Pisces and Cancer Compatibility Based on Vedic Astrology

Pisces and Cancer Compatibility

Pisces and Cancer are the representatives of the water signs, so they think and act the same way. This couple can create a wonderful union full of tenderness, love, and understanding.

The compatibility of the signs of Pisces and Cancer is based on the fact that they very sensitively feel each other’s moods as if they can read a partner’s thoughts. Their relationship is real creativity, where Pisces inspires, and Cancer brings the artist’s wonderful idea to life.

Pisces and Cancer Compatibility

Pisces and Cancer Compatibility

Cancer ruled by Moon (Chandra) is gentle and vulnerable, strange and mysterious. They depend on the phases of their patron of the Moon and often fall into melancholy. Cancer people are great lovers of the hearth. They are instinctive, almost telepathic, understanding their partner’s feelings and moods.

With their magnetism, Cancers win over those around them. They know how to listen to people, keep other people’s secrets, and give excellent advice.

Pisces is ruled by planet Jupiter (Brihaspati); under the influence of Jupiter, they are endowed with the need to love everyone, and therefore they are the happiest of the other signs of the zodiac; they often laugh and smile, although they also have periods of depression.

Pisces is romantic and sensitive natures, distinguished by modesty and shyness. These dreamy persons are very vulnerable. People with a fine soul structure have great intuition and foreboding. Sometimes their illusions are passed off as reality.

Cancer and Pisces have many common points of contact; they have a philosophical mindset and are ready to aid anyone in trouble. The water element gives Pisces and Cancer emotionality and sensitivity. Intimacy between representatives of these signs arises immediately after they meet.

General Compatibility

The relationship between Cancer and Pisces is a mysterious and exciting game. The water element has a favorable influence on relationships, but even it cannot guarantee a reliable and ideal union of Cancer and fish. A real storm in relationships can arise on financial grounds.

For Pisces, money is an evil that should be gotten rid of immediately. They rarely accumulate money and do not take into account profits and losses. For fish, it seems like a tedious and unnecessary activity. And for Cancers, finances are a good topic, similar to the best pleasure. Cancers try to impose their point of view on Pisces, and a real scandal can erupt on this ground.

However, setting aside the financial matter, a pair of Cancer and Pisces can last very long. Their true reasons for a good relationship will be emotions, feelings, and spiritual closeness.

Let’s see how Cancer and Pisces zodiacs are compatible in other areas of life.

Love Compatibility

Cancers always want to find someone stronger than themselves to feel completely secure and not carry a huge burden of responsibility. These people are shy and fearful. People born under Pisces have a certain duality: their desires and aspirations can be contradictory.

Thus, Cancer and Pisces are well suited to each other for a love relationship. Cancers in union act as creators, and Pisces – as muses and inspirers. Partners feel each other on a telepathic level. Pragmatic Cancers can save their partner from adversity and problems, and sensual Pisces can provide their soul mate with a romantic relationship.

Marriage Compatibility

Cancer and Pisces feel and understand each other perfectly because they listen to the heart’s voice and often compromise. It will not do without dramatic and impulsive situations, but the love of Cancer and Pisces becomes even stronger and more sincere in the process. The main rule is not to be afraid of temporary disagreements and disappointments.

Cancer and Pisces must learn to be practical about the material side of life. Cancer needs to worry less about their savings because it’s just money. The Pisces should be more rational and far-sighted, not throwing money right and left.


This romantic couple amazes those around them with an ocean of feelings and emotions. Both are very acknowledging, sensitively responding to any desires of a lover. Between them, there is no shadow of irritation or attempts to pressure each other.

The sexual compatibility of the signs Pisces and Cancer, like other aspects of their relationship, assign the role of leader to Cancer since Pisces are more eccentric and are not always able to properly assess the situation. Under Cancer’s silent and reverently gentle guidance, intimate relationships of partners turn into an ocean of pleasure.


The compatibility of Cancer and Pisces in friendship will resemble the whole prism of emotions and moods. Relationships are full of drama, sentimentality, and heated debate. But they can reach full mutual understanding in friendship, which no longer gives rise to disagreements and quarrels.

Even if their relationship is limited to periodic meetings, all the same, Cancer and Pisces will find something to talk about and something to discuss. They are connected by a strong friendship, a sense of humor, and an intuitive approach to each other.


Business cooperation between these signs brings not only good results but also brings many pleasant moments to partners. The compatibility of Pisces and Cancer in work front ensures the formation of a well-coordinated team of specialists.

Cancer controls the work situation, and Pisces find amazingly unique ways to achieve their goals. In the best way, Cancer and Pisces realize their potential while working with people; they are especially good at this.


The naturalness of communication is present in the relationship between these two signs. Pisces expresses itself through their strong sensitivity, and Cancer can understand their words’ feelings.

However, Cancer could try to control their Pisces partner and their great delivery to others. Cancer wants a partner to form a beautiful family. Pisces wants to surrender to help humanity. The love between the two will even out that difference.