retrograde motion in Gemini sign, your 12th house until the 13th of November. The likelihood that you will travel overseas is high, but expenses may increase.

You may also start a new connection in a foreign land or deal with something unrelated to your current place. You will see growth in your income and career this month.

On 13 November, Mars transit into your house of gain, and Mercury enters the house of knowledge, intellect, and status. This is a favorable position for growth in your ventures. When Sun and Venus on 16 November join the same house, you will have the upper hand in financial matters.

Cancer’s love life will start weak at the beginning of the month, with increased arguments among partners. However, due to the influence of Mercury and Venus, later on, the relationship will improve. The Family Life of the Cancer zodiac in November will be good, but expenses may increase in family activities.


November will be beneficial for Leo natives. This month can be a very significant month for you. The Sun will be in the third house until the 16th of November and the fourth house in the second half of the month.

Your ascendant lord, Sun, and tenth Lord, Venus, conjuncts in your third house; it will favor you in areas like communication, creativity, intelligence, interests, habits, and inclinations.

In the second half of the month, Mercury and Venus with the Sun conjunct in Scorpio, your fourth house. The second half will bring career growth and help you achieve your goals. You will prosper with the help of your family and friends or your co-workers.

Regarding love and relationship, the first half of the month is not favorable due to the influence of retrograde Mars in your eleventh house. The presence of Saturn in your sixth house is also not supporting the marital life of the Leo natives.

When Jupiter enters your eighth house on November 24, you will gradually feel less stressed. The transit of Venus and Mercury in the fourth house will create a harmonious atmosphere within the family.


November will be a good month for Virgos in most areas, but not regarding love and relationships. Saturn will be in its own sign in the fifth house this month, and Mars will aspect the fifth house in the first half of the month. Saturn is already unfriendly, but when Mars joins, this may cause more difficulties in Virgo’s love life.

Jupiter enters Pisces on November 24th, creating a more favorable environment to resolve issues and progress. Jupiter will provide you with inner guidance and bless you.

Until November 13, it will be a more favorable period for the Virgo natives in terms of career due to the effect of retrograde Mars in your tenth house. You might be transferred to another department or promoted because of your hard work and dedication. You will also have the support of your colleagues at work, and your relationship with them will be great.

This month, You will progress in your career and feel confident about it, but the presence of Rahu in your eighth house suggests you become cautious when considering business partners.

On the 16th of November, Sun’s transit in your third house will be beneficial for you. You might benefit from an authority figure or someone in the government. Such an event will not happen again for 12 years! 


This November will be a special month for people born under the Libra sign. Your Zodiac ruler, Venus, will be in its sign of Libra until November 11th. This is very favorable for Libra rising people. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus are in your sign creating an auspicious yoga that will improve your financial situation, so take advantage of it.

Saturn will have full aspect on your tenth house from the fourth house. You will work hard at your workplace, and Saturn will bless you with the fruits of your action. The presence of retrograde Jupiter in the sixth house until the 24th of November will also make you work harder. In business, the second half of the month is favorable for you when Mercury and Sun join Venus in your second house.

At the beginning of November, Mars will be in your ninth house in a retrograde state, and then it will move into your eighth house later in the month. In the second half of the month, pay attention to your lifestyle and make sure you are living consciously.

From the beginning of the month, Mars, in retrograde motion, will be aspecting Saturn, the ruling planet of your fifth house. This is not a good time for Libra natives regarding their love lives. There may be arguments and disagreements between the partners during this period. For the married Libras, this month might be stressful in marital life.


The beginning of November for Scorpio natives may be rough, but things will start looking up in the second half of the month across various aspects. When Sun enters your Lagna house on the 16th of November, joining Mercury and Venus will favor you.

November will be a good one for Scorpio natives regarding their careers. You will be focused and hardworking right from the beginning of the month, and your efforts will pay off. You might get a foreign job or assignments, and your work will be appreciated.

The lord of the second house of Scorpio natives, Jupiter, is in the fifth house in a retrograde motion until 24 November. Mars, also in a retrograde state, will fully have an aspect on the second house from the eighth house.

