Taurus and Aries Compatibility Based on Vedic Astrology

Taurus and Aries Compatibility

In astrology, some zodiac pairs have opposing personalities. Still, they can make a good relationship. One of them is Taurus (वृष or Vrish) and Aries (मेष or Mesha). Initially, people might be surprised. How is Taurus and Aries compatibility possible? Although they possess different elemental energy, they tend to connect under certain circumstances.

It is a unique combination of extroverted Aries and introverted Taurus. Aries is full of dynamics, speed, and passion. On the other hand, Taurus is slow, grounded, and patient. Once they get to know each other and have respect for their opinions and feelings, they can give proper direction to their relationship.

Taurus and Aries Personality

The cardinal Fire sign, Aries, is the first zodiac that resides in the 1st house in the astrological chart. Planet Mars (Mangal) rules on Aries.  The Ram symbol represents it. Nakshatras of Ashwini, Bharani, and one-fourth of the Krittika fall under Aries’ sign. Since the astrological chart begins with the Mesh Rashi, it is among the most energetic zodiac signs. Thus, Arians are brave warriors that possess enormous energy, confidence, and passion. Their spontaneity allows them to take immediate actions as they need to complete everything instantly. Apart from that, Aries people are adventurers and natural leaders who are positive and have strong beliefs towards life. However, they can be short-tempered, restless, hasty, and unstable.

Taurus, the fixed Earth sign, resides on the second house of the horoscope wheel, which represents “House of Value. Taurus representation is a bull. “Nakshatras on Taurus or Brish Rashi are 3/4 of the Krittika, full Rohini, and 1/2 of the Mrigashira. The planet of love, Venus (Shukra), is its ruler. That’s why people born under the Taurus sign enjoy cooking, gardening, art, decorating, and romance. Taurus people are loyal, practical, romantic, reliable, patient, and stable in terms of personality. However, they also have negative traits of being sluggish, overprotective, and obstinate.

Taurus and Aries Compatibility

Taurus and Aries Compatibility


Taurus and Aries both believe in honesty and loyalty. They are devoted to their loved ones and expect the same level of devotion from them as well. Because of the influence of their ruling planets, both Aries and Taurus search for their true loved ones. Once they find them, then they will never show their back. Therefore, good communication between Taurus and Aries can help them build a solid trust foundation for their relationship.

Emotional Bonding

Emotionally, Aries- Taurus are sensitive, but they don’t prefer to show it externally. That’s why they might get the feeling of being unloved. Both zodiacs follow different approaches to express their emotion. Aries like to express their feelings in a loud, rough, and direct manner which Taurus feels forceful and rude. Similarly, Taurus likes to communicate through cooking, music, and gardening, which Aries might feel monotonous. Therefore, lack of emotional bonding can be the considerable challenge they need to overcome, which is only possible if they sit down and take time to understand and respect each other.


Communication is the solution to many relationship problems. In the case of Taurus-Aries, things get complicated. Both of them love to discuss; sometimes they agree and sometimes not. Aries will be the ones who will be loud and aggressive to make their partner agree with them. In such a situation, Taurus will keep listening to Aries as they are very patient. To maintain the proper flow of communication, Taurus needs to set their boundaries securely and act safely from that zone. In contrast, Aries needs to soften their voice and listen to their partner’s saying.

Romantic Relationship

Taurus and Aries’ love life is full of obstacles that they have to face. They need to work hard on communication, joint activities, and emotional bonding. Moreover, they have to fill their differences to provide what other one is lacking. Taurus can teach brave Arians to slow down and how to be practical, patient, and reliable in life. While, Aries can help Taurus to bring its inner fire outside and teach them to become spontaneous, active, confident, and optimistic.

Physical Relationship

Both of the zodiac’s planets, Venus (Shukra) and Mars (Mangal) are related to sexual desires, as Mars makes the person very passionate and Venus represents desires. Aries, on the one hand, are aggressive, straightforward, kinky, and rough. In bed, they want dynamics and enjoy experimenting with new positions and things. Taurus, by contrast, takes their sweet time enjoying every aspect of sex and wants their partner to go slow and gentle. Things can go wrong if Taurus is too slow, which can make Aries furious. Thus, either Aries has to slow down, or Taurus has to speed up to harmonize. In both cases, one has to compromise to enjoy the ultimate pleasure.

Shared Activities

Due to their personality and way of doing things, it is tough to find activities that match Taurus and Aries. Aries is a ball of fire who wants to spend their energy on physical and challenging tasks. In contrast, Taurus likes to store energy and prefers simple cooking, gardening, shopping, and music. The speed difference is one of the issues they need to fill up to keep their relationship on track.


The unique blend of earth and fire can be either destructive or constructive. It all depends on Aries and Taurus’ decisions and acts. If both zodiacs are ready to compromise and respect each other, then Taurus and Aries Compatibility values will start to flourish abundantly.