Transit of Ketu through the 12 Zodiac Signs

Ketu Transit in 12 Signs

Ketu is also called the dragon’s tail; it is a shadow planet; it is invisible and only a point in outer space. Ketu is considered the planet of illusion, detachment, spirituality, and asceticism. In Vedic astrology, Ketu is responsible for freeing a person from the shackles of worldly desires and leading to enlightenment. Ketu helps to abandon empty efforts and directs us to liberation and wisdom.

Ketu develops intuition, humility, and wisdom in a person that helps to withstand in the face of hardship and change. Because it indicates enlightenment through its effects, Ketu grants spiritual tendencies, asceticism, and detachment. It imparts spiritual knowledge, wisdom, self-knowledge, and psychic abilities. When misplaced or afflicted, it produces arrests, accidents, fear, anxiety, leprosy, skin diseases, and hunger. It causes nightmares, joint and nerve pain, and induces conspiracy.

Ketu Transit Period 2022 and 2023

Ketu TransitsTransit datesTransit times
From Scorpio to Libra12 April 202211:18 am
From Libra to Virgo30 October 20232:13 pm

Ketu Transit in 12 Signs

Ketu Transit in 12 Signs

The placement of Ketu in your Kundli or birth chart affects your personality, future, life, and success. Those born with Ketu, in particular, signs determine their characteristics and life values. Let’s go deeper and see how Ketu affects all 12 signs:

1. Ketu in Aries (Talkative but Moody)

Those born with Ketu in Aries are usually cheerful, talkative, and speak many languages. However, they can be moody at times. They always look for peaceful ways to achieve their goals and do not like to be the center of attention. Ketu feels good in Aries because it partly has the qualities of Mars. This means that Ketu will not cause much trouble in this sign except when Ketu is burdened with bad aspects.

Ketu Effects when in Aries

  • Talkative
  • Cheerful
  • Moody
  • Laborious
  • Independence
  • Initiative
  • Impulsiveness

2. Ketu in Taurus (Charitable but Lazy)

Ketu in Taurus can bring significant changes to a person’s well-being; he can have both periods of high wealth and poverty. Such people have a craving for comfort and material wealth. They are also interested in religious activities and become generous, charitable, and philanthropic. However, under the malicious effects of Ketu, Taurus may dwell in laziness.

Ketu Transit Effects when in Taurus

  • Financial Stability
  • Religious
  • Generous
  • Charitable

3. Ketu in Gemini (Financial Luck but Conflict with Family)

Ketu in Gemini brings a fortune of money and luck, but it also brings disharmony in relationships with relatives and loved ones. This placement gives rise to an urgent need for freedom. Such people cannot live and prosper in cramped conditions. The person becomes short-satisfied, conceited, short-lived, influential, tactful, and scholarly.

KetuTransit Effects when in Gemini

  • Luck
  • Finance
  • Conceited
  • Conflict with Loved ones

4. Ketu in Cancer (Negativity but Generous)

Cancer is a moon-ruled water sign that represents emotions and feelings. Ketu is quite hostile to him, according to Vedic astrology. People with such an arrangement in the natal chart think more about negative consequences than positive ones. They often experience feelings of fear, doubt, and sadness. Under the influence of Ketu, they become generous but insidious, tormented by enemies, and suffering from stomach-related diseases and disorders.

Ketu Transit Effects when in Cancer

  • Negativity
  • Generous
  • Insidious

5. Ketu in Leo (Intellect but Impulsive)

Ketu, located in the fire sign of Leo, makes a person a skilled moralist and thinker, impulsive and impatient. Such people feel a lot of insecurity before deciding on something new. They usually have a lot of questions and doubts about anything. However, they are rich with clever intellect.

Ketu Transit Effects when in Leo

  • Moralist
  • Impulsive
  • Impatient
  • Intellect

6. Ketu in Virgo (Healthy and Hardworking)

Ketu in Virgo gifts them with a healthy body, makes them talkative, and gives them a stable character and mind. They excel in business because of their intelligence and commitment to being organized around everything. At work, such people are very hardworking and almost never rest. They can become skilled writer and poet who speaks melodious speech and is interested in music. Such a person gets popularity among the whole society.

Ketu Transit Effects when in Virgo

  • Healthy
  • Hardworking
  • Organized
  • Popular

7. Ketu in Libra (Prone to Accidents)

People with such a position of Ketu in their horoscope need changes and activity. They like to walk and travel a lot. In addition, Ketu gives them a chance to improve their financial situation and income. They can suffer from dental disorders and become victims of accidental death, so they need to be careful with fire and air.

