The Beauty of Religious Tourism is in its journey

You will seldom find religious places in India and Nepal which do not involve footing a tough terrain. Sometimes, it is a remote location and reaching the temple site is a treacherous drive on roads. Other times, God’s abode is located in the mountains and high-altitude areas. You can reach the temple using modern or traditional transport, like a horse ride to visit the Vaishnodevi shrine or a helicopter ride to reach its top. It is a modern convenience with many pitfalls for our environment and body. Here is why you should avoid it until not required.

It means fiddling with nature as it causes a disturbance in the quiet surroundings of a holy place. 

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The best case is an example here is the Kedarnath and Badrinath nature attacks. Many reasons identified for the cause of the calamity underlined only one point – don’t mess with nature, for it will mess with you too.

Most of these trekking routes are mapped out and developed now. 

Why do you need to take a horse to pray to God? HE is everywhere, and if praying is your only purpose of finding God at greater heights, you are not giving it its due. Holy shrines are not just to pray and leave; it is a complete journey to mentally and physically rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. And if there is no exertion, then it’s not worth going there.

Make the journey on foot and in the best spirits.

Hindu pilgrims walk to sacred Gosainkunda Lake high in the Nepali Himalayas.
On August full moon, Hindu pilgrims walk to sacred Gosainkunda Lake high in the Nepali Himalayas. Pic copyright Timothy Allen. http:/

There should be nothing to stop you from taking a journey to reach the holy shrine. It is full of nature, serene surroundings, local cultural activities, the warmth of people, and God abiding people; walk this journey where you only bond for one reason. Don’t just miss this opportunity by taking shortcuts to reach God. 

Besides, you realize abundant energy rests inside you.

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Some people call it the power of God, and others call it the practice of fitness. It is good to stretch yourself beyond set limits, nothing but mental blockages. It is good to challenge your mental and physical abilities, wake them up, and unleash your real potential. It is good to be so independent in mind and spirit both. Set yourself free of all self-created limits and mental blockages. This way, you will feel truly blessed in life.

Talking to the locals along the way is a lifetime experience to cherish.

You learn many new things about life, and you never know which inspires you the most. Also, this nature bonding is a welcome respite from the stressful environment we live in. It would be best if you spent maximum time in open and unadulterated nature form. If you notice, the hilly area air will not tire you the same way as your city does. Walking 10 km in hilly terrain is easier than walking 2-3 km in a city. You can also click on some good pictures to save memories. If you are a good photographer, you will enjoy it even better.

Undoubtedly, you miss all this action when you make the trip sitting in the comfort of an airplane. A journey on foot wandering in nature is likable, and you can do so at will and your time.