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    Meena Rashi (Pisces) is the 12th and the last Sign of the Hindu Zodiac. Pisces Rashi is known that they somehow take up different attributes of all the other 11 Signs. Pisces is a water sign and has Sattva guna. The lord of Pisces Rashi is Jupiter.

    The dreamy and romantic Pisces (Meen Rashi) is known for its charming creative side, which, to some, is like free-flowing poetry, while to others is akin to a fresh floral blossom. Many find generous and compassionate Pisces people selfless, while others may feel that they are a smidgen, rigid, or fixed.

    Pisces Characteristics

    People who are Pisces Rashi (Meena Rashi or Meen Rashi) prefer to take roundabouts instead and would do all they can to avoid conflicts. Modest and calm, they love to have and foster a feeling of security and coziness around them. Pisces natives love their cozy nests and also make wonderful nurturers and parents. Below are the detailed characteristics of Pisces Rashi.

    Pisces Traits and Personality


    Most of the people of Meena Rashi have an average height and are built, sometimes on the plumper side. They have big, full eyes, often staring into the distance, and can be mesmerizing. Pisces is the only Rashi of the Zodiac, which can appear different in different situations. Their appearance gives an impression that is mysterious, generous, and calm.


    Pisces symbolizes two fish swimming in opposite directions. These Fish can be dual nature, sometimes as dangerous as a shark and sometimes as harmless as a fish in the lake. Individuals born under Meena Rashi (Pisces zodiac sign) have a wide range of talents and can adjust to various kinds of environments as they are very flexible. They can be rather docile, easily giving in to other people’s wishes, and yet deep inside them have great potential, are very independent.

    The most fundamental trait of Pisces is that they are big dreamers. They love to live in their fantasy world and can be quite cut off from reality. They are very charming and tend to look at others’ positive traits more than their negative ones, which endears them to other people. They are very romantic, avoid disputes, are prone to becoming depressed when confronted with the bitter truths of reality, and are thus vulnerable.


    Pisces deeply long for intimacy, both physical and mental. These individuals are loving, tender, and has big heart. The line between them can be quite obscure. They are passionate lovers who need to be mentally connected too. They are faithful to the core and loving, sometimes even obsessive. They love to give gifts and to make the person in their life feel like a prince or a princess.

    Pisces would be very caring and affectionate as a friend. They will always be there for their friends when in need. They are a pillar of support and very compassionate towards their friends. When they form a genuine friendship, it’s for a lifetime!


    Pisces people perhaps have the most delicate physical structure. Their feet, respiratory and circulation systems can cause worries. Besides, they are very sensitive people and easily take to junk food – which can lead to weight gain – and can also lead to addictions. Even minor seasonal changes can adversely affect their health. Potential dangers are located in the feet, which may suffer from rheumatisms or circulatory problems. Sometimes, there is a tendency for getting too anxious as they can be disconnected from the world.


    Meena Rashi or Pisces would want to get into a career where they can live their dream. They are exceptionally sensitive and creative beings. These imaginative beings envision how they should be living, and it is their dream to make it come alive. They are strongly motivated by their inner creative urge, so at least initially, they shall strive for job satisfaction over monetary gains. Their first line of attack usually shall be to get a sense of satisfaction from their accomplished work.

    They are inclined towards charitable work and philanthropic activities, and their efforts make the world a better place. The career that would typically suit them is the entertainment and media industry; creative fields – writing and poetry, interior designing, architecture, etc.

    Traits of Pisces – Meena Rashi

    Pisces Rashi individuals are generous and emotional. They are quite popular in their social circles for being a genuine friend. They value human relations the most and put the people they love above everything else.

    Noteworthy personality traits: Inspirational, hospitable, peace-loving, intuitive, organized, compassionate, sympathetic, kind, creative, imaginative, sensitive.

    Undesirable personality traits: Pessimistic, lazy, careless, indecisive, submissive, self-depreciation, timid, over-sensitive, self-pity, moody, negative.

    Pisces Female

    Positive traits: Highly sympathetic, compassionate, self-sacrificing, and unassuming, Pisces women are the most likely to absorb emotions from the environment around them. They are mysterious and sensual individuals. They are also romantic and spiritual. Pisces’ have a deep insight into human nature and the world around them, and thus they trust their intuition more than what they see and hear.

    Negative traits: Pisces women can be very impractical and indecisive, hampering them when dealing with ground realities. They also have a foul temper at times. They can be very sarcastic, which creates a problem for them.

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    Pisces Male

    Positive traits: Pisces men are ambitious and hard-working and can get the best in life. They are not money-minded, but they are inclined to take an easy route in their attempt to obtain their goals quickly. They care enough to listen to people, understand their problems, and help them sort out their issues. When it comes to their problems, they will fight it out if pushed to the limit.

    Negative traits: Pisces men tend to be escapists. When things go wrong, they will blame it on their bad luck or something else and avoid dealing with it fair and square. They are very fussy about how things should be. Since Pisces men are very idealistic, sometimes even the best work can seem mediocre to them.

    Luck Factor

    • Lucky Day: Thursdays and Monday
    • Lucky Number : 3, 7, 12, 16, 21, 25, 30, 34, 43, 52
    • Lucky Colour: Mauve, Lilac, Purple, Violet, Sea Green
    • Lucky Stone(s): Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Emerald, Pearls
    • Lucky Talisman: The Curved Key
    • Compatible Signs: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn (Pisces compatibility with all signs)

    In conclusion

    Caring, loving, and loyal, Pisces Rashi natives are often a treat in love unless they take to a negative manifestation (of their personality) or are, often permanently, walking out in love. For them, love is more about giving than receiving. Tolerant, respectful, and forgiving; however, they can be too timid in their ways, which may make them subject to ill-treatment or taken for granted, or betrayal.

    Pisces (Meena Rashi) also find it hard to change their set ways and are pretty lazy and passive. In extreme negative behavior, they may be given complete inaction, high-living, malice, or multiple relationships.

    Meena Rashi - Pisces Personality Traits
    (Last Updated On: April 4, 2022)

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