Ketu Transit Effects when in Libra

  • Love to travel
  • Prone to Dental Disease
  • Prone to Accidents
  • Seek Financial Stability

8. Ketu in Scorpio (Mysterious and Researcher)

Ketu is a friend of Mars and therefore feels good in Scorpio. But if Ketu acts through his lower aspects, then this will make a person extremely suspicious, for he will constantly look for some secret motives behind all the actions and words of other people. When Ketu is in the sign of Scorpio, it helps a person succeed in research. Ketu in Scorpio gives a person a mysterious nature. Such people have many layers in their personalities, and no one knows what is on their minds.

Ketu Transit Effects when in Scorpio

  • Mysterious
  • Researcher
  • Suspicious

9. Ketu in Sagittarius (Kind and Vibrant)

This is a very philosophical position of Ketu, and when he acts through his higher vibrations, a person can have an all-encompassing spiritual vision of the world. But if Ketu acts through his base aspect, then a person is concerned only with material expansion. Usually, Sagittarius natives give the world love, joy, and freedom. Their mission is to spread the indicators of the Sagittarius sign to the people around them, uplift their spirits and give hope to the hopeless.

Ketu Transit Effects when in Sagittarius

  • Cooperation
  • Camaraderie
  • Flexible
  • Rational Thinking

10. Ketu in Capricorn (Pessimist)

Ketu does not feel well in Capricorn and cannot give prosperity in his period, except when Saturn is well located in the chart from a material point of view. They have a tendency to change jobs frequently in search of a better place. Such people can restrain their emotions and appear callous and heartless if necessary.

Such people demonstrate high practicality and strive to take the responsibility very early. They approach business very thoroughly and carefully and do not like haste. However, in general, their attitude toward life is somewhat pessimistic. They are very conservative and have a hard time absorbing new ideas.

Ketu Transit Effects when in Capricorn

  • Pessimist
  • Harsh
  • Careful
  • Conservative

11. Ketu in Aquarius (Stubborn)

For Ketu, Aquarius is a neutral and somewhat friendly sign. Therefore, Ketu can bring good material and spiritual fruits in its period if other indicators confirm this in the chart. They are quite opinionated and stubborn by nature, and it is difficult to convince them to change their decisions. Such people may have instability in income. To achieve success and prosperity, they will have to spend a lot of time.

Ketu Transit effects when in Aquarius

  • Stubborn
  • Opinionated
  • Instability

12. Ketu in Pisces (Prosper but Imaginative)

Ketu feels good in Pisces and can bring prosperity in its period if other factors in the horoscope confirm this. When Ketu acts through his lower aspects, it can lead to religious narrow-mindedness and intolerance, which are the real scourge of modern society.

Pisces is a sign known for intuition and imagination; the mysterious Ketu placed in this sign makes a person indecisive. However, this is a good position for spiritual development. Such people have a dreamy nature and can get lost in the world of dreams. They have a strong will to achieve respect and a good position in society.

Ketu Transit Effects when in Pisces

  • Imaginative
  • Indecisive
  • Spiritual

Ketu Transit impact on different Houses

The position of Ketu in different houses of birth charts affects the personal life and professional life of people. Here is how it looks as Ketu travels through different houses.

HouseHouse TraitsImpact of Ketu Transit
1st houseHouse of individual identityMental stress and health concerns
2nd houseHouse of FinancePossibility of financial losses
3rd houseHouse of communicationProgress on work and financial gains
4th houseHouse of roots or familyDriving Accidents
5th houseHouse of CreativityIssues and disputes with the children
6th houseHouse of service and healthSuccess in competition
7th houseHouse of marriage and partnersMisunderstanding in married life
8th houseHouse of regenerationFrequent fever and body aches
9th houseHouse of mental explorationChances of religious trips
10th houseHouse of CareerHalt in business progress
11th houseHouse of hopes and wishesInterested in meditation
12th houseHouse of self-undoingIssues with Life Partner

Rahu and Ketu are considered malefic planets, which often give malefic effects on most people. In fact, planetary transits can have both positive and negative impacts based on astrological placements of the birth chart. Want to more about the adverse effects of Ketu transit or other planetary transits? Ask the best professional astrologers here.