Astrology is the science that describes a human’s life and events happening around them according to the placement of stars and planets at the time of the native’s birth. Astrology is an enormous subject that needs a dedicated learner to correctly interpret the theory and principal of astrology. In many instances, even the most learned, experienced, and intellectual astrologer cannot proclaim to “know everything”. A good astrologer can only guide one well by analyzing their birth chart and suggest them good remedies if they have any planetary bad effects.

Finding Best Astrologer Online

Find Best Astrologer Online

What to seek in a good astrologer online?

In an apparent technological and digital networking world, we can find hundreds and hundreds of western and Vedic astrologers online. So, it is very hard for one to find the best astrologer online who would provide good astrology consultation services and guide them in the best possible way.

So, here are few things to consider while finding a good online astrologer:

1. A Good Profile

The first and foremost thing to find out is about their profile, list of astrologers, and their educational background. An astrologer has to have some qualification on the subject matter from a reputed institution. It is the major trust factor for a client while seeking an astrologer online. Hence, a quick check on a profile and an educational background is a must before trusting an online astrologer.

2. Experience

Practice makes a man perfect hence experience is that key ingredient that one must not miss while looking for a good astrologer online. Only a solid astrology experience of few years can boost the knowledge of an astrologer. Astrologers with less experience will only be able to guide us surficial and might also guess things which wouldn’t be appropriate guidance that we are seeking from them. So, one must count on the experience of an astrologer before trusting them and going to them.

3. Knowledge on Remedies

There are many different types of remedies available in astrology such as mantras, chanting, worshiping, and offerings to the god, wearing gemstones, wearing rudraksha, visiting pilgrimage or temples, and so forth.  A good online astrologer should always be able to find out right remedies by analyzing one’s birth chart. A good online astrologer must have knowledge about all the possible remedies to one’s situation and must be able to suggest to them the most suitable one.

4. Positive Feedback

A worthy and genuine online astrologer will always have positive feedback on their page or profile which is the key aspect to know their expertise. One should always look for an astrologer who has a number of unsullied track records of client satisfaction and positive comments. Hence, one should always consider the feedback from their clients about their service and expertise.

5. How well known are they?

One should also find out how famous they are and how deeply they are respected in the field of online astrology. If people widely acknowledge them then it is easier for us to trust them. We can easily find out if they are reputed via numerous ways such as by the number of followers on their online page or social media profile. We can also figure out the popularity of the Astrologer by the number of downloads of the App if they have their own or the ratings and reviews by the customer on their profile. If you simply search for the keywords like “Good astrologers”, “Best Astrologers Online”, Accurate Astrologer, etc on Google, you can find good astrologers on initial pages on the search engine.  So, this way we can find out about their reputation.

6. Understanding

There are many astrologers online who scare their clients’ on foreseen bad events just to squeeze extra money out of them. An honest online astrologer is someone who would be a good listener and encourage the client to speak up about all that they are going through in their life. One should always analyze an astrologer’s effort in making us more comfortable and giving us positive solutions and good remedial suggestions.

7. Good Communicator

It is very essential for an online astrologer to have good communication skills. They should be able to clarify what’s the client is seeking to know. Besides, they should be able to explain all the astrological terms such as planetary position, Houses, Lagna, and so forth to their clients as the client may not be familiar with these terms. Hence, one should look for astrology who are good at responding to their queries, replying to all their email before an appointment, and also explaining basic things if anyone wants to know before their actual appointment day.

(Last Updated On: July 18, 2021)
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