October 2022 Monthly Horoscope Based on Vedic Astrology

October 2022 Monthly Horoscope

The October monthly horoscope report is here. The October horoscope will be determined by the placement of the planets, the Moon, and the Ascendant sign.

Transits in October 2022

The positions of three planets will change in October, and four planets will be in transit. The following are the details for these planets:

  1. Mercury turns direct in Virgo on October 2
  2. Mars Transit in Gemini on October 16
  3. Sun Transit in Libra on October 17
  4. Venus Transit in Libra October 18
  5. Saturn turns direct in Capricorn on October 23
  6. Mercury Transit in Libra on October 26

October 2022 Horoscope

October 2022 Monthly Horoscope

October 2022 is likely to be a month of transition. Many people will be moving into new homes or apartments, starting new jobs, or beginning new relationships.

There may also be a lot of changes in the political landscape, with new leaders taking office and old ones stepping down.

October could be a great opportunity, but it could also be a time of upheaval and uncertainty.

What does October have in store for the twelve zodiac signs? Let’s take a look at the astrology prediction based on Vedic astrology.


October is likely to be positive in many aspects of life. At the beginning of the month, three planets will form conjunction in your sixth house; due to this, your health may remain in a good state. At the same time, Saturn will stay in your house of deeds; owing to this, you can get positive results in your career.

The month of October for Aries natives is looking good in many aspects of life. At the start of the month, Mercury, Sun, and Venus will be conjunct in your sixth house. This means your health is likely to stay good. Meanwhile, Saturn will stay in your tenth house, which is a good sign for your career.

Aries lovers may find themselves having a good time. However, married Aries natives may find that they are arguing more than usual. It is advised that they try to keep their temper in check, as things could escalate if they do not.

Mars will move into your third house of communication in the second half of October. This transit could bring some results you have been hoping for regarding your educational pursuits.


The month of October should be comfortable for those with the Taurus zodiac sign. The conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in your fifth house is auspicious for you. In addition, Venus will also be in your fifth house. The month may be suitable for education.

Saturn will remain positioned in the house of fate ad luck; this is considered positive for you. For those looking for a new job, October may be a great month to find a good opportunity. Those who are already employed may be in line for a promotion.

You may come under stress because of the presence of Rahu in your tenth house. You are advised to stay away from any sort of negative thinking and see things more brightly. The aspect of Mars will be on your fifth house in the latter half of the month. This may lead to some disagreements and tension in your romantic relationship.


There will be ups and down for those with Gemini in the first house of the birth chart. In October 2022, Jupiter will continue to stay in your tenth house, the house of career and karma. Saturn, lord of Karma, aspects your tenth house, making you work hard to achieve success. Moon and Rahu will conjunct in your eleventh house in the first week of October for a couple of days; this is not considered good.

In a love relationship, Gemini natives may encounter a situation created due to misunderstanding. This is due to the aspect of Rahu and the Presence of Ketu in your fifth house. The Sun and Venus transiting your fifth house in the second half of October will create comfortable situations.


For Cancer ascendants, October 2022 gives mixed results. When the moon conjuncts with Rahu in your tenth house, this can give you mental stress related to your work life. But, when Sun and Venus conjunct in your fourth house in the second half of the month, there will be a direct aspect of both the planets on your tenth house, creating good work-life balance and progress professionally.

Cancer natives will also experience mixed results regarding love life or relationship this month. Mars in your eleventh house, the house of gain, is considered auspicious for a new relationship. But, After October 16, Mars will transit in your twelfth house, so there may arise some conflict between a couple. The second half of October is not supportive of the love relationships for the Cancer zodiac sign. The current retrograde of Saturn in your seventh house also does not support a healthy relationship.


For Leo individuals, October is a month that provides a lot of support. The Sun and Mercury coming together is a good sign of happiness within the home and family. Financially, you will find yourself being stronger than before, and this is due to Mars in your tenth house.

