Vastu Tips For Indoor Home Decor

Vastu Tips for Home Decor

Vastu Shasta is essential when it comes to the interior decoration of a home. It is a well-known fact that the structure and planning of the interiors will bring out positive or negative energies, which in turn has a huge impact on the people living in a house. Hence, it is important to balance the overall Vastu indoor as well.

Significance of Vastu Shastra

Here are a few interesting Vastu facts on why we shouldn’t disregard or not follow Vastu Shastra even when decorating indoor homes

  • The right place of furniture is essential to vibe up positiveness and balance the energy of the house, which somehow relates to maintaining peace in the house.
  • The Interior of bedrooms relates to personal growth. For instance, it affects personal behavior, career, and mental state as well as a person.
  • The position of the kitchen is much related to the health of the whole family members.
  • The right position of the pooja room relates to welcoming more happiness and good luck in the house.
  • The position of the bathroom directly impacts the health of the family members.
  • Choosing the right color for the room also impacts the mental well-being of a person.
  • Positioning mirrors in the right direction and the right place in a house is equally important to maintain good luck in the house.
  • The placement of water tanks and taps also impacts the health of whole family members.

Due to these many different reasons, one should consider Vastu Shastra at its utmost possibility to decorate their house as per the Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Tips for Home Decor

Vastu Tips for Home Decor

Now let’s look at a few interesting Vastu tips for home decor or interior design.

Main Gate

  • The main gate should be thicker and higher and made of iron and not wooden.
  • The color of the main gate should be accordingly, as per the direction
    • For East, it is preferred white color
    • For West, it is preferred blue color
    • For North, it is preferred Green color
    • For South, it is preferred Coral Red color

 Entrance Door 

  • The direction of the main door should be towards the North, East, north-east, or West.
  • The main entrance door should be larger than any other doors in the house.
  • There shouldn’t be three doors in a line parallel to the main door, which is considered bad luck.
  • Every door in the house should open in a clockwise system.
  • A wooden door is more auspicious for being used as the main entrance door for entering the house.


  • Placement of staircase must be in the southwest direction as it is considered the best direction for stairs.
  • Keep the staircase as close wise direction.
  • Always use the area under the stairs for store rooms and not a bathroom

Living Room

  • A living room should be placed in the north direction
  • Appropriate color for the living room is white, blue, cream, and green
  • Sofas should be placed in the northwest part of the room
  • TV should be placed in the southwest direction


  • The ideal direction is the southeast for the kitchen
  • Gas and other electronics used for cooking should be placed in the southeast direction.
  • The person cooking should face East while cooking.
  • Washbasins, water pipes, and taps should be in the north direction
  • The fridge should be placed in the south direction
  • Storage should be in the south direction

Puja Room

  • North east direction is best for puja room
  • Puja room should be on the ground floor
  • White and light yellow is best for the puja room
  • Try to make the roof of the puja room in a pyramid shape
  • Keep the idols or photos of the gods on the east side of the room

Master bedroom

  • The best position for the master bedroom is southwest of the house
  • The suitable colors are white, grey, green, rose and blue
  • The bed should be placed with their head toward the East
  • The wardrobe should be placed in the southwest direction
  • The mirror should not be placed right opposite the bed
  • Pictures and paintings should be placed on the east wall

Kids Room

  • The kid’s room should be placed on the west side of the room
  • Light green, light blue, and light yellow is the suitable color for kid’s room
  • Bed must be placed in the west direction
  • Study table should be placed in the northeast direction of the house


  • The best position for the bathroom is in a northwest direction
  • The mirror should be placed in the east direction
  • The shower should be located in the East or North part
  • The washing machine should be placed in the north or west direction
  • Drainage should be in the north direction