The meeting of Aquarius and Scorpio, and even more so their reunion, is complicated and extremely rare. The streams of energy owned by Scorpio and Aquarius are so robust that in the event of their unification, the partners cannot manage the resulting tsunami.

Perhaps they will still succeed, and such a powerful force will bring both deafening successes in all areas. Still, otherwise, the destructive consequences of their relationship will remind them of themselves for a long time.

Compatibility of Aquarius and Scorpio based on Vedic Astrology

Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility

Aquarius is a fixed sign ruled by Saturn (Shani). In this sign, no planet is exalted or weakened. Air signs promote thoughts because air can move very quickly, like the mind. Saturn rules over old houses and is a fixed air sign.

Therefore, this combination makes Aquarius relate well to old things, things that do not change, and things based on ideas.

On the other hand, Scorpio is a water sign ruled by Mars (Mangal). This is a paradox in itself as a fixed sign. Scorpio also governs the private parts of the Kalapurusha or the universal form of God. In the Bhagavad Purana and other Vedic scriptures, where the Virat Rupa (the universal form) of the Lord is described, it is said that Scorpio rules over the private parts of his body.

Scorpio, influenced by the warlike Mars, is used to controlling himself and those around him. But they do it in most cases quietly, from the side: they do not like to be in the spotlight and prefer to remain unnoticed.

Scorpio and Aquarius form a complex partnership, in which both will have a difficult time. This is because the eighth and eleventh signs of the zodiac represent too different people in character and outlook on life. Scorpio belongs to the element of water: he is purposeful, decisive, and stubborn. Aquarius is guarded by the air forces of nature, which endow him with friendliness, daydreaming, and a love of freedom.

These elements are considered unfriendly: they have no positive influence but can cause mutual harm. A strong wind can create a real storm in the ocean of feelings of the water element, but Scorpio will not remain in debt either – this sign knows how to take revenge in a sophisticated way.

Aquarius and Scorpio compatibility

Scorpio is a water element sign, while Aquarius is an air sign. They are very different, but they are very attracted to each other. However, a long-term relationship can be challenging and lasting, demanding a lot of dedication.

The Aquarian’s need for freedom may cause jealousy in the Scorpio, who will collect the partner’s missteps to use later in some discussion. This will disappoint a lot of Aquarius, who expect their partner to view the relationship as openly as possible. But in general, this relationship works if both adjust at the beginning.

Compatibility in various aspects

We have presented the compatibility of Scorpio and Aquarius n various aspects of life, such as:

1. Love

Each of these zodiac signs is unpredictable in its own way. For example, a Scorpio looks very calm, and it is challenging to guess what is on their mind. Aquarius is not as secretive as Scorpio and can behave unpredictably and extravagantly.

Characterizing the compatibility of Aquarius and Scorpio in love, it isn’t easy to find reasons why they could become a strong couple. Between these signs, by nature, there is an apparent misunderstanding or even mistrust.

Scorpio near Aquarius is in constant tension (since the latter can throw out a surprising number at any moment) and feels awkward for their partner all the time. And Aquarius, on the contrary, does not understand the mystery of Scorpios. It seems to them that they need to be a little more straightforward.

The compatibility of Scorpio and Aquarius in love is practically zero. But still, if they come together, albeit for a short time, they will be able to learn something from each other: Aquarius – at least a little to control their emotions and behavior, and Scorpio – to forgive insults.

2. Business

The compatibility of Scorpio and Aquarius at work is very low, and therefore their team will not be effective. Their approaches are too different: the water sign is organized, knows how to build advantageous combinations and successful strategies, and purposefully goes to victory.

The Aquarius is also determined and active, but on the condition that they are interested in this matter. They can often get distracted and freeze in future dreams, which does not appeal to a clear and fast colleague. They are unlikely to achieve good results, especially if the leader is Scorpio.

3. Friendship

Successful compatibility of Scorpio with Aquarius in friendship also does not shine. The first is secretive, uncommunicative, and therefore does not like going out, preferring to watch events in a secluded place. An air sign that, on the contrary, seeks to expand its environment to the maximum will consider the unsociable Scorpio boring and strange. They do not inspire confidence in each other and are unlikely to be friends.

4. Marriage

A marriage between representatives of these signs is a rather rare phenomenon. Usually, partners scatter even before the wedding, realizing that they have practically no points of contact. The compatibility of Scorpio with Aquarius in marriage does not paint bright prospects in front of them.

Aquarius will constantly wonder why they need all this. After all, they are self-sufficient, meaning they can choose anyone else and not tolerate constant attempts to encroach on their personal space. Scorpio, in turn, will remain forever irritated and angry that they cannot in any way subjugate their unauthorized another half.

5. Intimacy

For Scorpio, intimate relationships have deep meaning; for Aquarius, it means almost nothing. Scorpio is insanely jealous, but Aquarius values their freedom too highly. The sexual compatibility of Scorpio and Aquarius determines a short relationship that will not leave pleasant memories behind.

6. Communication

Scorpio has a powerful character. It contrasts with the friendly and communicative personality of Aquarius. Communication between the two can be quite interesting.

Scorpio always expresses their interests, while Aquarius puts the interests of their community, and even those of humanity, above their own.

Scorpio always bows down to the great causes that can move the world, collaborating with campaigns that appear before their eyes. Scorpio can work on these causes whenever some mystery and mysticism accompany them.

Last Updated on July 14, 2022

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