The compatibility of Pisces with Virgo is excellent despite a contradiction between the two signs. They are two opposite signs: paradoxically, astrology is usually considered a positive indicator of love and marriage. At the same time, their approaches to life are very different, and so are their personalities. Both signs are fickle and mood-varying.

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The personality of Virgo and Pisces according to Vedic Astrology

Virgo (Kanya Rashi) is ruled by Mercury (Budha Graha), a planet that symbolizes communication, way of thinking and reasoning, and mental abilities. The sign of Pisces (Meena Rashi) is ruled by Jupiter (Brihaspati Graha), a planet that embodies spiritual devotion, artistic inspiration and intuition, and dreams and represents deception and self-pity and decay. Virgo, under the influence of Mercury, thinks while the sign of Pisces under the influence of Jupiter, dreams.

Virgo can help make Pisces’ fantasies and dreams come true, while Pisces adds a new dimension to Virgo’s ideas and thoughts by adorning them with fluttering beauty. The love between Virgo and Pisces is inspired by imagination, and their love can be a great inspiration and driving force in their lives.

Pisces is a water sign and Virgo is an earth sign. Pisces and Virgo are considered a complementary love union because their elements, water, and earth, fit and complement each other well. Pisces as a water sign is a very emotional, intuitive, compassionate, spiritual, adaptable, and mystical sign, while Virgo as an earth sign is rational, stable, enterprising, and pragmatic. For this reason, they can find in each other exactly what they are missing.

Compatibility of Virgo and Pisces

Virgo and Pisces compatibility is complex and interesting at the same time. These partners can very successfully complement each other, but the trouble is that it is difficult for them to achieve understanding. A veil of mystery always surrounds the representatives of the sign of Pisces. Pisces is one of the most sensual signs; Virgo is also not the most open type.

It’s hard for these two to be around each other. The compatibility of Virgo and Pisces needs a lot of patience and constant work on the relationship. The obvious shortcomings of Virgo and Pisces outweigh the hidden advantages in their relationship, and they should do their best to show these advantages to their partner. However, once having overcome such a barrier, they will remain together forever in life.

Virgo wants to receive a huge sea of emotions from Pisces, if not the ocean, and Pisces is capable of such a gift. Virgo, in response, will become the thread that will help Pisces connect with reality and provide them with financial protection.

Virgo and Pisces Compatibility

Compatibility of Virgo and Pisces in Different Aspects of Life

The compatibility between Virgo and Pisces is very positive and satisfying for both natives. They are opposite signs and, therefore, they manage to balance and complement each other. Virgo is the material world; Pisces is the world of emotions. Take a look at their compatibility in different aspects of life:


Virgo and Pisces fall in love with each other at first sight. There is a mystery and intrigue hidden in their union, which others are trying to reveal. Virgo and Pisces’ compatibility in love is based on respect, understanding, and a desire to listen to a partner. They are not bored together; in addition, there is always the opportunity to open up and trust.

Spiritual warmth and harmony are present in the love union of Virgo and Pisces. Although both still have to work hard on the relationship, the main thing is that both are well aware that there is no love without friendship.


The couple’s married life can be impacted mainly on the financial issue, where Virgo saves and Pisces spends without thinking about tomorrow. It takes greater control within this issue so that it is beneficial for both.

If everything goes well with the previous subjects, everything will be fine! The rational side of Virgo with the emotional side of Pisces will harmonize the relationship naturally, providing great chances for the couple to last, of course, if there is sensitivity to accept differences and embrace the needs they carry.


Virgo and Pisces can be great friends, even if they seem ghostly at the beginning of the relationship. They help, advise and guide each other out in any situation. Although, Pisces expect more support from Virgo than Virgo from them. Well, this is due to its dreamy nature.

Virgo is attracted to Pisces by a sensitivity that captivates and attracts like a magnet. With them, they want to share everything in the world, take them under their wing and reveal a great secret. Based on this, there is no doubt about the good compatibility of Virgo and Pisces in friendship. It takes a lot of patience in a relationship, but their friendship is worth it.


The compatibility of Virgo and Pisces in business relations is quite strong and of high quality because they complement each other perfectly. Pisces will create, compose and speculate, and the practical and realistic Virgo will embody all this in work. The main thing is that none of them even thought to be lazy and sit on the other’s neck.

Although, Virgo has no such thoughts, Pisces … are still a little imaginative. They can build their own world, work, and dodge their tail into the abyss of wanderings. Cooperation between Virgo and Pisces can only be fruitful if they share the best qualities.


These two signs are considered complementary in several aspects, and it couldn’t be different in the field of intimacy! Most of the time, Virgo turns out to be more automatic in an intimate relationship, especially when they can’t feel secure enough to let go the way they’d like. But Pisces manages to bring that confidence to the surface!

Pisces signs are full of love to give and put it within intimacy as a priority. Always cute and affectionate, they promise vows and make their physical union an essential link between bodies and souls. And it is in this romantic sea that Virgo feels ready to let go.

So, their chemistry is right. With one helping the other loosen up more, the night of these two guarantees to be enjoyable and full of affection and sensuality!


Virgo stands out for its rational stability, reflecting on its way of dealing with things around it. Always thinking and acting cautiously, making calculations and probabilities: this is Virgo, always shrewd and ready to act most practically.

Pisces regency promotes a high emotional charge but is controlled, with some stability. The Pisces side is more communicative, as they are the spokesperson for the relationship with Virgo.

Therefore, Virgos need to be part of the conversation and improve their communication with their partner. If Virgo stays hidden, Pisces will not have the patience to keep pulling them out, which can wear out the relationship. Therefore, both should open up to the same extent so that there can be a clearer dialogue to fix what is wrong or improve what is already working. That way, the relationship can have a beautiful future.

Last Updated on March 10, 2022

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