Krishna Mantra for Parenthood – Santan Gopal Mantra

Yashoda and Baby Krishna

Known as a form of Lord Krishna, Santan Gopal symbolizes the divine child form, exemplifying innocence and purity. Santan Gopal Mantra is associated with संतान प्राप्ति (attainment of children).

This powerful mantra is chanted by expectant mothers and those desiring intelligent children, acting as a shield against negative energies during the prepartum and postpartum stages.

Deeply rooted in ancient Indian traditions, the Santan Gopal Mantra promises to deliver vibratory energies that resonate with prosperity, excellent health, and happiness for children.

Yashoda and Baby Krishna

Significance of Santan Gopal Mantra

Lord Krishna’s birth story is well-known. His mother, Devaki, and his father, Vasudeva, faced many difficulties when he was born. To protect Krishna from his uncle Kansa, who wanted to harm him due to an old prophecy, his father had to risk his life to take him to a safe place with Nanda Dev.

The obstacles of Lord Krishna’s birth and his childhood have been shared for a very long time. He was continuously threatened with life and death always circulated around him. He tackled all threats and became the wisest guru who taught us the meaning of life through his Bhagwat Baadi. 

Following his lessons and mantras can bring joy to parents-to-be and keep the mother and the baby safe. Santan Gopal Mantra is the best chanting you can do for your offspring and mother’s health. Before we go to mantras, remember these steps:

  • Take a bath when you wake up in the morning. Next, sit in front of a Krishna statue.
  • Use a tulsi mala (a bead necklace) while you’re saying the mantra – it’s believed to help you get more blessings.
  • You should also use special flowers called Swet Pushp or Peet Pushp during your prayer. These flowers are often colored blue or yellow, just like Krishna, and make your prayer more special.

Santan Gopal Mantra

ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं क्लीं ग्लौं देवकीसुत गोविन्द

वासुदेव जगत्पते देहि मे तनयं कृष्ण त्वामहं शरणं गतः

Om Shreeng Hreeng Kleeng Glaung Devakisut Govind

Vasudev Jagatpate Dehi Me Tanayam Krishn Tvaamaham Sharanam Gatah


ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं क्लीं ग्लौं” – These are bija mantras, or seed sounds, that energize the mantra. 

देवकीसुत” – This means ‘Son of Devaki’, referring to Lord Krishna, who was born to mother Devaki.

गोविन्द” – Another name for Lord Krishna, it symbolizes one who brings joy or who is the protector of cows (a sacred animal in Hinduism).

वासुदेव” – The name of Lord Krishna’s father, Vasudev. It also signifies Krishna himself as the divine being who dwells in all beings.

जगत्पते” – This translates to ‘Lord of the universe’, indicating the all-encompassing power and presence of Lord Krishna.

देहि मे तनयं” – This phrase requests ‘Grant me a son’. However, it is not gender-specific and can be interpreted as ‘bless me with a child’.

कृष्ण त्वामहं शरणं गतः” – This means ‘Krishna, I seek your refuge’. It is a humble submission to Lord Krishna’s divine power and guidance.

Oh, Om, Son of Devaki and Vasudeva, the Lord of Universe, Bless me with a child, I seek refuge in you, my Lord Krishna.

Way to chant and benefits

Best time to chant: Shukla paksha or Chandravali or Subh nakshatra (after taking a bath)

The expecting mothers should chant this mantra 125000 times by facing Lord Santhana’s idol or image.


  • Provide blessing of children,
  • Remove the obstacle of not having a child,
  • Intelligent and beautiful offspring, and,
  • Best for those who had miscarriages.

Shri Krishna Santan Prapti mantra

ॐ क्लीं गोपालवेषधराय वासुदेवाय हुं फट स्वाह:

Om Kleeng Gopalveshadhaaraay Vaasudevaay Hum Phat Swahaa


“ॐ” – This is the universal sound.

क्लीं” – This is a bija (seed) mantra associated with attraction and enchantment. 

गोपालवेषधराय” – This compound word can be broken down into “Gopal” + “Vesh” + “Dharay.” “Gopal” is another name for Lord Krishna, indicating his role as a protector of cows. “Vesh” refers to form or attire, and “Dharay” means to wear or hold.

वासुदेवाय” – This term again refers to Krishna, meaning the son of Vasudev, and is a common epithet used in many mantras invoking Krishna.

हुं फट” – These are Bija mantras often found in tantric practices and are used to invoke divine energy and dispel obstacles or negativity.

स्वाह:” – This term is frequently used to conclude a mantra. It serves as an offering, a kind of spiritual surrender to the divine.

Om, Lord Krishna in the attire of cowherd, son of Vasudeva, remove obstacles from my life, I surrender to you.

How to chant and benefits

Best time to chant: Early morning after a bath

This mantra is for women trying to conceive a child. Chant this 28 times a day for 96 days in front of Lord Krishna’s idol/image.


  • Give blessings from Lord Krishna,
  • Blesses for conceiving a child, and
  • Heal underlying diseases that are stopping pregnancy in mothers.

Santan Prapti mantra

ॐ नमो भगवते जगत्प्रसूतये नमः

Om Namo Bhagavate Jagatprasutaye Namah


“ॐ” – Often considered the primordial sound from which the entire universe emanated, it represents the supreme reality.

नमो” – This means ‘salutations’ or ‘adoration’. It’s an act of expressing reverence and respect.

भगवते” – This translates to ‘the divine’ or ‘the lord’. It is a term used to address a deity or a divine entity.

जगत्प्रसूतये” – This is a compound of “Jagat” meaning ‘the world’ or ‘universe’ and “prasūtaye” meaning ‘the origin’ or ‘the creator’. Together, the phrase addresses the ‘creator of the universe’.

नमः” – This is another form of ‘namo’, reinforcing the act of salutation and surrender to the divine entity.

Om, I bow to the divine, the originator of the universe.

How to chant and benefits

Best time to chant: Early morning after the bath

This mantra is beneficial for couples trying to conceive a child. Both parents can chant this mantra 28 times a day for 96 days in front of Lord Krishna’s idol or image.


  • Give strength to the mother during childbirth,
  • Remove health issues from newborns,
  • Cancel out any post-pregnancy issues for the mother, and
  • Speedy pregnancy recovery of the mother.

Santan Gopal Mantra serves as a unique and powerful conduit in the journey of parenting, assisting in attaining children and safeguarding the mother during the prepartum and postpartum stages. The vibratory energies emitted by the mantra can help eliminate negative influences, promoting a space of positivity and well-being.

Beyond a simple chant, the rituals and offerings associated with the Santan Gopal Mantra highlight the importance of reverence and devotion in achieving desired results. With the power of this mantra, let us strive for a world where every child is welcomed with joy, protection, and the blessings of Shri Krishna.