Pisces and Sagittarius Compatibility Based on Vedic Astrology

Pisces and Sagittarius Compatibility

What happens when a carefree fire sign tries to have a strong bond with an emotional water sign? A long-term, committed relationship or an emotional turmoil! Obviously, a later one!

Sagittarius and Pisces have a strong physical attraction, but that’s where their compatibility ends. Though both signs are always searching for the meaning of life, these signs cannot give each other a sense of security and comfort.

Sagittarius is freedom-loving and will not be able to give Pisces attention and devotion. Sagittarians are not always careful in their expressions, which can hurt the other person. There is the love compatibility between the signs, but the union is unlikely to succeed.

Pisces and Sagittarius Compatibility

Pisces and Sagittarius Compatibility

Sagittarius zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Jupiter (Brihaspati), a Planet of Abundance. Under the influence of Jupiter, Sagittarius natives are expansive and optimistic and like to expand their horizons through travel and academia. In this way, it is a philosophically spiritualized sign.

Jupiter, the biggest planet, also rules Pisces’ zodiac sign; they are romantic, dreamy, intuitive, and like to devote themselves to people. It is a sign that has a very strong connection with spirituality.

The way the two signs demonstrate spirituality, then, is very different. While Sagittarius is more expansive, Pisces is completely inward-looking. So they can learn a lot from each other, especially if they’re willing to compromise.

However, Sagittarius and Pisces both being mutable signs do not harmonize particularly well. This is mainly because Sagittarius is ruled by the element of fire (Agni Tatva), and the other by the element of water (Jal Tatva). This combination can cause problems when it comes to finding a partner. They are signs of elements that do not usually get along.

If done poorly, the Sagittarius and Pisces couple can end in disaster, as water ends fire, and fire makes water boil until it evaporates.

General Compatibility of Pisces and Sagittarius

Pisces and Sagittarius people are representatives of the opposite elements – water and fire, so the contradictions in their characters and outlook are not surprising. An interest unites these people in everything new and a desire for change.

Sagittarius and Pisces people can work together harmoniously, but only if both are passionate about their work. They are not so distinct in the enterprise’s success as they are interested in the idea itself, so both work diligently to benefit the common cause.

The love affair between Sagittarius and Pisces is often based on common interests. So, lovers do not risk getting bogged down in constant confrontation and clarification of relations. They should be more tolerant of each other and ignore the insignificant details.

Compatibility of Pisces and Sagittarius in Various Aspects of Life

Let’s look at the compatibility of the fire and water signs in different aspects of life:

Love Compatibility between Pisces and Sagittarius

If people born under these opposite signs fall in love with each other, many emotions may await them ahead of their path. True, not always joyful. Personality differences will cause all unpleasant events on the love front.

Pisces natives are cautious and homely. They prefer a quiet evening in the family circle to noisy parties and adventures. Sagittarius natives are, on the contrary, seekers of adventure, something new and exciting. Such impulses of theirs often disturb their romantic partners – Pisces.

In general, the love of these two opposite signs is an eternal struggle of contradictions and interests. But this contradiction does not mean that they don’t have any future. If there is love, people will be able to find a compromise or middle ground. To do this, Sagittarians need to be more tolerant and sensitive to their partner’s desire for peace, and Pisces to give a little more freedom to their chosen one. It is more of a mental connection rather than an emotional one.

Pisces Sagittarius Sexual compatibility

The sexual life between these partners is full of misunderstanding and the desire to prove their case. The emotional intimacy between Sagittarius and Pisces determines the presence of serious contradictions. Pisces is a sensuous sign that loves to live in a world of dreams and fantasies.

Physical intimacy is full of erotic games, role plays, and seductive activities for maintaining the spark. The physical relationship will enhance the crucial aspects of an entire relationship. Sagittarius is an inconsistent sign. Their sex life will quickly get bored with the embrace of Pisces, devoid of the passion that Sagittarius would like to feel. Therefore, the physical union is difficult from all points of view.

Pisces Sagittarius Marriage Compatibility

The compatibility of a couple in marriage is at a reasonably low level. Often, Pisces and Sagittarius find it difficult to start a family life and conclude that they should get a divorce. The situation in this family is complicated because none of the spouses will take responsibility and leadership.

Everyone will begin to expect the impossible from the second half, and as soon as the needs are unsatisfied, irritation will arise in the relationship. To save the marriage, Sagittarius and Pisces will have to make a lot of effort, which not everyone will do.

Pisces Work Compatibility with Sagittarius

In matters of work, people born under these signs can form a strong tandem. Sagittarians have unstoppable energy that hits the edge, and Pisces have the necessary patience to correct their partner. These signs look at the same problem but from different angles.

Sagittarians evaluate everything in general terms and think big, while Pisces focus on details. This approach allows them to avoid senseless mistakes in joint work. The partnership of these two signs is almost always based on mutual respect. And if Sagittarius and Pisces could find the right balance, then success in all endeavors is guaranteed.

Sagittarius Pisces friendship compatibility

It cannot be called the easy and laid-back compatibility of Sagittarius and Pisces in friendship because Fire and Water are already two different elements.

Each of them dreams of a fun friendship firmly and sincerely, but making their relationship such will be more difficult. Both moods change too often and rapidly, so adjusting to each other is hard. Pisces do not tolerate deceit, and Sagittarius cannot be permanent in nature.

If these signs turn out to have an amazing friendship, these intuitive personalities can be friends for life. Biggest Jokesters Sagittarius and Anxious nature Pisces in a lasting relationship is something to look for endless entertainment.

Communication between Pisces and Sagittarius

Communication can be quite complicated, as Sagittarius can kick back with their frankness and way of being straight to the point. So, even if it’s not their intention, they can say something that makes Pisces heartbroken, and that’s when the crying spells start. In this way, communication between Sagittarius and Pisces is always walking on eggshells, as any conversation can turn into a big fight if both don’t learn to control themselves.

Luckily, the spiritual and philosophical side of both can benefit the communication between Sagittarius and Pisces, as there will be many topics related to the mystic, philosophy, the meaning of existence, etc.

Sagittarius Relationship with Pisces is not a disaster if common ground is met. Some loyal signs Pisces can adapt to Blunt remarks from Sagittarius. The philosophical cravings between both signs are key to Healthy relationships. However, that might be always the case. The compatibility depends upon the astrological aspect of planets and their position as mentioned in the birth chart. Wanna Know more? Ask an Astrologer service is here to help.