Life Lessons From Lord Krishna That Everyone Should Learn

Life Lessons from Krishna

In ancient Hindu texts, Lord Krishna is often portrayed as a charming kid, mischievous young man, ideal lover, and divine hero. He took birth in Dwapara Yuga, in Mathura, India; Krishna was destined to reshape the spiritual and temporal destiny of Humankind.

Life Lessons from Krishna

Here are some important life lessons we should learn from Lord Krishna.

Be Humble & Generous

Lord Krishna ruled over the splendid Dwarka, a king no less. During the Kurukshetra war, he donned the role of a lowly charioteer. Lord Krishna embodied simplicity, and his role as a charioteer is a testament to that. Similarly, you, too, must be humble in your life. It helps you cultivate genuine relationships with honest people. Be generous enough to give people more reasons to be happy in their lives.

No job is small or big.

Lord Krishna could have won the battle of Kurukshetra all by himself, but he chose to guide Arjuna and drove his chariot for him. He says a job is a job; there is no small or big job. No labor is without dignity.

Don’t just work harder, but work intelligently.

The battle of Kurukshetra was not fought with only strength or diligence, but it was fought with intelligence and strategy. A hard-working person may work for hours, completing multiple tasks, but if he can manage to do so quickly with an intelligent mind, the result would come faster.

Never give up what you love.

Lord Krishna always managed to teach the music he loved into his life. He never let his passion for music take a back seat on account of his commitments. He enjoyed playing his flute, mesmerizing those around him with lively tunes. But, we tend to lose sight of our hobbies because of our many commitments.No matters how busy you are with your commitments, don’t ever give up on your hobbies.

Believe in yourself and God.

Shri Krishna and Arjuna

God is present in everything we can see around; that is why God is omnipresent. For us, the core truth lies in our spirit, and this spirit is the reflection of God. Therefore, we need to learn to trust in ourselves, strengthening our belief in God.

Value Friendship and Love

We are social animals, and we thrive on relationships. We need to connect with others, as we are deeply emotional beings. Our restless minds are forever analyzing and judging everything around us. Be like Lord Krishna; he shared a pure form of friendship with his poor friend Sudama.  He loved all animals too.

Be Empathetic

God created all creatures with the same love and passion. He loves them all equally. Then why should we as humans think of ourselves to be better and discriminate against others? We need to learn to practice empathy, to understand and value every living being. It will make us better human beings and take us closer to God.

Trust your conscience

Every time we question something, we know we have the answer, and it lies within us. Our soul has all the answers to our questions. Unlike our physical self, the soul is devoid of any chaos, is calm and collected. It is our voice of reason. It will always give us the correct answers. The human conscience is clean and pure and is guided by a pure light in the right direction. We need to learn to trust our conscience.

Give up temptations

We came to this world as a newborn with nothing in our possession. Nothing in this physical belongs to us in reality. It is only our Karmas that define us. Today, a child belongs to their parents; they will belong to their spouse and later their children. There is no constant. We need to realize that these are Moha-Maya that keep us bound and tethered as our mind plays illusions, making us greedy, restless and keeping us away from our duties.

Whatever we earn, build and save, will be passed onto others after we leave our bodies. We cannot take anything with us on our journey. We need to learn to let go and leave behind worldly possession to free ourselves.

Hare Krishna!