Positive and Negative Effects of Mercury in 12 Houses

Effects of Mercury

In Vedic Astrology, Mercury is known as Budha. Mercury (a planet of communication, intelligence, and wisdom) represents the Earth’s element. According to Hindu scriptures, it is believed that Mercury was born out of the association of the Moon and Tara (the wife of Brihaspati, the Deva Guru).

The story is that the Moon God, Chandra Dev abducted Tara and took refuse to the Ashram of Shukracharya. After all the gods appealed to Moon for better judgment, he understood his mistake. A remorseful moon returned Tara to Brihaspati with Tara carrying Moon’s child – Budha.

Effects of Mercury in different houses

Effects of Mercury

Generally, if Mercury is strong, it produces a good result, but if Mercury is weak, it produces a bad result about the below-mentioned pros and cons.

Mercury in 1st House

Positive Effect: Mercury in the 1st House is the room for intelligence and communication skills. It bestows one with a lively personality. Besides, it helps one to be rich in ideas and information. They possess a very versatile, adaptable, and flexible character.

Negative Effect: Mercury on the first house may lead to a confusing life as they want to learn new things every time but don’t give continuity to anyone. They are usually inattentive and have a loud voices.

Mercury in 2nd House

Positive Effect: As for the 2nd House, Mercury makes the natives likely to have lots of wits, intelligence, and knowledge. Also, these natives are likely to be very good speakers. These natives will be good with money management and use their finances quite effectively.

Negative Effect: The presence of Mercury in the second House will make them so stubborn that no one can push them into doing anything they don’t want to do. Besides, they rush to make things happen and panic if it doesn’t happen.

Mercury in 3rd House

Positive Effect: Mercury in the 3rd House makes the natives curious & inquisitive. These natives are interested in the wide range of goings-on in their world. They are multi-taskers and very interested in reading, teaching, speaking, exchanging ideas, keeping current with the daily news, and perhaps gossiping. Quick to learn, these restless minds are also swift to share with others what they know.

Negative Effect: The individual with Mercury in the third House makes them explores various topics and has various hobbies. In short, they will be a jack of all but master of none. This may lead to frustration.

Mercury in 4th House

Positive Effect: The placement of Mercury in the 4th House will make an individual an extremely imaginative person. The logical mind harbors all sorts of unusual ideas and plans. The natives possess good memory power and tend to retain lots of information. They possess a sharp, tricky, critical mind. At the same time, they are good at calculations as well.

Negative Effect: On a negative note, mercury in the third house makes individuals not quick to embrace new ideas or plans. They can be quite traditional in their thinking. They don’t easily open up with modern thinking and ideas. They don’t like many changes in their personal lives. Changing their schedule for professional lives may create outbursts.

Mercury in 5th House

Positive Effect: When Mercury gets into the 5th House, it makes the native very creative. These intellectual minds can become good teachers. They are curious about how the people (students) can be molded and reshaped into someone useful and enriching for humankind.

Negative Effect: When Mercury is negative in the fifth House, it causes one to have a strong ego and can cross the line or be hurtful to others. The problem is mind games in artistic conversational skills. Their real-world acting skills can make them excellent liars.

Mercury in 6th House

Positive Effect: The natives with Mercury in the 6th House are likely to have a highly active mind, and they tend to remember things that others often forget easily. Besides, they are very good at sorting things out, organizing, and making lists and associations.

Negative Effect: On a negative note, Mercury’s entering the sixth House unduly affects their health. They might have headaches and pains that can get more severe. Many of their health issues are due to nervousness.

Mercury in 7th House

Positive Effect: 7th House Mercury natives experience long-term bliss in their married lives and business partnerships. The realistic view of their relationship strengthens their compatibility greatly. Both life partners believe in forgiving each other and moving forward. Arguing about petty things for countless hours is not their style.

Negative Effect: The bad influence of Mercury in the seventh House makes individuals lack decision-making power. This may hamper their image at home as well as at work.

Mercury in 8th House

Positive Effect: When Mercury is located in the 8th house, it endows individuals with a strong desire for knowledge and understanding. These individuals are naturally curious, wise, and able to effectively connect with others. They have a genuine interest in learning and studying, not out of obligation but out of personal desire. They also tend to be very communicative and can be quite charismatic and inspiring in their interactions with others.

Negative Effect: Mercury in the eighth House brings a lot of negativity inside the individual if influenced by bad planets. They might have the habit of judging people without knowing the fact and generate a bad impression of people near them. Also, they tend to be quite impatient in life.

Mercury in 9th House

Positive Effect: Mercury in the 9th House make the natives very curious regarding people, materialistic goods, and new events. They have highly investigative, penetrating, and analytical minds. They are excellent at developing strategies and communicating them with others.

Negative Effect: Mercury in the ninth House might generate financial losses. They tend to be very unpredictable in their talks; hence, people misunderstand them. It is also very hard to know them and get close to them.

Mercury in 10th House

Positive Effect: Mercury in the 10th House natives are good at verbal skills, using this talent to hold a powerful position. They tend to possess a good social reputation. They can be thoroughly professional and intellectual. They are seen as very wise and intelligent people.

Negative Effect: The presence of Mercury in the tenth House is not so good. The individual may spend money on frivolous things. They tend to be overly materialistic and value money more than humanity.

Mercury in 11th House

Positive Effect: The natives of the placement of Mercury in the 11th House carry an intellectual approach. They are practically aware of the world and carry real aspirations. Their intelligent understanding and knowledge take them towards good heights in the social circle & professional arena.

Negative Effect: On a negative note, Mercury in the eleventh House indicates financial losses. There could be some losses in wealth as well as health. Further, it leads to a lack of peace & harmony around them.

Mercury in 12th House

Positive Effect: The natives of the placement having Mercury in the 12th House carry a part of their intellect in their thoughts. They are curious to learn new things in life. They have a practical vision of life and believe more in science. Besides, they are good at expressing their ideas.

Negative Effect: Mercury in the twelfth house makes an individual irritated and behaves stubbornly in unreasonable ways. People may call them unsocial because they tend to be more reserved and introverted.

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