Buying a Meditation Shawl or Blanket – 8 Things To Consider

meditation shawl maroon color

A meditation shawl is a garment that is worn around the body. Depending on its length, it is worn around the shoulders and it can also be used for decorative purposes. In India and Nepal in particular, it is common for people to wear a meditation shawl. When you have a meditation shawl on, you feel like you are fine and protected. It helps you feel enveloped, that your energy field is safe and that you feel protected by God. It is also good to have your own personal meditation shawl, i.e. shawl that you always wear.

It keeps the vibration and helps you quickly concentrate on your inner energy and soul which will help you meditate. There are simple meditation shawls made of cotton, jute, hemp, wool, etc. For animal welfare reasons one can avoid meditation shawls made of wool and for environmental reasons as well as for energetic reasons, meditation shawls made of polyester, etc. are not so suitable.

A meditation shawl or blanket provides a feeling of comfort and intensifies your concentration, because the shawl/blanket represents your temporary isolation from the outside world during meditation, and also offers you perfect isolation from currents of cold rising from the floor.

A meditation shawl or blanket is highly recommended for any serious, advanced, or beginner meditator!

What to look for in Meditation Shawl?

Today, some people seek the help of modern techniques and modern applications to seek the truth, increase their concentration and relax mentally and physically. While some people still like to go for more traditional styles such as different Hindu Meditation techniques. Carrying out meditation requires no more than determination, perseverance, and the ability to concentrate, which is no small thing.

At first, the meditation sessions are usually short, but with the habit, they are longer and it is convenient to be warm. Garments such as scarves and shawls provide warmth without compressing the body. So here are few things that you should look for when buying a meditation shawl:

1. Durability

The meditation shawl should be warm and comfortable but light enough to keep you alert for your morning meditation. It should also be suitable for use as a travel blanket and should be perfect for all seasons. The quality should be durable and it should be machine wash and hand wash suitable. The colors mustn’t fade away.

2. Concentration

The purpose of meditation is to stay focused and relaxed for which you need to keep in mind the color of your Meditation shawl. Any color is suitable but if you are really looking to concentrate, then a red or orange-colored meditation shawl will be perfect. These colors will allow you to go deeper as many different spiritual traditions attest to.

3. Size

The size of the meditation shawl also matters. The best meditation shawl should surround the person during the meditation session since the large shawl is believed to hold the energy that builds up and also have a beneficial effect on the mind. As the body cools down during meditation, the shawl should provide additional warmth helping the body and avoiding distractions on the mind. Since various postures of meditation require you to lie down, the shawl should allow you to lie down or cover you up properly or wrap you around to keep you warm.

4. Versatility

When you look for a meditation shawl, make sure you can use the shawl for numerous purposes and not only for or during meditation. It should be large enough for men, you should be able to use the shawl as a yoga blanket to keep you warm in Shavasana and other healing processes. It should be cozy, multi usable which you can wrap around any time in your spare time as well such as when you are lying down on the sofa or watching TV. It should be light, comfortable and most importantly it should have a positive influence on your mood and should give you a pleasant feeling.

5. Design

If you want to have the feeling of holiness surround you, then you can purchase meditation shawls that are decorated with OM which is the first voice of the universe and is revealed as a means of enlightenment in some Vedic scriptures. In Hinduism, Om’s voice is broken down into aum, which represents the Trinity. The mantra starts with the sound a, which represents the creator Brahma, and then the middle sound of u is Vishnu, the sustainer of the universe. The last m sound symbolizes Shiva the Destroyer, who brought the last cycle of existence into the universe before the universe restarted. It is said that Om is the original sound. These shawls allow people to wrap themselves in holiness.

6. Material

If you are an animal lover and don’t want to use wool-based shawls, then you can opt for shawls made from 100% natural fabrics such as renewable jute plant fibers. The fabric is made of jute, a highly renewable plant grown in India and Nepal. Because of its slightly golden and silky lustre, it is called golden fibre. These jute shawls can be humbly wrapped around the upper body during meditation or in temples, such as head or neck scarves, altar cloths, bedspreads, and decorative wall hangings. Or you can opt for the shawls made from cotton which is a natural and long-lasting product, with a soft and pleasant texture when covered on the skin. Shawls made from cotton are suitable for people with sensitive skin. It’s easy to care for and maintain, it allows us to cover ourselves during meditation practice. It can also be used as an extra layer of clothing or simply to cover us in a relaxing afternoon.

7. Unisex

When you purchase a Meditation shawl, make sure that the shawl can be used by both men and women. It’s an unnecessary expense when comes to buying meditation shawl for you and your husband/wife or partner separately. If the shawl is unisex, it can be used by both of you at different times of your meditation so it can be pocket-friendly to you.

8. Washability

When you buy a meditation shawl, make sure that the shawl can be washed by hands and machine as well. It can be washed with detergent or soap under both cold and hot water. So, your shawl can sustain for a very long time and it doesn’t add an unnecessary burden of cleaning. If the stress of cleaning becomes burdening to you, then the purpose of the shawl of relaxing you and helping you to meditate better is down in the drain.

meditation shawl maroon color

Therefore, these are few tips for you to follow when you want to purchase a meditation shawl. Hope this article helps you to find the best shawl for relaxation and helps in your mediation process.