Cancer Woman – Personality Traits and Facts

Cancer Woman

There is something about a Cancer woman that makes everyone around her feel special and loved. Cancer women combine emotional availability, and dedication, which is a constant reminder of why we love this sign so much. They are the kind of people who put others first in any situation.

All Cancer women look different, but by nature, they will feel the same. Cancer women are also very responsive and always support each other. They are leaders and educators and always put their best effort to take care of their loved ones. On the other hand, Cancer women can have unpredictable mood swings and be very paranoid or fickle.

Cancer women can also be very flirty and seductive, as well as artistic, romantic, sensitive, and eccentric. Don’t let their soft nature fool you, because they can be very tough as well. They have a hard shell (it’s Cancer, after all), which makes it difficult for them to show their true emotions. The Cancer woman is special and truly one of a kind. She becomes a wonderful friend and partner because of her loving and devoted personality.

Cancer Woman according to Vedic Astrology

Cancer (Kark Rashi) is the fourth sign of the zodiac sign and the main life cycles of this sign are ruled by the Chandra Graha (Moon). It is she who arranges the ebb and flow of the mood of Cancer women, and from here they got their famous sentimentality, mystery, and love.

The moon is always reflected in Jal Tatwa (Water Element) – an element to which Cancer Woman belongs. With this combination of two patrons, Cancer women add wisdom, love, and secret knowledge. In the water, Cancers feel at home, it is the source of their vitality, energy, inspiration, and health.

Cancer Woman

General characteristics of Cancer Woman

Cancer women are very emotional and sensitive. Since they have a lot of sympathy for themselves, they are willingly asked for advice. At first glance, they may seem aloof and shy, but upon closer acquaintance, they reveal themselves as open and sociable people.

The Cancer woman is very easily amenable to emotions, and you never know what might cause her excitement. If she is in an environment that supports her sensitivity, she gives free rein to her emotions. Otherwise, she, like notorious cancer, closes in her shell, and only occasionally do her eyes shine.

The personality of a Cancer Woman

Cancer women often seem to be hens, as they like to take care of everyone around them. Their family and friends are really important to them, and they would do anything for their loved ones. Women born under this sign, with their strong emotions and empathetic nature, also tend to firmly believe in and support reasons. Here are traits of Cancer women in various aspects of life:


Love is a reward you are lucky to receive from a Cancer woman, and few are worthy of it, although Cancers often do not even know about it. They equally adore men who love them and who hate them. It’s just that cancer women do not know how to do it differently, moreover, they often become victims of their own delusion that everyone loves so much. This makes Cancer the most emotionally vulnerable sign. However, with the right chosen partner, Cancer’s weak point becomes its strong point.


Cancer girls tend to become wonderful wives. Their caring nature makes their partner feel special around them. The warmth and cordiality emanating from them are simply infectious. They are very involved in the relationship with their partner. However, you should not trust people so much, because men who have no pure intentions like to use their kind hearts.


Cancer women are happy to help their friends in difficult times. They are loyal, so they can be confidently entrusted with their secrets. They always keep their word and do not know how to lie. When someone hurts them, they will withdraw into themselves, cry quietly somewhere in the corner, but pretend that nothing like this happened. When, after some time, she receives an apology, she will accept it.


Cancers are hardworking, so employers appreciate them very much. However, if something is wrong with their work, they will leave it without hesitation. They can’t stand injustice, so unethical games are something they will never accept. If she becomes a boss, she tries to create a friendly family atmosphere at work.

Cancer women are potentially proficient at positions related to architecture, construction, cooking, teaching, livestock, and water. All these directions make the work beloved, as it resonates with the character and attitude of the Cancers themselves.


Most of the ailments of Cancer women are psychosomatic. The reason is prolonged depression. You can get rid of them by changing your attitudes, beliefs, and habits, not doctors and medicines. Women of this sign often have painful menstrual periods accompanied by migraines. Compensation for this ailment can be considered the fact that pregnancy and childbirth in Cancer women are easier than those women with other signs. Abortions are bad for Cancers. They can lead to both physiological problems and psychological ones.


Cancer women are very family-oriented, which makes them wonderful mothers. For their children, usually become a great authorities. They create a relationship with them based on respect and friendship. They instinctively know how to show love for their family members. When you cross the threshold of a Cancer woman’s house, you may feel like you are returning home. Their generous nature is reflected in their sweet abode, and they do their best to make everyone feel comfortable and at ease.

Positive Trait

The positive trait of all Cancer women is the ability to love, keep a home and be faithful to their families. For them, there is nothing more valuable than family traditions and an atmosphere of love in their sweet abode. Moreover, representatives of this sign are very sensual, vulnerable, impressionable, and have an ultra-precise intuition, which can often be attributed to the category of mysticism.

Negative Trait

Cancer women in a foreign environment and with unfamiliar people can be withdrawn into their own shells and even make a bad first impression. They are not revealed to everyone and are subject to certain conventions. This characteristic often deprives them of unique opportunities, which, admittedly, quite often fall to their lot.

Women of this sign are prone to mood swings. They are overwhelmed with emotions, and at such moments they are deaf to the head of the mind and can reach a nervous breakdown. Most often, their tantrums have no soil, Cancers love to inflate an elephant out of a fly.

Cancer Woman – Favorables

By this time, you already know more about Cancer women, but there may be some facts that cancer women may want to know for themselves. Such as:

  1. Swami Graha (Ruling Planet)- Chandra Graha (The Moon)
  2. Tatwa (Element)- Jal (Water)
  3. Lucky Numbers: 2 (all numbers divisible by 2), 4, 5, 8
  4. Lucky Days: Monday and Thursday
  5. Lucky Color: all Moon shades (white, gray-blue, silver)
  6. Specialty: Talkative, self-sufficient, honest, Unbending, Fair, Good Memory power
  7. Weakness: Pessimistic, unreliable, crooked, insecure
  8. Suitable job and occupation: Advocate, Doctor, Paper Business, Bakery, Animal Husbandry
  9. Compatible with: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Pisces, Scorpio
  10. Lucky Year: 21 to 36 years
  11. Lucky Stone: Pearl
  12. Lucky Metal: Silver

Facts About Cancer Woman

Here are some interesting facts about Cancer women which you may want to know:

  1. Cancer Woman knows that the fastest way to the heart is through the stomach. She loves spending time with the people she loves the most in her life.
  2. Cancer Woman invests everything in what she does. If you are familiar with Cancer, then you know that she never puts in less than 100 percent of the effort. Her tenacity takes her very far in life, be it in work, school, or relationships.
  3. Cancer is a very intuitive sign. She prides herself on making informed choices in life, be it relationships or personal choices. What’s even better about Cancer’s incredible intuition is that she’s always there to guide her best friends in the right direction. You can always trust Cancer, who will give you great advice.
  4. Cancer loves helping people and she always takes the chance to be close to her friends and family, even to people she doesn’t know so well. If you are in a relationship with Cancer, you know that she will always put you first, no matter what. Cancer’s selfless nature makes her attractive on the inside, not just outside.
  5. Cancer is one of the most idealistic signs in the zodiac list. She loves to daydream and looks at the world with pink glasses. Cancer can sometimes be a little pessimistic if things don’t go as they have planned, but that never stops her from trying again.