Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility based on Vedic Astrology

Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility

How compatible are the Pisces (Meena or मीन) and Aquarius (कुम्भ or Kumbh) relationship? Well, based on Vedic astrology, Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility is average. People believe Air Signs and Water signs don’t go well together. But, that’s not always true.

Sometimes, Water signs can awaken the emotional side of the Air signs. Similarly, Air signs can unlock the intellectual part of the Water signs. As compared to others, they are not the best-matched pairs. Nonetheless, they can work together to make it stronger.

Pisces and Aquarius pair can have a compassionate, motivating, and creative relationship. As, both of them are visionary, empathetic, and dreamers. As a friend and lover, they can help and balance each other to maintain their bond. The problem arises when there is a lack of emotions. However, their intelligence and caring nature make them forgive each other. Furthermore, their creativity can help to find solutions to their problems.

Now let’s talk more about Pisces and Aquarius.

Pisces and Aquarius Personality

The creative Pisces or Meena Rashi is a mutable water sign. It resides in the 12th house of the horoscope. The rulers of Meena Rashi are Neptune (Varun) and Jupiter (Guru). A fish represents the zodiac, Pisces. The Nakshatras on Meen Rashi are 1/3rd of Purva Bhadra, whole Uttara Bhadra, and whole Revati.

People under this sign are selfless, kind, visionary, gentle, and caring. They always put themselves forward in problems to protect their loved ones. Besides that, Pisceans are daydreamers and creative at the same time. However, their weaknesses include laziness, moodiness, pessimism, and trusting people easily.

The water-bearer Aquarius is an Air sign that has a fixed modality. It resides in the 11th house of the horoscope. Planets like Saturn (Shani) and Uranus are their rulers. As per its symbol, a water bearer represents Aquarius. Nakshatras under Kumbha Rashi are ½ of Dhanishta, whole Shatabhisha, and two-thirds of the Purva Bhadra.

People with Aquarius signs are critical thinkers, innovators, and fair-minded. They flourish more when they are freed from the boundaries. Moreover, they are optimistic about life and always ready to act to fulfill their dreams. Nonetheless, Aquarius can be aloof, emotionally insensitive, inflexible, and aggressive.

Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility

Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility

Now let’s talk about Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility based on Vedic Astrology.


Trust is one of the fundamental aspects of a relationship. In the case of Aquarius and Pisces, things can go wrong if they cannot understand each personality well. For example, Aquarius loves independence and wants their partner to respect it. Pisces, on the other hand, prefers living alone. Moreover, Pisces are emotionally sensitive, which makes them possessive and insecure. That makes Pisces doubt their partner.

Similarly, Pisces’ dependency on their partners makes Aquarius lie. So, they can be free from Pisces’ dream world. Thus, both need to understand the core personality of each other to build an unbreakable trust bond.

Love Compatibility

Aquarius and Pisces are not the best zodiac couples. Still, they have a decent love life. Pisces is all about romance. They want their partners to be romantic and caring, which Aquarius is just the opposite. The water-bearer Aquarius prefers their partner to be intelligent and adventurer. Even though they have conflicting traits, they can still flourish in their love life.

Their compassion, creativity, and daydreaming traits can be helpful to find solutions to many of their problems. However, they need to work on their emotional bond, communication, and trust issues. Resolving these issues will directly improve Pisces and Aquarius Love Compatibility.

Intimate Relation

Both matched pairs have weak sex compatibility. Still, they can have a good intimacy as both of them love to try out new things. Their creative side allows them to create interesting things that excite both of them. However, their sex life won’t last long and be memorable due to a lack of emotions.

Emotions add spark to an intimate relationship. And, that emotional spark allows Pisces – Aquarius to experience ecstatic sex. Therefore, having a deep emotional bond can bring excitement to the dull sexual life.

Emotional Connection

When talking about emotional compatibility, the Pisces and Aquarius pair lack lots of emotion. Both of them are emotionally very different. On the one hand, Pisces is emotional and sensitive. They are driven by their hearts to do anything.

Aquarius is an intellectual being who thinks and acts through their mind. However, that doesn’t mean Aquarius is emotionally insensitive. They do not want to express and work through their heart, which Pisces usually does. Therefore, these two zodiac pairs have much work to decrease their emotional differences.


It is a relationship between two dreaming beings, Aquarius and Pisces. Together they will dream about their future. But, implementing their dreams, in reality, can be challenging for them to do. Besides that, they follow different approaches and mediums to think and do things. So, the lack of being realistic can be problematic in their relationship. Thus, they need to communicate to have a deep understanding of each other. So, they can make their dream come true in reality.

Shared Activities

Every zodiac pair doesn’t need to have perfectly matched habits and activities to have a strong bond. For example, Pisces and Aquarius soulmates can have few joint activities if they compromise. Pisces is open to try out new things, which Aquarius provides. Together they can be very imaginative and innovative. They always come up with fascinating ideas to brighten their dull life.

Even though they have few similar interests, they still have considerable differences to fill up. Pisces loves indoors, romance and surprises. At the same time, Aquarius prefers intellectual discussion, independence, and adventure.


It is a relationship that lacks emotions and understanding. Throughout their journey, they have to face trust issues, dull intimate relations, and misunderstandings. Pisces wants their partner to be at home. Apart from that, they want to nurture and connect emotionally with them. Aquarius, by contrast, wants freedom and prefers doing things intellectually.

Therefore, to have perfect Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility, they have to reduce their differences.