Scorpio (वृश्चिक or Vrishchika) is among the most powerful zodiac signs like Taurus (वृष or Brish) and Leo (सिंह or Sihma). A Scorpio woman can be alluring, sensual, and secretive. Moreover, navagrahas like Mars (Mangal) and Pluto (Yam) rule on Scorpio. Thus, these fixed water sign women are born fighters filled with self-confidence and resources.

By nature, they are calm and inactive. But, don’t get fooled as they can be violent if someone provokes them. So, act carefully in front of Scorpio women. Besides that, women of this zodiac are very emotional. However, they barely express them to others. If they want to express their feelings somehow, they will follow a different approach than their corresponding water sign.

Knowing and understanding what is going inside their mind can be challenging as they are full of secrets. That’s why Scorpio woman is one of the most peculiar zodiac signs. In the first instance, externally, these women can appear dark, cold, and stubborn. However, they are emotional, soft, intuitive, intelligent and full of passion internally.

Scorpio Woman Traits

Scorpio Woman Positive Traits

Courageous – Having a Scorpio woman as a partner can always be obliging under challenging situations as these brave ladies have no fear. Without having a second thought, they will jump into the problems before anyone and try their best to handle them confidently.

Alluring – Scorpio woman is capable of drawing everyone’s attention when she enters the room. As her appealing beauty and personality are both very magnetic. Thus, Scorpio women can make a strong presence even in large crowds.

Purposeful – Vrishchick Rashi ladies are very ambitious and determined. They know what to expect from life. To achieve it, they will do their best. Once they set their mind, then it is impossible to distract them from their goals. Their high level of patience and concentration assists them in achieving their ultimate goals.

Loyal – Winning the heart of a Scorpio woman can be a challenging task. Nonetheless, if you are successful in doing so, she will always be on your side for a lifetime. In each step of life, either good or bad, she will support and walk side by side with you, overcoming all those hurdles that come to you.

Honesty – One thing that every Scorpio Woman detests is lies or dishonesty. But, as an honest sign, they always speak and crave truth no matter how hurtful it is. Their intuitive ability can help them to sense if other people are telling the truth or not. If they discover them lying, they don’t bother to leave them even if they are her friends or loved ones.

Resourceful – As a water sign, Vrishchick Rashi women are creative, intelligent, and possess vast imagination. They always find new ideas and concepts to entertain themselves as well as others. Even in a difficult situation, they can use their immense creativity and resources to solve any problems immediately.

Intuitive – These emotional water sign women are known for their intuition. Even without considering the evidence, they can understand things. Such qualities of a Scorpio woman can help understand the feelings of her partners and loved ones.

Secretive – If you want to share anything, then Scorpio woman is the one as she will keep and carry your secrets to the grave. Also, she is not open to everyone. That’s why you can say Scorpio woman is the deep ocean of secrets.

Scorpio Woman Negative Traits

Envy – Scorpio women feel everything intensely, including jealousy. They envy others achievement and progress as they consider the whole nine yards as a competition.

Stubborn – Everything needs to be in an appropriate amount including stubbornness. However, being over stubborn creates negativity. Scorpio women barely change their ideas and thoughts. Moreover, they do not prefer to compromise and try out new things, resulting in them struggling in a new environment.

Controlling – Since they are natural leaders, they always desire to control others. In addition, a Scorpio woman detests being controlled by others. They always think their guidance is the ideal one to be successful. Such an attitude will bring misunderstanding and problems in a relationship.

Reticent – Although you can share your thoughts and feelings with Scorpio women, you won’t be able to gain and understand theirs in return. Furthermore, since these women are reserved, you won’t understand what’s going on in their mind, which can be problematic in a relationship.

Resentful – Don’t ever mess up with Scorpio, ladies. Unlike other zodiac women, they tend to hold grudges towards people who hurt them. Therefore, they will try their best to take revenge to satisfy themselves.

Interesting Scorpio Woman Facts

  • They will bring extra excitement in an intimate relationship as they zest on experiments.
  • Scorpio-born ladies love adventure and traveling outside.
  • Unlike other zodiacs, Scorpio ladies don’t feel shy.
  • Scorpio women enjoy earning and spending money.
  • They are fond of fame and reputation.
  • Without any reason, they won’t do anything.
  • If you hurt her, she can be heartless and vindictive.
  • A perfect blend of simple and sexy features.
  • She hates people who lack discernment.
  • She never forgets things quickly.
  • Scorpio women can be violently truthful as she doesn’t like to be fake.
  • She adores checking everything in detail.
  • Among all zodiacs, the Scorpio woman is the most envied one.
(Last Updated On: July 20, 2021)