Mars (Mangal Graha) is a planet of great energy and great passions in astrology. Mars is subject to human emotions, passion, thirst for activity, and thirst for life, as well as violent emotional outbursts.

The position of Mars in the signs of the Zodiac provides information about a person’s characteristic way of acting when influenced by the principle of desire and action.

It compels us to compete, to fight, it makes us act and overcome obstacles and rivalries, representing our driving force, the motivation to act and succeed.

A well-positioned Mars in the birth chart can provide good physical strength, especially if well aspect with the Ascendant and a good dose of assertiveness and ambition.

Mars Transit in 12 signs

Mars Transit

So now that you have understood the effects of Mars in the Birth Chart or Kundli and have already figured out which sign it is in yours, it is time to know how this is represented in your life.

1. Mars in Aries (Energetic but Aggressive)

Mars in Aries is at home and brings immense energy, difficult to contain! This leads a person to express himself and be taken by impulses that govern his action and self-expression.

Those who have Mars in Aries, in addition to having a lot of energy, also have courage, initiative, and a great deal of impulsiveness in their actions.

Mars Effects when in Aries

  • Self-confidence
  • Independence
  • Energy
  • Thirst for innovation
  • Immediacy

2. Mars in Taurus (Perseverance but Stubborn)

Those with Mars in Taurus tend to put more energy into seeking and obtaining financial and material resources, following and acting in a very concrete and cautious manner.

You are steadfast in making decisions that sometimes lead to hasty actions and erroneous conclusions. But the flexibility and pliability that you lack so much could be beneficial to you while solving some important issues.

Mars Effects when in Mars

  • Perseverance
  • Sensuality
  • Strength of character
  • Purposefulness
  • Persistence

3. Mars in Gemini (Liveliness but Impatient)

If your natal chart has Mars in Gemini, then you can safely be attributed to the category of brilliant thinkers. In addition to the fact that you quickly grasp any information on the fly, you somehow fantastically manage to find application for your ingenious inferences.

Your curiosity, resourcefulness, and dexterity endow you with the ability to correctly plan and develop strategies for further actions in your work. Even the vaguest idea that accidentally originated in your head, under your careful guidance, can bring you great results.

Mars Effects when in Gemini

  • Liveliness
  • Freedom of love
  • Impatience
  • Curiosity

4. Mars in Cancer (Stability but Cautious)

If your birth chart has Mars in Cancer, you are a person striving for stability and loving comfort, and therefore any change becomes a real challenge for you.

Such a position can also influence the person always to want to be in charge at home or take the lead in family decisions. Also, if there are tense aspects involving this planet, the person should be more careful not to always be in conflict with the family. As far as possible, be gentle, but don’t let them get over you always.

Mars Effects when in Cancer

  • Sensitivity
  • Devotion
  • Caution
  • Persistence

5. Mars in Leo (Creative but Susceptible)

Energy, creativity, and willpower are characteristics of Mars in Leo, as are stability and determination in action. In relationships, they can develop a certain amount of jealousy or possessiveness. As they are usually prouder and more purposeful, relationships can have ups and downs, but they are always filled with warmth and exuberance.

Mars Effects when in Leo

  • Energy
  • Openness
  • Susceptibility
  • Optimism

6. Mars in Virgo (Responsible but Restraint)

If your Mars is located in Virgo, then you are undoubtedly a real neat and pedant with no place for resilience. Any business, whatever you undertake, you carry out diligently and conscientiously. You love cleanliness and order in everything, so you often take the initiative in doing household chores and putting things in order at work.

In addition, you are no less happy to distribute assignments to colleagues and relatives, carefully monitoring the work process. Discipline and pedantry go hand in hand with you throughout your life.

Mars Effects when in Virgo

  • Obligation
  • Scrupulousness
  • Restraint
  • Responsiveness

7. Mars in Libra (Sociable but Diplomatic)

Mars in Libra often amplifies a person’s need for social approval. Since Libra is the opposite sign to Aries (ruled by Mars), the planet is weakened by being far from its home of origin with this placement.

Their assertive energies are more limited under Libra’s influence, more cordial and political. Libra is a sign that encourages sociability among people, so Mars in Libra tends to be hesitant to act, never attacking directly, for example, but relying on environmental and social conditions to accomplish its goals.

Mars Effects when in Libra

  • Non-conflict
  • Sociability
  • Balance
  • Diplomacy

8. Mars in Scorpio (Passionate but Stubborn)

Since Mars symbolizes forward movement, and Scorpio is famous for being too emotional, this combination makes a person hardy and stubborn in his endeavours.

If your natal chart has Mars in Scorpio, you are a real fighter who moves forward non-stop, goes astray, falls, gets up again, and continues its movement, regardless of the circumstances. You are like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Any obstacles are within your reach.

Mars Effects when in Scorpio

  • Perseverance
  • Insight
  • Passion
  • Curiosity

9. Mars in Sagittarius (Entrepreneurship but Overly Agile)

Individuals with Mars in Sagittarius tend to be more friendly, optimistic, outgoing, enthusiastic, and independent in their actions. In general, those who have Mars in Sagittarius have more entrepreneurial and idealistic energy. He’s always planning some new venture or project and following a bright, distant star.

Mars Effects when in Sagittarius

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Gambling
  • Openness
  • Optimism

10. Mars in Capricorn (Conservatism but Calculative)

Conservatism and solidity are the main character traits of the owners of Mars in Capricorn. You stand firmly on your feet and understand exactly what you want to achieve from life. And your realism and ability to combine consistency and perseverance help you achieve incredible heights in any business you take on.

Mars Effects when in Capricorn

  • Sequence
  • Conservativeness
  • Steadfastness
  • Discipline

11. Mars in Aquarius (Independent but Impatient)

Mars in Aquarius tends to arouse a strong desire for independence in your attitudes. That’s why people with this placement generally like to do things their way.

Energy levels are high with Mars in Aquarius, although they can be erratic at times, coming in waves. Thus, natives can become impatient or fickle in the pursuit of their desires, especially if other astrological bases do not balance this tendency. Even with their possible fickleness, they usually respond well to emergencies, as Aquarius likes to overcome difficulties.

Mars Effects when in Aquarius

  • Uniqueness
  • Independence
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Passion

12. Mars in Pisces (Intuitive but Restlessness)

People with Mars in Pisces tend to have a heightened intuition and act more humorously and diplomatically in everyday life. They try to appear calm on the outside, but they can be quite restless on the inside. This position of Mars can bring feelings of indecision and procrastination, so developing self-control is important.

Mars Effects when in Pisces

  • Emotionality
  • Passivity
  • Sensitivity
  • Romance

Last Updated on January 27, 2022

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