Be mindful of your actions during Mars’ retrograde in Gemini, which lasts until November 13th. Don’t be too confident in yourself; think twice before speaking, or you might get into a heated discussion. Your family members can provide both motivation and conflict as you move forward in the month of November. 

Jupiter’s retrograde in the fifth house will cause Scorpio lovers to re-evaluate their relationships. You might also agree to get married and strengthen your relationship this month.


November will be a good month for the Sagittarius natives in many aspects. There will be an increase in the flow of your finance, and family life will also be blissful. 

The month of November will be a prosperous one for those born under the Sagittarius sign. Your finances will improve, and your home life will be happy and content in the first half of the month. However, when Mars transits into your sixth house in retrograde motion, some problems may arise.

Retrograde Jupiter will affect your tenth house for the entire month, resulting in positive developments at work. You will put in a lot of effort and be rewarded for your hard work.

After the 16th of this month, the Sun will join Mercury and Venus in your twelfth house of expenditures, which may give you stress. When Jupiter, lord of Sagittarius, moves forward in Pisces after the 24th of November, you’ll feel more relaxed and optimistic.

For married natives, Retrograde Mars being present in the seventh house can make both spouses’ natures quite fierce, possibly leading to arguments and conflicts. However, this situation will likely change when Mars transits into the sixth house.


November will be a favorable month for those born as Capricorn rising sign. Venus will be in your tenth house until the 11th of this month, which will favor you in business and work.

Along with Venus, Mercury, Sun, and Ketu will also be present in the tenth house, and Saturn’s influence will also be there. You will experience work pressure at your job, but you will successfully complete your tasks. You will find financial success and rewards in the second half of the month. You may also get good support from an authority figure.

When retrograde Mars transit in the fifth house on the 13th, you might get new opportunities in your career. Also, on November 25th, Venus will come out of combustion and bring you financial rewards.

Regarding love and relationship, November will give mixed results for Capricorn natives. Venus is transiting the eleventh house and aspecting the fifth house on the 11th of November, your love relationship will improve, and you will become more intimate with each other.

Retrograde Mars will transit your fifth house on the 13th, which may increase tension in your relationship. Be cautious of your actions and stay away from conflicts.


For those born under the sign of Aquarius, the beginning of November may be marked by some challenges, but it will also be a time of important discoveries. Saturn will remain in your twelfth house throughout the month, which could bring financial difficulties and increased expenses. This position of Saturn is also not favorable regarding health, you should follow a conscious lifestyle.

When Mercury joins Venus in your tenth house on the 13th of November, the workplace will be enjoyable, and the surroundings will be positive. But, Regtrograde mars transiting in your fourth house will make you very busy at work. Sun will also enter your tenth house on the 16th, amplifying your status and authority at work.

In terms of love life, Aquarius natives will experience increased stress in their love relationships due to Retrograde Mars in the fifth house. The situation will improve when Mars moves forward directly on the 13 of November.


November will bring both good and bad times for Pisces individuals. You should focus more on income rather than expenses. Your lord Jupiter will start moving in direct motion on the 24th of November, which will benefit you.

This situation will make you hard working. You will be aware of your work and responsibilities and will not be careless during this time, making your performance remarkable.

Retrograde Mars will be in your fourth house and aspects the tenth house, resulting in difficulties and disruptions at work. However, after Mars moves into the third house in the second half of the month, your self-assurance and boldness will increase, allowing you to face these obstacles.

Saturn will be present in your eleventh house, which indicates that your relationship with the seniors will be favorable, and you will be able to work better at the workplace.

For Pisces natives, November will be average regarding love and relationships. Saturn’s full aspect on the fifth house will make you more disciplined regarding love affairs. After Mercury and Venus enter your ninth house, your love life will become more blissful.

Note: November 2022 monthly horoscope is based on the ascendant sign; you should consider the placements of planets in your chart for your monthly horoscope. You can ask an astrologer to look into your birth chart to predict your monthly horoscope.