The Scientific Properties of Rudraksha that have medicinal values

Rudraksha beads have electromagnetic forces inside, and they can be very powerful. It is mostly used to cure the human body physically, as well as spiritually.

What are the electrical properties of Rudraksha?

The human body is a complex system, with the whole nervous system and all other organs inside the human body that can be considered as a complex bio-electric circuit. The human body generates a number of electrical impulses when it acts or reacts to some impulses, or when the heart continuously pumps the blood of blood circulation, and so on. When it does that, it sends out electrical impulses and inductive vibrations. Moreover, it can store energy and act as a dielectric in a capacitor, the energy which is known as bio-electricity.

Our bodily organs depend on the flow of this bio-electricity, and only then the body can perform actions in a controlled manner. It is in fact produced when there is a difference in the energy level at different body parts. But the main thing here is that only when the bioelectricity current flows smoothly can the functioning of body parts be controlled more properly.

What is a bio-electric circuit? And what happens when it is imbalanced?

What is a bio-electric circuit? And what happens when it is imbalanced?

Apart from the body and brain, there is a third element called the Bio-electronic circuit interface. When there Is any sort of stress or maladjustment of the body and the mind, it can put this bio-electronic circuit interface out of its gear. And anyone can be prone to stress in this world of survival and struggle.

The stress level in the modern context has grown more than ever. More and more people have the problem of insomnia, alcoholism, depression, heart diseases, skin diseases, and so on, which the doctors claim is caused mostly due to psychosomatic or stress issues caused in the mind. When there is stress, the stress signals are transferred to the central nervous system, and there is an increased activity of abnormal neuron activities. In case of continuous occurrence, the electricity flow through the mind-body interface is disrupted, and that hampers our efficiency to work in real life too. Even the blood circulation is abnormal and can cause different illnesses.

What can Rudraksha do?

21 Mukhi Rudraksha
21 Mukhi Rudraksha

Rudraksha can act as a stabilizing anchor. The beads have an electrical property that can be broadly categorized into:

1. Resistance

There is a factor of resistance in Rudraksha beads which are measured in Ohms. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. Anyways, when the beads resist the flow of bioelectrical impulses, a specific ampere of current flows, depending upon the nature and factor of resistance. This corresponds with the heartbeat, streamlining it, and sending specific impulses to the brain. This, in turn, stimulates the positive impulses in the brain which makes us feel energetic, sound, and confident.

Specific Mukhis of Rudraksha pinpoint specific signals in the brain, and in turn, help to shape a certain personality. Most of our personality and state of our mind is governed by the brain and the central system, and Rudraksha thus pinpoints that.

2. Capacitance or the Dielectric properties

Rudraksha also has the capacity to store the electrical energy. It can stabilize and anchor the bioelectric current. The units are measured in Farad. The capacitance or the dielectric properties are useful in controlling hyperactivity, palpitations of the heart, streamlining heartbeat. When stress increases, the overall hormonal and nervous system increases, thus increasing the potential difference in energy levels. The bioelectric current increases as well. There is an excess of bioelectric current, and this is controlled by the rudraksha as it stores this excess.

There are permanent magnetic properties inside rudraksha, and this can be sent out in inductive vibrations with frequencies that are measured in Henry (Volt Seconds/Ampere). Thus, it has inductive properties as well. It could be the reason that people feel better even when touching a Rudraksha bead.

Magnetic Properties and the dynamic polarity of Rudraksha

As mentioned before, rudraksha beads have magnetic properties, but they are of dual nature: paramagnetic and diamagnetic, along with the most important property of dynamic polarity. Magnets have been used as a healing substance as magnetic healing is a thing of the present. Rudraksha has the ability to change the polarity, the property of dynamic polarity.

Magnetic Properties and the dynamic polarity of Rudraksha

The reason that various illnesses creep is when the passage of arteries and veins that can carry blood from and to the heart is blocked or reduced because of various reasons. If there is any kind of disruption in this process, the blood that carries oxygen and energy to various parts is also disrupted, that then leads to illnesses. The blood cells are charged with either positive or negative charge. As we know, the magnets have positive and negative poles. So, when magnets are passed on various parts of the body, then the opposite poles of the magnets are attracted, leading to expansion of passages. This means that the arteries and veins open up and facilitate the blood circulation passage. Automatically, some of the illnesses that were caused by blocking of these passages are opened up.

The problem with using magnets is that the polarity is fixed, and only those veins open whose charge is opposite to the polar value of the magnets. This means that the healing cannot be ensured completely.

With Rudraksha, this problem can be overcome. It can change the polarity because of its property of diamagnetism. Diamagnetism is “the ability of any material to acquire temporary magnetic property in presence of an external magnetic field”. The polarity of the charge thus becomes opposite to that of the external field that induces the charge. When blood circulates and heartbeats, there is automatically a certain magnetic field induced around the body, especially concentrated at the heart region. Depending on the polarity of an induced magnetic field, the bioelectricity automatically gives rise to biomagnetism. What Rudraksha does is it acquires the polarity that is opposite to the polarity of the external field, which is, in this case, the inducing field present in the bodies. Thus, no matter what polarity the body obtains, the Rudraksha can attract it and thus leads to opening up of arteries and veins more than the magnets itself. Thus, the healing rate is faster.

More than that, there is various literature that talks about the anti-aging properties of rudraksha, and it is because of this dynamic polarity property of Rudraksha. Thus, the healing power of Rudraksha can be said to have a much greater effect than the magnetic healing.