Moon Transit on 12 Zodiac Signs Based on Vedic Astrology

Moon Transit

Transits play a crucial role in the astrological realm as their movement through various zodiac signs impacts us differently. All the Navagraha or planets’ transits influence each zodiac differently based on their position.

In Vedic Astrology, Moon Transit (Chandra Gochar) has a significant role among all planets’ transit. As compared to other planets’ transit, the Moon moves the fastest. It completes the zodiac cycle in 28 days, taking two days and 6 hours per zodiac at 30 degrees.

The Moon’s prominent position is at 3 degrees which has a beneficial and positive impact. However, it is considered harmful and unproductive for zodiac signs like Scorpio because the Moon is at its lowest as it transits through it. Any work done during the Moon’s leading position brings ultimate success and happiness. But, as the Moon moves through incompatible zodiacs, individuals have to be cautious as it brings problems.

In Jyotish Shastra, Moon’s closest friends are Sun and Mercury, Venus and Saturn are nearly non-engaging friends. Rahu and Ketu are the enemies of the Moon. The moon effects can be positive with any compatible planets and zodiacs they rule on when positioned at the upper house. But its positive impact becomes the opposite for enemy planets.

Furthermore, the moon transits have an essential role in people’s Kundli ( birth-chart based on Vedic astrology).

Moon Transit Effects on 12 Zodiac Signs

Now let’s discuss how the Moon affects individuals as it transits through 12 houses of the astrological chart.

Moon Transit Through Aries (Mesh or मेष)

Professionally and financially, Aries people will achieve success. At work, they will get promotions, and all their started projects get accomplished. All the financial losses will recover, and one will profit.

When the Moon is in Aries, you’ll find it easy to dream big and find your passions. During this phase, love is in the air, and you can expect immense love and affection from your partner, friends, family, and colleagues.

Moon Transit Through Taurus (Brish or वृष)

If you were born with the Taurus moon sign, then you are likely to have calm and steady moods.

We may feel happy with what we have and able to enjoy ourselves with our friends and family. Or we may feel upset about what we lack and have to change our actions accordingly in order to align what we value with important goals.

Moon Transit Through Gemini (Mithun or मिथुन)

As the Moon enters Gemini, the condition at the workstation starts to improve. Boss will appreciate your work and reward you. All the goals set would be accomplished, and all the financial problems get solved.

Your home life would be good and satisfactory. In addition, you would have a balanced love life, and your relationship with younger members would develop strong.

You will always be active in a happy mood. Moreover, short trips make you cheerful and energized.

Moon Transit Through Cancer (Karkat or कर्कट)

When the Moon transit through Cancer, you may become more nurturing and want to comfort yourself and others. But, the professional and financial work would slow down. Achieving material goals can be challenging. It is a period of getting loss in business, so one has to think critically before investing in any projects.

You might face trouble regarding your love and family life. Mainly from your maternal side, you will encounter problems. So, avoid clashes and disputes at any cost. Your emotion will be unstable, and anxiety, fear, and sadness will fill your heart.

There are high chances of getting digestion-related issues. So, one has to be selective while eating. Family health problems can bring tension and sorrow to you. Finally, one has to drive cautiously in this vulnerable period.

Moon Transit Through Leo (Simha or सिंह)

As soon as the Moon moves through Leo, the mind and creativity start to slow down. Every work done by you won’t be good as expected. Goals set would become challenging to accomplish. At business, the margin of loss becomes higher than profit. Therefore, make the right decision before investing in something.

Due to financial issues, your partner and family members might be unhappy with you. None of your close friends and loved ones will support and motivate you. Nonetheless, calming your mind is the optimal solution to avoid unnecessary fights.

Disappointment and Inner sadness will fill you. Apart from that, mental and stomach-related problems will take over you in this period.

Moon Transit Through Virgo (Kanya or कन्या)

The Moon brings enormous energy as it enters Virgo. At the office, you work with great passion and joy. You will complete every task before its deadline. With satisfactory outcomes, your boss will promote and reward you. Besides, it is your best time to invest as it brings profits.

Relationships with soulmates, family, and relatives will flourish. On the other hand, your social life will improve. You will get opportunities to meet new friends, mainly of the opposite sex. Your heart will feel love, affection, and respect from everyone, and you will live a healthy life.

Moon Transit Through Libra (Tula or तुला)

During this Vedic Moon transit, all your attempts get fulfilled. You might receive projects internationally, which helps your work get recognized. All your enemies and competitors won’t be able to catch you up. Finally, your involvement in any economic activities will bring you great profit.

Interaction and bond with your partner, children, and parents grow stronger. As per social life, you get respect and make numerous friends, especially the opposite sex.

From the inside, you will attain peace and happiness. You feel no worries and always feel loving others. It is satisfactory from a health viewpoint, but don’t get yourself involved in drinking and smoking.

Moon Transit Through Scorpio (Vrischika or वृश्चिक)

It will not be a good time as your enemies and competitors might increase, and they will try their best to pull you down from your position. Your work won’t be efficient and punctual. Staying away from conflicts with seniors and colleagues is the best for you. Besides, your money won’t come to you on time.

Also, investing in new projects can be risky.

You will have a problematic family and love life. Disputes and misunderstandings occur between couples. Also, social life starts to deteriorate.

The emergence of the Moon on your zodiac fills your heart with fear, anxiousness, and grief. Your health won’t be as fit as it was before. Diseases related to stomach and piles might trouble you. In this phase, avoid long-distance travel due to the high risk of accidents.

Moon Transit Through Sagittarius (Dhanu or धनु)

The moon on the Sagittarius will make you optimistic and motivated to seek knowledge. Moon in Sagittarius will make you ready to pursue a new vision. However, even though you put your efforts into doing something, it still won’t be satisfactory financially. Progression of work will be slow in terms of profession, but this is how we learn to grow. Also, monetary transactions are risky in this phase.

There might be some disturbances in your married life and your bond with your parents and children. However, performing religious rituals and helping needy people can be helpful to minimize your household and professional problems.

Through this moon transit, you will feel worried every time, and you might face problems related to your legs, stomach, thighs, and back.

Moon Transit Through Capricorn (Makar or मकर)

The Moon in Capricorn will bring luck, happiness, peace, promotions, rewards, and money. Professionally and financially, it is the most productive phase. All your hard work will pay off, and success will be in your hand.

During this transit, your loved ones will support every decision you make. You will have an opportunity to taste exquisite cuisines. Your health will be free from diseases and worries. Traveling related to work can be beneficial.

Moon Transit Through Aquarius (Kumbha or कुम्भ)

The Moon has a positive impact on Aquarius. Work progression is faster, more efficient, and more effective as per its influence. You will earn respect and admiration for your work. All your monetary loss transforms into profits. So, investing in new things can be productive.

This transit brings joy, excitement, and peace in your personal, love, and married life. Also, you can get an opportunity to meet your future wife/husband. You will feel energized, and long-distance air can be gainful.

Moon Transit Through Pisces (Meena or मीन)

When Moon is in Pisces, it is the time when Pisces energy reigns in our lives. You may feel more intuitive and imaginative during this influence. It’s a time when many people are more emotional than rational.

Good thing is, the transit of the Moon in Pisces gives us a feeling of relief.