Pisces Woman – Personality Traits and Facts

Pisces Woman Traits

Many factors influence the construction of an individual’s personality, especially that of a woman who goes through countless difficulties solely because of her gender. That’s why analyzing a person’s actions and thoughts can be highly complicated.

In this scenario, however, some techniques can help us right now. Vedic Astrology, for example, is highly effective since its main objective is to study how the stars and planets influence an individual’s life and their main characteristics.

Pisces Woman Traits

Today we are talking about Pisces Women, their personality, and some interesting facts about them. So, let’s jump to the content, shall we?

Before jumping, let us remind you Lupita Nyong’o, Rihana, Elizabeth Taylor, Dakota Fanning, and Rashida Jones are perfect Pisces ladies who achieved immense success. Maybe you are on the verge of becoming like them.

Pisces, According to Vedic Astrology

Pisces is the 12th final sign of the zodiac cycle. This Zodiac sign’s element is water, which explains very well its nature of being very soft and graceful. The symbol of this sign shows pair of fish that represent their dual personality, swimming in the opposite direction.

Jupiter is the lord of water element dominant Pisces, so they are full of spiritual qualities like their Lord Brihaspati. They are considered one of the zodiac’s most promising and holy signs due to the lord planet Jupiter and Varna being Brahman.

Pisces sign exists from the last phase of Purva Bhadrapada till the last phase of Revati Nakshatra. The expansion of Pisces is from 330 degrees to 360 degrees. The ascendant sign of Pisces is Brikha (Taurus), and the malefic planet is Shukra (Venus).

Its causative planets are Surya (Sun), Mangal (Mars), and Brihaspati (Jupiter). Mangal is the owner of the second and ninth house of this sign, Moon (Chandrama) rules the fifth house, Budha Graha (Mercury) rules the fourth and seventh house, and Shukra (Venus) is the ruler of the third and eighth house. Shani (Saturn), the ruler of the eleventh and twelfth house, is considered the malefic planet for this sign.

Pisces Woman Personality

Pisces is one of the dreamiest signs in the entire zodiac. A Piscean personality is of creative people, and it’s practically impossible to get bored around her. However, a Piscean lady also suffers, as she lives so long in the moon world that they find it challenging to adapt to the harsh reality.

Delicate, the Piscean woman is notably even more amiable. Optimistic, she likes to share every moment of her life with those she loves and always seeks to ensure the happiness of her loved ones.

Being very sensitive, the Piscean woman strongly connects with the spiritual universe. Thus, she tends to believe in supernatural things and follows her sixth sense, using it as a personal compass that almost always gives good results, a special gift from the zodiac.

Pisces Woman – In Love

The Piscean woman’s sensitivity makes her fall in love quickly and very intensely with a person. She gives herself body and soul to her partner and expects him to meet all her expectations, needs, and dreams. Although she seeks romantic relationships and quality time, a long-lasting relationship is often scarce if compatible signs are not found.

All a lady with Pisces Traits needs is a man with a Taurus sign. A perfect match of a sensitive nature lady and a caring partner, gentlemen! And not to forget a Pisces lover practices patience.

Pisces Woman – with Friends and Family

One of the Pisces woman’s main characteristics is to see everyone around her happy. That’s why she is a very dedicated person in all her relationships. Piscean woman sees no difference between friends and family. For her, family is not always made of blood; friends can also be part of this bond, while she becomes very close to several loved ones.

Pisces woman – In professional life

Being very dreamy, the Pisces woman is also highly creative. This makes her do well in business, as she can easily develop impressive new projects and solutions. Dedicated, Enthusiastic nature, Pisces is not content with anything but the best, and this factor makes it stand out precisely for consistently offering the best results in everything it proposes. She suits best as a social worker and prefers a safe environment for work.

Pisces Woman – Positive Traits

Piscean women tend to be optimistic. This makes her look at the world differently and enjoy even the simplest moments. Thus, it is possible to say that she leads her life in a very light and pleasant way.

Pisces Woman – Negative Traits

While Pisces living in the moon world is beneficial in some parts of its life, it can also bring specific problems. That’s because the woman ruled by this sign ends up falling in love with a version of the world that doesn’t exist. Thus, facing a harsh reality can be a shock, which generates excellent discomfort, interferes in their relationships, especially romantic ones, and even creates some existential questions.

Pisces Woman Facts

You may want to know some facts about Pisces Women that you may be unaware of.

Malefics and Favorable

  • Deities to worship: Kula, Pitri, and Lord Vishnu
  • Lucky gems to wear: Rashi Ratna Pushparaj, Bhagyaratna Muga
  • Ominous gems: diamond or opal
  • Lucky Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
  • Lucky Planets: Neptune and Jupiter
  • Inauspicious signs: Leo, Libra, Aquarius
  • Lucky days: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday
  • Unlucky days: Wednesday and Friday
  • Auspicious direction: North, East
  • Ominous direction: West
  • Lucky Numbers: 1, 5, 8, 9
  • Unlucky numbers: 2, 7
  • Auspicious color: yellow
  • Ominous color: bright colors, white

Interesting Facts about Pisces Women

  1. Pisces is one of the water signs, which symbolizes its ability to intuit and deepen spiritually.
  2. Her rhythm is changeable because the Pisces woman can adapt to different situations, taking the form that the occasion demands.
  3. Pisces women are sensitive, romantic, dreamy, and consider affection essential.
  4. A Pisces woman must be shown love and trust to feel safe and secure.
  5. She is sensitive and understanding and often succeeds in careers where empathy is needed.
  6. A Pisces girl has excellent sensitivity, making her dramatic, sentimental, and melancholy when she doesn’t have the attention of those she likes.
  7. As she has an intense imaginative capacity, she must avoid brooding, making her commit injustices.
  8. She knows how to take care of people like no one else. And she can deal with subtle energies, seeking healing from the suffering of others.
  9. She gets pretty hurt by cold people who look down on her, don’t pay attention to her feelings, or even shut down and don’t show their feelings.
  10. A Pisces woman is looking for someone who understands her need for solitude and privacy. The Pisces girl dreams of a relationship without charge.

A Piscean lady is not just a fish swimming in the opposite direction. She is creative, a dreamer, a devoted partner, and has a sensitive personality. These Noble people might feel a bit of panic in difficult times, but these ideal lovers know how to maintain a life balance.