Saturn is known as Shani Deva in Vedic Astrology and is one of the nine major astronomical bodies (Navagraha). According to the Hindu scriptures, Saturn (Shani) is the son of Sun (Lord Surya) and Shadow (Chayya).

The planet Saturn is also called the “tough task giver”. It works on the principle of carrot and stick. If the native does good, Saturn will pay off him/her generously. On the other hand, if the native indulges in unrighteous karma, Saturn will punish them accordingly.

Effects of Saturn in Different Houses

Effects of Saturn in Different House

A strong Saturn usually gives good results however if Saturn is weak it will definitely cause deficiencies with respect to the below-mentioned significations: 

1st House

Positive Effect: Saturn in the 1st house makes the individual highly sincere and strong-willed. They consider the value of responsibility in their life. Hence, they are successful in performing their duties and responsibilities with enthusiasm.

Negative Effect: Saturn in the 1st house makes the individual’s mind full of doubt. The native may have to deal with the confusing situation in life, time and again. They might also, be trapped in a dangerous situation sometime in their life.

2nd House

Positive Effect: Saturn in the 2nd house makes the one work hard, put in their best endeavor, learn from their mistakes until it gives happiness, and provides one an abundance of wealth and immense success in their life.

Negative Effect: Saturn in the 2nd house is not appreciated generally, it makes the person liar, harsh in speech, and a sort to have a superior spirit. They may also feel difficulty speaking.

3rd House

Positive Effect: Saturn in the 3rd house makes the individual silent in nature and they speak only as much as is required. They are quite careful and reserved in life and are very good at handling secrets.

Negative Effect: Saturn in the 3rd house makes the individual pessimistic. They might suffer from depression at times. These individuals may find it very hard to maintain a friendly relationship with their siblings and relatives.


Positive Effect: The placement of Saturn in the 4th house makes the individuals smart as a whip, mature, and trustworthy. Their level of intelligence is high and they can deal with any situation in their life with ease. They are also kind-hearted and tend to show sympathy towards others.

Negative Effect: Saturn in the 4th house is largely maleficent as the individual might experience hard times, financial crisis, adverse circumstances, and may be afraid of breaking the relationship with their mother and wife.

5th House

Positive Effect: Saturn in the 5th house can do wonders in the individual’s life but for this, they have to have resistivity and flexibility at the same time. They may be pretty good at choosing the right occupation for themselves. Hence, they tend to have a good work reputation.

Negative Effect: When Saturn is negative in the 5th house, the individual may find it very difficult to have fun and enjoy their lives. Besides, they may be considered an unsocial person as they tend to have a gloomy attitude towards life.

6th House

Positive Effect: When Saturn gets into the 6th house, it makes the individual professional in every work they do. Likewise, they don’t hesitate to work hard which will eventually lead them to have an adequate appreciation and recognition in their life. Besides, they are very generous and have a strong desire to serve people during their hard times.

Negative Effect: When Saturn gets into the 6th house, the individual’s personality creates a huge pressure to be perfect in every way. They are surrounded by the worry and anxiety that may hamper their well-being. So, they should be careful not to get too upset over imperfections. 

7th House

Positive Effect: Saturn in the 7th house blesses the individual with wealth and fame. Their life is filled with tons of emotions of love, affection, fondness, and respect. These natives exhibit the virtues of faith, trust, and loyalty to others.

Negative Effect: Saturn in the 7th house may influence the ones’ married life unfavorably. They may face trouble in choosing their life partners. Besides, they might also get into fights now and then with their partners.

 8th House

Positive Effect: Saturn in the 8th house can make a person have a very powerful influence on their own lives as they do not fear change and personal growth. They tend to be tolerant, economical, and ambitious while working.

Negative Effect: The position of Saturn in the 8th house, usually interferes with the health of the natives. Whatever illnesses the natives may face before death, makes them acute and lengthy. Also, one may feel old at an early age.

9th House

Positive Effect: Saturn in the 9th house, makes the individual warrior. They tend to carry a bold personality and have never given up on anything attitude. In terms of a financial point of view, the native will be wealthy enough to fulfill their desires.

Negative Effect: Saturn in the 9th house might generate the feeling of being separate from the people around them. It makes one have less faith in god as well.

10th House

Positive Effect: When Saturn is present in the 10th house, it makes the individual serious in life. They possess good leadership qualities and managerial abilities. Hence, they are more likely to be a good business person.

Negative Effect: The presence of Saturn in the 10th house is not that great. The individual may be prone to anxiety and depression. They are probable to be more concerned about material possessions and status symbols, which may make them forget the real purpose of life. (Mantras to Overcome Fear and Anxiety)

11th House

Positive Effect: Saturn is the Godhead of the 11th house. Thus, it provides its natives with lots of profit in diverse ways. They may fulfill all their true desires and wishes easily. Also, they may have a good relationship with their family.

Negative Effect: On a negative note, Saturn in the 11th house generates the fear of losing ones’ friend and their value in the social circles they have. They might as well develop the impression of solitariness and separateness from their near and dear ones.

12th House

Positive Effect: Strong Saturn in the 12th house, gives the individual benefit from the foreign land. They incline to have the value of spirituality and seek their path in spirituality.

Negative Effect: Place of Saturn in the 12th house is not a favorable position, it influences losses in various aspects such as losses in wealth, health, loss of respect, loss of sleep, and so forth.

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