Positive and Negative Effects of Mars in 12 Houses

Effects of Mars

In Vedic astrology, Mars is known as Mangal. The planet Mars represents ferocity and aggression. It stands for heat, redness, energy, and dynamism. According to Hindu Pauranic stories, Mangal is considered Bhumi Putra. He is considered to be the son of mother Earth.

It is said that when the earth was lying submerged in a vast expanse of the sea, Lord Vishnu in his Varaha Avatar lifted the earth and brought it out, and placed it in a suitable orbit. The grateful mother earth asked to bear the child of the god. The holy union of the god and mother earth resulted in an action planet, Mars. (Interesting Mars Facts)

Effects of Mars on different houses

Effects of Mars

The mathematics is simple strong Mars equals good results and weak Mars equals the deficiency of the benefits. What those are subheaded detailed below:

Mars in 1st House

Positive Effect: Mars in the 1st house, makes the one stay active in their profession with numerous projects on hand. The natives are likely to be physically strong and courageous. Mars at the ascendant house brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm. These energetic people are clear about their path and they will pursue it without any reservations.

Negative Effect: Regarding adverse effects, Mars in the first house people take reckless decisions, which might be harmful. Even being highly active, there land into troubles time and again. They may possess an aggressive nature and usually make their decision without consulting with others.

Mars in 2nd House

Positive Effect: Mars in the 2nd house drives a person to take a risk. They are likely to be hard-working. Besides, they are bold and they may also be arbitrary. They are bubbling with physical energy which they will use to raise their financial status. They have a strong desire of accumulating wealth and material possessions in their life.

Negative Effect: The presence of the Malefic planet Mars, in the second house, makes the native assertive. They may get flared up over small issues and can exhibit harsh speech. Their strong drive for a successful career can halt due to difficulties in pronouncing words. If Mars is afflicted, there is a chance that natives have speech-related issues.

Mars in 3rd House

Positive Effect: Mars in the 3rd house, makes the natives the ability to speak their minds quite readily. When it comes to expressing their ideas and opinions, they do that with a witty sense of humor. The martian energies enhance their intellectual pursuits. In terms of communication, they are very direct and clear.

Negative Effect: If the individual with Mars in the third house is too much adventurous, it could be dangerous to their life. In other words, it increases the chances of fatalities and accidents. They are usually short-tempered and ineffective in decision-making. This nature can cause emotional turmoil in personal relationships.

Mars in 4th House

Positive Effect: Mars in the 4th house, makes the one experience gains in terms of wealth and real estate. They are charming personalities that quest for comfort, and lavishness. These natives are the resistive ones and their positive mindset helps them to overcome hurdles in life.

Negative Effect: Mars in the fourth house have the negative impact of unwanted desires and aggression. They are known to be short-tempered and lack sufficient knowledge. Loss of Mental peace in domestic life will be the reason for their poor health. From time to time, their conjugal life will suffer because of egoistic behavior and inadequate understanding.

Mars in 5th House

Positive Effect: As Mars enters the 5th house, it energizes and uplifts the inhabitant’s attitude to life. They are likely to take a moral route throughout their lives and maintain an extremely respectful manner for everyone around them, particularly those in their family. Also, these individuals display quite a romantic side which is quite noble.

Negative Effect: The presence of Mars in the fifth house can prompt recklessness, aggression, and disrespect in an individual. This may lead to strained relationships and ultimately to heartbreak. In addition, persons with this alignment may struggle to build their self-confidence and express themselves freely.

Mars in 6th House

Positive Effect: The natives with Mars in the 6th house possess the physical strength to perform very hard work. They put a lot of energy and effort into their work. They can be an excellent manager as they can organize, re-organize, sort, classify, and analyze things.

Negative Effect: On a negative note, when Mars enters the sixth house one may easily become impatient and aggressive if other members of the team are not working as fast as they do. They may even become frustrated if things don’t go their way. Also, they might get annoyed if someone criticizes or irrupt their work.

Mars in 7th House

Positive Effect: Mars in the 7th house, bestows the natives to experience long-term bliss in their lives. These natives will experience marital happiness and passionate sexual relationships. Their life partners have a mutual understanding and will support each other in tough times.

Negative Effect: The bad influence of Mars in the seventh house bring disturbances in their relationship. The individual might lose their sexual energy and love tendencies toward their partner. These individuals can jeopardize marital life by engaging in extramarital affairs.

Mars in 8th House

Positive Effect: Mars in the 8th house, makes the one ardent. Whatever they do they tend to do it with a lot of zeal and true passion. Besides, their intuition is really powerful, and hence, has the ability to see through the false pretenses of others.

Negative Effect: Mars in the eighth house makes the one get attached to people easily. For them to let someone go or allow their partner to be independent is troublesome. In fact, they always have fear of betrayal, which can cause problems as others may not see it in a proper light.

Mars in 9th House

Positive Effect: Mars in the 9th house people have a sense of adventure and are likely to have long-distance travel. This motivated person may be very jealous to uncover truths. They may also be very ambitious and pushy toward what they want and they will do what they want to do at all costs.

Negative Effect: The natives with Mars in the ninth house makes them polite and rigid in nature. They have their own philosophy of life. For, them it’s their way or the highway. They are always ready to rumble when fingers are raised against the religion and philosophy that they practice in life.

Mars in 10th House

Positive Effect: When Mars enters the 10th house, one may be strongly career-oriented. They might maintain an invariant and implacable motivation towards their professional goals. They might also, easily thrive and flourish in their career. They can be a mastermind in whatever they do. They are quite active in their personal and professional life.

Negative Effect: The presence of Mars in the tenth house is not so good. They are likely to be easily attracted to negative in their life. They tend to develop the habit of thinking negatively about every situation in their life. Because of their habit, their professional growth is likely to be restricted.

Mars in 11th House

Positive Effect: Mars in the 11th house people have the auspicious effect of abundant wealth gains. These eccentric people might be virtuous, happy, gallant, and endowed with wealth. They are likely to be goal-oriented and spend a lot of time setting all kinds of goals for themselves. Also, they are great motivators within their social circle.

Negative Effect: On a negative note, Mars in the eleventh house may bring severe hurdles and obstacles in one’s life that hinder the process of achieving goals. They may be intolerant and narrow-minded. At times, the fiery energy makes them judgemental about social life.

Mars in 12th House

Positive Effect: The natives of the placement having Mars in the 12th house, makes the one kind, compassionate and peaceful. They tend to love challenges and seek to solve them patiently. They are self-motivated and able to assert themselves without fear.

Negative Effect: Mars in the twelfth house people might have secret sexual desires. They find it difficult to ask for the sensual pleasures they want from their partners. The malefic energies develop psychological complexes in relationships. This could hamper their mental health as well.

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