Effects of Saturn Transit on 12 Zodiac Signs

Saturn Transit

Saturn (Shani Graha) is known for its heavy, austere, powerful, and dominating nature. Associated with the ideas of structure, organization, and rigidity, it is the karmic foreman of the zodiac who is here to make sure that we do what we are supposed to do.

Thus, the Saturn Transit (Shani Gochar) acts as a kind of cosmic wake-up call, an astrological wake-up call that occurs in the late twenties, fifties, and early eighties.

It is a time of self-reflection and planning and, above all, a way to check whether or not you are on the right path in life in terms of career, romance, and relationships with friends and family.

If you are not on the right track, Saturn helps you readjust. When it comes to Saturn’s transit, it’s important to level up and give all aspects of life a cosmic makeover. Putting in the work will provide great results, as the Saturn transit rewards those who are evolving their lives and spirit.

Know how a transit of Saturn affects twelve zodiac signs.

1. Saturn in Aries (Weak)

Saturn reflects its most negative manifestations in Aries. People born during the Saturn period in Aries are often irritable, moody, and pessimistic. They complain about life and try to teach others, but they themselves don’t want to see the world. The best way out of this circumstance is to change your lifestyle in favor of Saturn – self-discipline, asceticism, faith in God, and constant work on yourself.

Effect of Saturn when in Aries

  • Increased irritability and moodiness
  • Pessimistic views
  • The habit of complaining about life
  • Striving to teach others
  • Reluctance to know and understand the world around you
  • Indiscipline

2. Saturn in Taurus (strong)

That person is capable of achieving their goals anyway. These business people move on regardless of the opinion of others. Often petty, it doesn’t waste money. People born in the position of Saturn in Taurus often persist in obtaining financial benefits.

Effect of Saturn when in Taurus

  • Ability to achieve beneficial results no matter what
  • Assertiveness and determined
  • Independence from public opinion
  • Economy, bordering on pettiness
  • Strive for material well-being

3. Saturn in Gemini (Mixed)

This person loves to talk about any topic, but at the same time, they can forget. “Language” often becomes an issue for these people. You need to be able to control your emotions and not argue too much for your point of view alone. Also, the position of Saturn in Gemini brings in a calm mind. They get special success in politics and the diplomatic field. They lack kindness and goodwill. A person has a special attachment to literature, music, and beauty.

Effect of Saturn when in Gemini

  • Sociability and chattering
  • Inability to control emotions
  • Reluctance to accept someone else’s point of view
  • Cool mind

4. Saturn in Cancer (Unpleasant)

The position of the planet Saturn (malefic planet) in Cancer is one of the most unpleasant. Life is constantly accompanied by anguish and problems. A person, as a rule, is pessimistic, dull, and not particularly happy with life.

Even with luck, they will still be under pressure and in a bad mood. In this case, you have to pull yourself together and follow the rules of “communication” with Saturn – lead a modest lifestyle, don’t limp, and work hard.

They have a strong sense of selfishness. They feel a lack of happiness from the maternal side. When the Mahadasha of Saturn is in Cancer, then they suffer special problems. In the Mahadasha of Saturn, there is turmoil, mental disturbance, and being unwell in family life.

Effect of Saturn on Cancer’s Character

  • Depressed mood
  • Pessimistic view of life
  • Inability to rejoice
  • Tendency to depression

5. Saturn in Leo (Mixed)

Ambitious, stubborn, and decisive – these are the main characteristics of a person born in the position of Saturn in the sign of Leo. A person will not disappear; they will constantly strive for themselves, even though he knows that nothing will come out of it. These people, as a rule, do not know how to accept or even listen to other points of view.

The person is skillful and diligent in his work. A person affected by Saturn in this zodiac will stick to his words. When Saturn’s Mahadasha moves in this sign in transit, they have to work very hard at that time. Unnecessarily there is a loss of money, and hopeless thoughts keep coming into the mind.

Effect of Saturn when in Leo

  • Ambition and persistence
  • The ability to achieve your goal despite obstacles
  • An inclination to take risks and adventures
  • Inability to accept another person’s point of view

6. Saturn in Virgo (Pleasant)

This position is quite interesting. People born with Saturn in Virgo themselves begin to look for obstacles to reach any goal. They always have problems, even where they shouldn’t be. Obstacles are often invented. Try to make life easier and simply achieve your goals without undue problems.

They are benevolent and virtuous. Those who have Saturn in this zodiac are wealthy and powerful. They are less talkative and interested in writing and serious subjects. They are involved in social work. They are believers in traditionalism and old ideas. In the Mahadasha of Saturn, they get fame and profit in this zodiac.

Effect of Saturn when in Virgo

  • The tendency to independently create problems and to invent obstacles
  • Complex and pessimistic attitude toward life
  • Inability to complete what was started

7. Saturn in Libra (Pleasant)

Saturn gives good results in Libra and can expect excellent times. It makes a person self-respecting, ambitious, and skilled in the art of speech. It makes a person independent-minded and intelligent. It provides a financially strong and efficient mental ability.

