Aquarius and Taurus Compatibility Based on Vedic Astrology

Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility

The nature of Taurus and Aquarius are opposite of each other. An Aquarian loves personal freedom and new changes, whereas a Taurean would be different from an Aquarius, who hates changes and prefers a simple life.

According to the routines and strict norms, a Taurus in their work-life works, but an Aquarius with an inventive mind wants to try various ideas and search for a place/company with the same nature. Due to the different nature of these two signs, there are more chances of clashes between them.

But these two signs do have similar qualities as well. If both of these signs set a goal, they are determined to reach that goal and not retreat until they have achieved what they want. If both of them work in the same productive field, they can be very successful. They can perform miracles if they come together and figure out how to harmonize their efforts.

Taurus and Aquarius – Personality

Taurus is ruled by Venus (Shukra), which is why a Taurus has a feminine energy and is also warm. Taurus, a bull, is very much down to earth and likes to have their feet on the ground and like the stability in their life. They work steadily and precisely so that anything they are working on is quintessential and well thought out beforehand. They are humble, grounded, and stoical but can sometimes be lazy, violent, and unrelenting. But Taurus is one of the loyal and dependable zodiac signs and is very devoted to their loved ones and almost everyone around them.

Aquarius, on the contrary, is ruled by Saturn and Rahu, which is why they are cold, unusual, and have masculine energy. Aquarius, a water-bearer, is impartial, forthright, quick-witted, and tends to live in their dream world. They are an expert when hiding their feelings. They are independent, inventive, outspoken, humane, practical, and thoughtful. They are stubborn and have sturdy likes and dislikes. Their personality can be abstruse for people since they tend to hide their characteristics.

Taurus and Aquarius – Compatibility

Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility

Check out the compatibilities of these two signs in various aspects of their life:

Business Compatibility

An Aquarius and a Taurus are the absolute opposite of each other. But if they get together and work out the differences and make out how to correlate their efforts, they can be better business partners than lovers. They both have it in their possession to achieve their goal and objective. They both have a strong desire to achieve triumph in their field. So, this nature of theirs can be very beneficial when working together. They can do wonders when they come together and achieve the impossible since both have the desire to be successful.


A Taurus and an Aquarius are both practical and realistic. They believe in their views more than what others have to say. They don’t listen to others’ opinions when they already know about a subject. Because of this, they might disagree with each other in their friendship. They will not give up on their ideas and plans until the results show. But, if they become friends and cooperate, they can build up to something rigid.


Both of these signs are loyal. They are both faithful towards their loved ones. Taurus is enamored of music, natural beauty, arts, sensual pleasures, and romance. They enjoy being sparked with romance and seduced. They like being physical in a sensual way and like to explore their partner’s body as well.

On the other hand, an Aquarius, who likes experimenting physically, is more turned on by the communication and flirtation, eventually leading to dirty talks. When these two come together, they must communicate to understand each other’s desires and wants. If they get on the same page, they can have a perfect time together.


Aquarius man and Taurus woman: An Aquarius man is enthusiastic and carefree. He is fun-loving and likes freedom, whereas a Taurus woman prefers fun. She is possessive and quite stubborn about the lifestyle she prefers. And because an Aquarius has a nature of not being so serious, he might fail to provide the assurance and security that a Taurus woman seeks from her man.

With a Taurus’s nature, she will receive the carefree nature of an Aquarius as restless and vague. When Taurus makes a decision, they will not change their mind because of their stubborn character, which can make an Aquarius feel irritated and annoyed towards her.

Taurus man and Aquarius woman: A Taurus man is a very predictable person, but not an Aquarius woman. An Aquarius woman has her individuality even in romance and has her thoughts and opinions when dealing with it. It can be difficult to figure out what she has in mind regarding the future.

The main quality that attracts a Taurus toward an Aquarius is her honesty and rooted thoughts. But someone who refuses changes can be possessive towards Aquarius, which will not go well with Aquarius since they prefer their space and freedom. Because of this, these two signs can end up in various conflicts.

But since both of them have a dominating nature, their thoughts might clash time and again. They might have difficulty agreeing with each other due to their different personalities. A progressive Aquarius can make the dedication of a Taurus seem a little dull. Taurus can find Aquarius too exciting for their liking and feel frustrated with their enthusiastic personality, which can be hard to control. It can be difficult for a Taurus to keep up with the energy of an Aquarius since they are vastly different from each other.


In conclusion, the compatibility of an Aquarius and a Taurus seems remarkably low. Due to their contrasting personality, they seem not to get along much. Being hardheaded and stubborn, they can face difficulty getting together unless they get flexible and figure out where and how they can work with each other.