Positive and Negative Traits of 12 Zodiac Signs

Traits of Horoscope Sign

The traits of the zodiac signs are merely suggestive and influence one’s character and personality in many ways. Below are some positive and Negative traits of the 12 Zodiac Signs or Rashi.

Traits of Horoscope Sign


Positive traits: Aries natives are ambitious, courageous, and vigilant for self-respect. They shape their destiny by dint of struggle and hard work. They are straightforward, generous, and lovers of freedom. They are practical at work and work for welfare in many areas of the social fabric.

Negative Traits: Aries has the weakness of exaggerating things. They are often short-sighted in their approach and inclined to lose patience too fast. They may speak falsehood for the sake of selfish motives. Lack of self-control and headstrong tendencies are likely. They enjoy personal glory. But tend to dominate others.


Positive traits: Taurus natives have regulated habits and possess remarkable tolerance power. They are devotees of respectable people and are obedient to their parents. They acquire riches and develop good qualities. They love to travel and have an aptitude for purchasing and selecting things. They have a worry-free nature. They feel happy in every situation to which they adapt themselves easily.

Negative Traits: They are inclined to be egotistical and domineering. They prefer settling actions to allowing things to settle on their own. They tend to get angry quickly.


Positive traits: People under Gemini Rashi, have an influential personality, depicting their intelligence, reasonable, and compassionate nature. Their nature is versatile, imaginative, pleasant, thoughtful, and adaptable. They are generally soft-spoken, with the good power of oration. They are learned people with good command of the language.

Negative Traits They are short-tempered but cool down quite easily. They lack concentration and quick decisions. They should not give themselves up to petty strife. They should give up curious traits hastening others’ Advice.


Positive traits: People under Cancer Rashi, are of a fertile imagination, sentimental, and sympathetic. They have strong emotional nature and are romantic. They are secretive, impressionable, and magnetic. They have a deep interest in traveling. They have a secret and concealing nature. They can master many languages.

Negative Traits They hover over details which often kill their time. They have eyes for little things this way; they un-notice happy moments that pass by them. Their temper is changeable, which needs to be corrected.


Positive traits: The people born under Leo Rashi have a kingly personality, kindness, and lion-hearted nature. They always forgive others and forget the mistakes, sins, and errors of others; they are very independent in their views, have excellent organizing powers, and are constructive, inventive, generous, and ingenious. They possess a magnetic personality.

Negative Traits Leo has argumentative nature. Altercations and actions in them annoy their superiors. They should not be hasty and get irritated. They should avoid forcing their desires and opinions on others. They should remain more detached from their feelings.


Positive traits: People under Virgo Rashi, are very practical. They are chaste, pure, and refined. Sociable and friendly, they show up occasional shyness also. Well-informed and scholarly personality. They show interest in the occult and ancient sciences. They have a strong sense of justice.

Negative Traits They are worrisome and sometimes perceived to be fussy. Fussing over others can sometimes be harmful. They should learn to let others make their own decisions. It isn’t easy to make them containted.


Positive traits: People under Libra Rashi, are affectionate, kind, generous, and compassionate. Since the Rashi symbolizes balance, equilibrium and justice are its keynotes. Weighing both sides of every problem is in their character. They have a slightly detached temperament and gentle manners. They are interested in gaining knowledge and tend to be eloquent. They have a spiritual bend of mind and remain God-fearing.

Negative Traits They should control their emotional nature. They should not be extravagant, be decisive, and avoid copying mannerisms from others. Being of liberal nature, they should develop the habit of forgiving others.


Positive traits: People under Scorpio Rashi are quick, keen, intelligent, critical of penetrating the mind, and keen in judgment. They are self-reliant, bold, and of fixed views having this fixed sign. They cannot remain idle while facing obstacles and hindrances. They are at their best talents and never surrender but fight to the last end.

Negative Traits They lose their temper quickly and get irritated. They are cunning but very true, loyal, faithful, and reliable. But if others misbehave or become unfaithful etc., they become revengeful, relentless, and selfish. Revengeful nature must be avoided. They should learn to be patient and wait for the results of their efforts.


Positive traits: People under this Sagittarius Rashi, are very friendly and cheerful. They are of deep thinking and high intellect. They show great interest in outdoor sports. They are quite independent. These people can handle men and matter very well.  They are good-humored. They are frank, fearless, demonstrative, outspoken, nervously energetic, ambitious, sincere, and quick.

Negative Traits Exaggerating things without truth, false promises, and insulting or hurting others are the basic traits of Sagittarius people. They have inconsiderate behavior at times. They have the nature of disturbing others unnecessarily and often change their opinion, which needs correction.


Positive traits: People under Capricorn Rashi, have deep common sense. Their aspirations are very high; from a humble beginning, they rise to greater heights. Adamant by nature, persons of Makara Rasi will not be inclined to take advice from others. They are calculative and business-minded persons.

Negative Traits: Capricorn-born people keep suspecting others and mistrusting others. They should be more careful not to indulge in sinful deeds affecting their mental peace. They should not overwork and exert too much but also rest to maintain their health.

Kumbha Rashi – Aquarius

Positive traits: People under Aquarius Rashi, are serious, quiet, thoughtful, and of contemplative nature. They are generally idealistic. The materialistic property of these people is linked to their spiritual nature. They are very social but very picky about friends. They do all the morally right things. They have their individuality and specialty.

Negative Traits If Aquarius lacks spirituality, they are bound to become self-centered. The natives will be lazy and lethargic, so they should cultivate activity, promptness, etc. They should avoid solitude. They should not be worried, become gloomy, or pessimistic.

Meena Rashi – Pisces

Positive traits: People under Pisces Rashi are strong, kind, loving, truthful, and sympathetic. They are philosophical and lead romantic life. They are quick in understanding. They are inspirational, versatile, and easy-going. They have great love and affection towards their friends and relatives. They have more compassion and desire to help others who suffer.

Negative Traits They have fluctuating moods. They are over-anxious and become disheartened, indecisive, and lacking in life and energy. They should avoid suspicious nature and varying moods.