The combination of the Earth and Water signs is always fruitful. That’s why Virgo and Cancer are one of the best-matched zodiac pairs in astrology. When they come together as a couple, their bond will be full of nurturing, understanding and trust. Therefore, Cancer and Virgo Compatibility gets better and better as time passes by.

Cancer (Kark or कर्कट) and Virgo (Kanya or कन्या) are complementary to each other. They possess qualities that the others one is lacking. Apart from that, both of them believe in caring, loyalty, and kindness.

However, things can go wrong if Virgo’s pointing out nature hurts the sentiment of Cancer. Similarly, Cancer’s moodiness can irritate well-organized Virgo. Thus, they need to take their relationship slowly while understanding and respecting each other throughout the journey.

Cancer and Virgo Personality

Cancer Zodiac is a cardinal Water sign. It inhabits the fourth house of home and family of horoscope wheel. Moon (Chandra) rules on Cancer and is mainly indicated by a Crab.

Nakshatras on Karkat Rashi are 1/3rd Punarvasu, full Pushya, and full Ashlesha. Cancer Rashi is a deep ocean of emotions who loves to nurture, care and fight for their loved ones. Once they find their loved ones, they will never betray and cheat them. However, their negative traits are moody, pessimistic, low self-esteem, and doubtful.

Virgo is a mutable earth sign. It resides in the sixth house of health in the horoscope wheel. The planet Mercury (Budh) is its ruler. Virgo’s zodiac symbol is maiden.

Nakshatras on Kanya Rashi are 2/3rd of Uttara Phalguni, Hasta, and half of the Chitra. As one of the hardworking zodiacs, Virgos want everything to be perfect. That’s why they analyze everything that interests them. Apart from that, they are great admirers of nature and optimistic about their future.

Virgos believes in honesty and loyalty. Therefore, they prefer logical and practical ideas rather than unreal and irrational ideas. However, Virgo’s negative traits include low self-esteem, exaggeration, anxiety, and workaholic.

Cancer and Virgo Compatibility

Cancer and Virgo Compatibility

Compatibility of Cancer and Virgo in Different Aspects of Life

Intimate Relation

Cancer and Virgo can have better sexual compatibility unless they are open to each other. In bed, both are great, and don’t hesitate to show their seductive sides. Both Virgo and Cancer get excited quickly. Their intimate bond is full of emotions, caring, and entertainment. But Cancer is too slow to open, and Virgo needs everything to analyze. So, they need to understand and have faith in each other to make their sex life memorable and pleasurable.


When it comes to Cancer and Virgo’s Trust Compatibility, they have almost perfect scores. Since both zodiacs are honest and loyal, they have fewer chances to get cheated or betrayed by their partners. Once Cancers have faith in Virgos, then they will always be loyal. No matter how difficult the situation is, Cancers will always put themselves forward for their loved ones.

Virgo and Cancer both are worriers of the zodiacs. It is because they need to feel safe in a relationship to develop. Thus, Virgo and Cancer have an unbreakable trust bond as they make each other feel safe to open up themselves.


Cancer and Virgo Communication Compatibility is slightly above average. Cancer thinks and acts through their heart, Virgo is an analytical being who thinks and acts logically. So, there is a high possibility of disputes between emotions and logic.

Virgos are practical, direct, and take decisions critically. But, Cancers, by contrast, are unable to make correct decisions due to their emotional instability. Nevertheless, suppose they let down their egos and sat down to understand and respect each other’s personalities and ideas. In that case, they can combine their ideas logically and emotionally to achieve the ultimate goal.

Romantic Relation

In the first instance, Virgo and Cancer won’t fall for each other. Virgo overanalyzing nature and Cancer insecurity can be barriers to their love life. If both of them cross the border, then they can light up the blaze of love in their life. Cancer and Virgo Love Compatibility also grows as their trust, communication, and emotional bond get stronger over time.

Once they are in love, then they will always be devoted to each other. Loyalty, Trust, Stability, and Emotional connection are must for a successful relationship. Such qualities we can find in Cancer and Virgo’s relationship abundantly.

Emotional Connection

Virgo is an analytical being whose emotional status is relatively low. Whereas, Cancer is just the opposite as they are the ocean of emotions. Cancer feels detached if its partner lacks emotions. But that does not mean Virgo is emotionless. On the contrary, they feel shy or uncomfortable expressing it openly. So, if Cancer understands the feelings of Virgos and waits for them to open, then together, they can solve any emotional issues they might face in their relationship.

Mutual Activities

Although they have different ways of doing things, they still have some everyday activities they share. In addition, both of them love nature, arts, and healthy foods. Once they start to be happy and enjoy each other’s company, their lives will be full of excitement. It is because they will always find something interesting to entertain themselves.


Some of the zodiac pairs are made for each other, and Cancer-Virgo is no exception to this. Initially, they might face difficulty getting to know each other. But, as time passes, their bond grows more robust to the point that it becomes unbreakable. Thus, in Vedic astrology, Cancer and Virgo Compatibility is towering.

(Last Updated On: June 25, 2022)