Sagittarius Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Sagittarius Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Sagittarius and Aquarius is a heaven-made match and with a very smooth relationship as they have a lot of things in common. Freedom-loving souls and an independent individual, when they come together truly does wonder. Sagittarius man is very honest and enthusiastic who lives his life to the fullest. Similarly, an Aquarius woman loves her freedom and is very goal-oriented. Although they are both unreasonable at times, these two are really at ease with each other and can put their faith in each other.

Sagittarius Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

The eighth sign in the zodiac circle – Sagittarius (Dhanu Rashi) is a fire sign. Sagittarius is one of the biggest travelers among all zodiac signs who possess a curious and energetic personality. They are extrovert, optimistic, and enthusiastic with open and philosophical minds.

Aquarius (Kumbh Rashi) is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac that represents an air sign. A symbol of all that’s humane and humanity, Aquarius values liberty and loves freedom. They are well known as the Sign of discoverers, inventors, adventurers, and visionaries. Good-humored and cheerful by disposition, Aquarius-born tend to have plenty of social charm.


Sagittarius Man: Fun-loving people and eternal travelers Sagittarius men are interested in religion, philosophy, and the meaning of everything. They love adventures and sees all the possibilities to know the existence of life. They want to explore life to know where is the truth. Some of the best traits that they hold are their frankness, courage, and optimism.

Aquarius Woman: Aquarius women are truthful, independent, and compassionate. They are smart, self-reliant, and friendly from all zodiacs. They are frank and have strong beliefs, and are also unbiased and tolerant of others’ viewpoints. Besides, they always try to look at the larger picture, and never shy away from taking the responsibility to work for the betterment of society.


A friendship between a Sagittarius man and an Aquarius woman can get very far when these two join their forces, as they complement each other perfectly. When good friends, the Sagittarius man, and the Aquarius women are feeding on one another’s energy.

Working Together

Sagittarius Man: Sagittarius man is quick to start projects but later they might not finish it as they tend to procrastinate a lot. They usually have grand ideas, but they sometimes don’t think through the execution or the logistics of it all.

Aquarius Woman: Aquarius Women hold competitiveness on full blast in the workplace. They usually prefer a calmer environment so that they can focus on work fully. Besides, they are a peace lover and holds very good skills in conflict management at the office.

Together: Sagittarius man and Aquarius woman will work very well together. They balance each other very well. Sagittarius man can be a bit flighty, but an Aquarius woman can keep him grounded and on task.

Love Compatibility

Sagittarius Man: Sagittarius Man when in love commit themselves to their love fully. They are totally loyal and devoted. They value intellectual and spiritual essence rather than beauty in their partner. As a male partner, Sagittarius never fails to impress their partner. Besides, they also have a positive outlook on life in general, along with being faithful, loving, and caring.

Aquarius Woman: Aquarius Women when in love is very romantic, friendly, sensitive, and generous. They are likely to follow their feeling for as long as they are unrestricted and free to be themselves. The unconscious fear of losing their personality to other people often makes them vulnerable to any sort of expectations and tries to turn themselves into not being in love or not getting attached to anyone.


The match of Sagittarius man and Aquarius women is generally a smooth one with lots to share in common. Both of them value freedom, growth, and independence in love relationships. Sagittarius man’s approach to love, however, maybe a little more impulsive and emotional than Aquarius women who are a calmer partner in the relationship.

Being Together

Positives: When together Sagittarius man and an Aquarius woman complement each other well. They will enjoy each other’s company and be able to provide each other with intellectual stimulation.they will find in each other a partner who can understand them and who can accept them as they are.

Negatives: If they do have a serious conflict, it could be fatal to the relationship. Aquarius woman not get angry easily, but when she does she has a bad habit of holding a grudge. This could create a problem in their relationship.

Marital Life

It is less likely that they will get married to one another but if they do they shall maintain a happy and healthy marital life with one another.