What is Bija Mantra? – Types and Benefits of Seed Mantras

Bija Mantras & Benefits

A mantra is a syllable, word, or phrase repeated continuously during meditation and yoga practice. It can be spoken, chanted, and invoked in the mind. The mantra, which contains up to nine words, is termed as Bija Mantra, also known as Seed Mantra.

A mantra generates a set of vibrations in the surrounding atmosphere, and its force depends on the attitude of the person and the intensity of concentration. They are sacred words, the syllabus used since the ancient Vedic era to invoke and praise God, goddesses, and planets.

Each mantra has a different use, and different mantras are used for pleasing different deities or worshipping different planets.

Bija Mantras & Benefits

A Bija mantra is a single-syllable sound used in meditation or yoga practice. In Sanskrit, bija mantra directly means “seed mantra” and is composed of three little words; Bija means seed; man means the mind or to think; tra means to liberate.

Bija Mantras are the most basic of primordial mantras. It is the short and easiest form of a Mantra, just like a seed, which, when sown, grows into a tree. This mantra is easy to grasp and chant. It is the infinite energy source that can be chanted or meditated on alone or attached with other mantras to form a powerful mantra.

Bija mantras are vibrations sound of the deities. There are several bija mantras, and they have different frequencies pattern which relate to the particular deity. Bija Mantra is said to be the sound formed during the cosmic evolution when the universe was formed.

Types of Bija Mantras

There are various types of bija mantras, each of which affects the mind and the body. The basic Vedic Bija mantra is “om,” and it is believed that all other bija mantras have taken birth to form it. Om is further divided into the following types.

  • Yoga bija mantra
  • Tejo bija manta
  • Shanti bija mantra
  • Raksha bija manta

Popular Bija Mantras

Some of the main Bija Mantras which are generally practiced are

  • Om – It is the foundation of all mantras. It is the bija mantra of the ultimate God. This Bija mantra is related to the Hindu Trimurti and represents the union of the three gods: Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheshwar. It signifies the whole universe. This mantra personifies the inner music of our being and maintains equilibrium in it.
  • Kreem – Kreem is the bija mantra of Goddess Kali. Kali Mata gives us health, strength, success, and protection from evil powers.
  • Shreem – Shreem is the bija mantra of Goddess Mahalaxmi. It is chanted for wealth, material gains, and business success.
  • Hroum – Hroum bija mantra belongs to Lord Shiva and protects against all fears, death, and disease.
  • Hreem – This is the Mantra of Mahamaya or Bhuvaneshwari. This mantra is related to the power of the goddess.
  • Ayeim – Ayeim mantra is related to Devi Saraswati, goddess of knowledge.
  • Gam – It is a mantra for reciting Lord Ganapati. People invoked this mantra to transform all bad times into good luck.
  • Dam – Dam is the bija mantra of Lord Vishnu. It helps in attaining wealth and happy and quality life.
  • Bhram – Bhram’s mantra is recited for Lord Bhairava, which gives victory and fame.
  • Dhoom – Dhoom is the bija mantra for Goddess Dhumavati. It is a powerful mantra recited to destroys all enemies and fulfillment of all desires.
  • Hleem – It is related to Goddess Bagalamukhi.
  • Treem – This bija mantra is invoked for Goddess Tara.
  • Kshraum – Bija mantra of Lord Narsimha.
  • Dhham – Bija mantra of Lord Kuber.
  • Ham – It is the mantra of Lord Hanuman. By reciting this, lord hanuman removes all miseries from life.
  • Ram – This bija mantra is connected to Agni Tatva (fire element).
  • Yam – This bija mantra is associated with Vayu Tatva (air element).
  • Ksham – Ksham is the bija mantra related to the Prithvi Tatva.

These mantras are enormously useful from physical and psychological points of view. When reciting bija, a particular frequency is generated, leading to the creation of specific sound waves. The spread of these waves activates certain centers and chakras in the body, facilitating the proper flow of vital energies through the channels. This lets the chakras maintain a stable and harmonious energy pattern ensuring optimum health and wellness.

The Bija mantra produces a specific sound that is said to transform us and expand our minds. It has monosyllabic sounds that create a balance between the body and soul. They are a storehouse of power of spirituality and contain hidden potential energy. It is said that chanting a Bija mantra helps achieve a healthy body, pure mind, mental energy, sharp intellect, etc.

Benefits of Bija Mantra

  • It gives us good health, strength, and all-around success and protects us from evil powers.
  • Helps to attain salvation (Moksha)
  • Recitation of the Bija mantra enables one to attain knowledge, wisdom, and success in any field.
  • Whispering Bija mantra gives unlimited strength, power, protection, wisdom, and happiness.
  • Recited for massive monetary gain
  • It is helpful for the quicker awakening of Kundalini.
  • Balance the chakras and promote serenity.
  • Regular chanting of the Bija mantra wards off negativities from life.
  • Regulates blood circulation and heart rate.
  • Help relieve disorders of the human body organ system.