Positive and Negative Effects of the Sun in 12 Houses

Effects of Sun in 12 houses

Vedic astrology emphasizes the Sun as it is considered one of the major planets and king of all the celestial bodies. Besides, the sun signifies authority, leadership skills, honor, and favor from the government and is responsible for giving shape, personality, and future to life or an event.

Effects of Sun in different houses

Effects of Sun in 12 houses

The effect of the Sun in the 12 houses of Kundli or birth chart has both a positive and a negative side. The significations and deficiency of Sun in the 12 houses are mentioned below.

Sun in 1st House

Positive Effect: The sun in the 1st house will lead a person to a good attribute. They tend to possess power and authority in their life. They have superb commanding abilities and are born leaders. They can easily guide large masses of people. Besides, they tend to enjoy a lot of respect and recognition in the society.

Negative Effect: On a negative part, the sun makes the one likely to become arrogant and snobby. They tend to be over-confident in their work which might hamper their professional life as well as their image. Besides, they tend to focus on only their interest rather than the interest of society.

Sun in 2nd House

Positive Effect: As for the 2nd house, the Sun makes one morally strong. They are rich not just in personal wealth but also in knowledge. They are admired for their good and efficient talk, which frequently caters to intellectual issues.

Negative Effect: The presence of the Sun in the 2nd house makes the natives overspend money, which may lead them to financial difficulties. Besides, they are obsessed with doing things in their own way so much that they tend to become aggressive if someone questions their way.

Sun in 3rd House

Positive Effect: The Sun in the 3rd house leads the natives to excessively travel. It also boasts one’s inclination to talk a lot. Their powerful assets are their selfless perspectives of life. They love helping people, and it comes to them very naturally.

Negative Effect: The individual with the Sun in the 3rd house is too much emotional. They have this trait to feel that they are always right. This immense pride may create certain misunderstandings with close ones, especially in marital life. Those close to these Sun in 3rd house people in their personal life may not always have a positive relationship with them.

Sun in 4th House

Positive Effect: The placement of the Sun in the 4th house makes the one strongly attached to their family. They tend to be family-oriented and home-centric. They will take good care of their family members and give importance to the close persons in their lives.

Negative Effect: On a negative note, fourth house sun might arise such a situation in their life when they will feel deficient and disturbed as others are likely to bully them because of their very nature of being too much family person. The sun in 4th house natives is under the strong influence of their parents, which can have a negative impact on marriage life.

Sun in 5th House

Positive Effect: When the Sun gets into the 5th house, it makes the native very popular. They may be fond of interesting sports like athletics. They are likely to enjoy all types of fun and recreational activities. Besides, they tend to have some special artistic talent in the areas of dancing, acting, singing, and so on.

Negative Effect: When the Sun is negative in the 5th house, the married couple may have difficulties in childbirth in certain cases. Or the child may be born weak and sick. The would-be mothers may also have miscarriages influencing the health and well-being of the children.

Sun in 6th House

Positive Effect: The natives with the Sun in the 6th house are likely to be very cautious about their health, which is why they do not suffer from any major health complaints. Besides, they are determined and dedicated to their work. Their overall temperament is not aggressive, and they get along with everybody quite nicely.

Negative Effect: On a negative note, when the Sun enters the 6th house, the individual tends to be quite tough in their personality. They may be very bossy and demanding at work, and hence their subordinates may not like to work with them in the office.

Sun in 7th House

Positive Effect: The individual with the Sun in the seventh house tends to be quite popular in their friends and family circle. They are likely to be a loving and caring person. They have a strong desire for sharing and bonding with people. Hence, they are loved by the people around them.

Negative Effect: The bad influence of the Sun in the 7th house makes a person over-sensitive, and they find it very difficult to deal with conflicts. When challenges set about, they are likely to take a backseat. Besides, they are too judgemental about people in their life.

Sun in 8th House

Positive Effect: The Sun in the 8th house makes the natives perfectionists. They tend to have the quality of being master managers of their life’s difficult situations. They possess a firm and determined personality. This may enable them to achieve new heights in their career or business.

Negative Effect: The Sun in the eighth house makes the married life of the native very difficult. They are not really emotional even in romantic relationships and are often regarded as emotional cannibalism. They are highly introverted, and they may get offended very easily.

Sun in 9th House

Positive Effect: The Sun in the 9th house makes the native inclined towards spirituality. They tend to be generous and like to be engaged in charitable works. They tend to share a very warm and cordial relationship with their relatives and spouse or business partners. They desire peace and harmony in their surroundings.

Negative Effect: The native with the Sun in the ninth house tends to become obsessed with themselves. They may be somewhat arrogant about their moral wisdom and believe that only their views are true and real. This may bring trouble in their life as they may face anxiety issues with other people.

Sun in 10th House

Positive Effect: When the Sun enters the 10th house, it makes a person highly successful in an executive position. They tend to rise in their profession quite fast. The sun will fill them with a burning desire to be on the top, and hence they will work hard to achieve new heights. They are more likely to have a successful career and attend a respectable position.

Negative Effect: The presence of the Sun in the tenth house makes one egoistic. They are likely to feel anxious about living up to their image or the expectations of their family members. The challenge lies in being too emotionally subjective. They are likely to feel emotional whims very frequently.

Sun in 11th House

Positive Effect: Sun in the 11th house individuals are likely to be kind and compassionate. This is a strong indicator that in social life, they will be performing noble humanitarian efforts. They are likely to have a broad social circle and make friends quite easily. At the same time, their organizational abilities are quite good. They are likely to have a wealthy and healthy life.

Negative Effect: On a negative note, the Sun in the eleventh house is likely to give more importance to the group than the individual. They are likely to be more into the welfare of others. This may at times lead them into conflict, anxiety, and disputes with group members.

Sun in 12th House

Positive Effect: The placement of the Sun in the 12th house brings good height to a person’s career with finances. They tend to have a balanced life with good health and wealth. Besides, the individuals are determined to perform best in their work.

Negative Effect: A malefic placement of the Sun in the twelfth house brings financial losses and bitter relations with authority people along with unstable and depressive life paths. It may result in a lack of peace in an individual’s life as they cannot sleep peacefully.

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