With Saturn in Libra at birth, a person is fortunate. Everything works out, and things happen exactly as the person intended. All plans are destined to come true. As a rule, they know how to organize their lives clearly and are punctual and fair. Typically, the person is in a leadership position.

Effect of Saturn when in Libra

  • Ability to plan and strictly follow the planned program
  • Poise and calm
  • Organization and punctuality
  • Greater sense of justice
  • Leadership skill

8. Saturn in Scorpio (Unpleasant)

When Saturn is in Scorpio in a person’s birth chart (natal chart), he is distinguished by a pronounced restriction, both emotional and sexual. It is difficult for them to express their emotions; it is difficult to determine how a person born in the Saturn-Scorpio position treats others. He is inclined to get involved with esoterism and loves mysticism. As a rule, he doesn’t appreciate what he has.

They have a sense of pride and detachment. Their nature is serious and jealous. When the Mahadasha of Saturn moves in this zodiac, there is financial loss and honor and respect.

Effect of Saturn when in Scorpio

  • Ability to contain impulses and emotions
  • Secrecy and suspicion
  • Inability to value available goods

9. Saturn in Sagittarius (Pleasant)

When Saturn is in this sign, it makes a person practical and knowledgeable. The person is hardworking and kind-minded—one who works with shrewdness and wisdom and believes in favor of others. When the Mahadasha of Saturn moves in this zodiac, then the person gets happiness and good results. Success comes during Mahadasha in the field of education.

They are quite perfectionists, striving to teach people how to live right. Furthermore, morality and purity come first. That’s not too bad a trait, but you need to watch the measure and not harass others with lectures on morality. Try to relax and do something useful. Find a hobby or learn to use the middle ground in your teaching.

Effect of Saturn when in Sagittarius

  • Inclination to idealize the surrounding world
  • The desire to teach others
  • Obsession with morality and ethics.

10. Saturn in Capricorn (Very Pleasant)

This is the most successful place for Saturn. All of Saturn’s good traits and characteristics are concentrated here – hard work, justice, the ability to control oneself and to organize one’s life. These people are successful in everything, and they are not afraid of difficulties. They overcome them easily and don’t even notice the obstacles.

Saturn gives them progress in business, economic benefits, and property. Saturn makes their nature suspicious. Sometimes, the feeling of greed and selfishness can reside in them. To maintain success, you need to calm your arrogance. Saturn doesn’t like pride.

Saturn Effects when in Capricorn

  • Hard work and perseverance
  • Honesty and justice
  • Incredible composure
  • Organizational skills
  • Calm attitude in the face of difficulties
  • Self-love and arrogance

11. Saturn in Aquarius (Medium)

This position characterizes people who seek to know the spiritual essence of themselves and the world. Often a person joins various religious groups; he is in search of himself and the meaning of life. Spiritual saturation sometimes brings problems; sometimes, people become real fanatics – this is the extreme of Saturn. It is necessary to learn how to interact with both the soul and the material world – to find a happy medium.

On the financial front, they usually flourish. Successful and intelligent in the diplomatic field. Suffers from eye diseases. Behavior is efficient and rich in luck.

Effect of Saturn when in Aquarius

  • Strive for spiritual development
  • The constant search for the meaning of life
  • The trend to extremes.

12. Saturn in Pisces (Unpleasant)

This sign and planet position characterizes people who are not able to make their own decisions. These Pisces natives rather prefer to sit in a corner and continue swimming with the flow of life’s circumstances. This philosophy does not lead to a successful career. It is necessary to recompose and learn to manage life, to make decisions. One has to learn to act; otherwise, dreams will remain dreams.

When Saturn is situated in Pisces, it increases a person’s seriousness. The person is jealous of others and ambitious. When Saturn is in this zodiac, the person is generous and respected in society. Saturn also maintains its financial condition normal.

Effect of Saturn when in Pisces

  • The intrigues of evildoers
  • Deterioration of health
  • Problems with the law
  • Manifestation of supernatural abilities

Saturn Transit and Houses

The position of Saturn in different houses affects the personal life and professional life of people. Here is how it looks as Saturn travels through different houses.

HouseHouse TraitsImpact of Saturn Transit
1st houseHouse of individual identityGood to start health-related regimes
2nd houseHouse of FinanceBusiness natives prone to loss of business finance and family problems
3rd houseHouse of communicationAffects the mannerisms of your communication and information
4th houseHouse of roots or familyMaintain good relations with family
5th houseHouse of CreativityGive bad results
6th houseHouse of service and healthDebts, diseases, and disputes
7th houseHouse of partnersDelays marriage
8th houseHouse of regenerationChallenge to transform and redefine yourself
9th houseHouse of mental explorationBad results and inauspicious
10th houseHouse of CareerPushes for patience
11th houseHouse of hopes and wishesSuccess in business and cordial relationships
12th houseHouse of self-undoingForces you to face yourself

The impact of Saturn’s transit will not be good for Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer. Unmarried or married natives in the government sector, private sector job holders, business owners, or impeccable social lives of these zodiac signs might not be in a comfortable position. Major health issues, drowning financial position, dexterity in conversation, and negative social status are major issues to be seen. 

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