This month you will find comfort at home with your family. Sun and Mercury conjoining in your second house create Budhaditya Yoga, which will give you good support from your family. This planetary placement will also be beneficial to you in terms of finances. Some Leo natives will experience a blissful and harmonious October regarding their love relationships and married life.


Virgo ascendants may experience October very differently than previous months of 2022. You may struggle a little financially during the first week of the month due to Rahu and Moon conjunction in your second house. Saturn’s retrograde in your fifth house will not support your academics. In love and married life, Virgo natives will have a mixed experience.

The conjunction of Mercury and Sun in your ascendant in the first half of the month turns out to be very positive for Virgo natives. You may be presented with new opportunities in your career field. This period may be beneficial for those who are planning to start a new business.


For Libra Lagna or ascendants, October will give mixed results. This month is expected to be wonderful for the natives with the Libra zodiac sign. When your tenth lord, Moon, conjuncts with Rahu in your seventh house, you will benefit from the partnership in business and the workplace.

Saturn in your fourth house in Capricorn aspects your tenth house; this is considered beneficial for Libra natives in terms of work and career. The conjunction of Mercury and Sun in the twelfth house will give positive results from foreign lands this month.

The love and married life of Libra natives will be average in this month. When you understand your weakness this month, your relationship will go smoothly.


For Scorpio, Mars will remain in the seventh house of partnership until October 16, creating positive vibes regarding financial stability. But, in the second half of the month, you may have to consider your expenses. You may experience financial pressure when Sun and Venus move into the same house after the 18th of October.

Do not be arrogant when trying to solve life’s complex problems in love and married relationship. Try to balance both sides of the equation with ease. A good understanding of the relationship can make married life more loving, and enhanced trust may result.


For Sagittarius natives, the month of October will be beneficial. In October, the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in your tenth house creates Budhaditya Yoga. This Yoga is auspicious for your work life as Sun is the lord of your ninth house. Besides Budhaditya Yoga, the exalted Mercury, Combust Venus and Sun create Treen Grahee Yoga; this is very auspicious for your Karma.

Their partner could provide significant assistance, not just in their personal life but also professionally. Around the middle of the month, when the Sun, Mercury, and Venus are transiting their eleventh house, they could see an increase in their income with the help of their partner.


This month will be a favorable month for Capricorn Ascendants. The planet Saturn, which governs your zodiac sign, will retrograde in your first house. This transit is generally favorable for those born under the sign of Capricorn.

Saturn also rules your second house; October will be favorable regarding your family and your financial status. Some concerns about career and health may remain. You will be disciplined and dedicated at work, so your actions will be the right ones.

This month can give mixed results for Capricorn natives in love or married relationship. Saturn aspects your seventh house of partnership. Especially after the 20th of October, you need to remain calm before you make major decisions


For Aquarius ascendants, the October 2022 astrological report shows that this month will be a good time to focus on your career and personal goals. Until October 23, you must know what you express in the martial world, as Venus will be there in your eighth house. Spiritually, this month can help you grow.

Mars aspects on your tenth house will be strong, as the ruling lord of your tenth house is Mars itself. This means you could see success in your professional life. Besides this, the Sun and Mercury will be in your eighth house. This is good news for those who do business internationally or want to study abroad.

Mercury’s current transit in your eighth house with Sun and Venus is good for you in a romantic relationship. Mercury rules your fifth house of romance. This month can be a good time for romance and adventure for Aquarius. 


Jupiter is in retrograde motion in your first house, making you reflect more on your priorities. You need to be extra careful regarding your expenditure as well. This month, Jupiter will make you understand your duties and responsibilities.

In the first half of the month, some issues may cause confusion among family members early in the month. But, your social image will improve in the second half of the month, and your friends and family will listen to you.

Since Venus will remain Combust in October, you must consciously spend this month. On October 17th, you may gain unexpectedly when the Sun transit into your eighth house.

Note: Since October 2022 monthly horoscope is only based on the ascendant sign, you can ask an astrologer to look into your birth chart to predict your monthly horoscope.