30+ Vastu Tips For Good Health and Well-being

Vastu Tips For Good Health

Maintaining a decorous relation between Humans and the environment is what Vastu Shastra is all about. It is an essential principle of Vastu to create a balance between our surroundings and well-being. Hence, the generalization of Vastu Shastra can profitably be applied to the correct arrangement to get the supreme welfare of the energy emitted by a natural and man-made environment.

These days people are in search of ways to have good health and well-being. People are mostly conscious about maintaining good food habits and daily arrangement in such a way that balances body and environment. Hence, Vastu Shastra has been great guidance to achieve healthy human habits for all.

Vastu Tips for Health and Well Being

Vastu Tips For Good Health

Here are a few Vastu tips on maintaining human well-being and good health.

  1. Avoid keeping leaning head towards the North direction while sleeping, rather keep it towards South or East only, to achieve peaceful and restful sleep for a healthy life.
  2. Always face, either North or East while working, studying, or negotiating with clients. It helps increase sharp memory resulting in the ability to make proper and faster decisions and at the right time.
  3. Avoid facing South or South-West while cooking, eating, or drinking. It is most preferable to face towards the East/West for better taste, digestion & a healthy body.
  4. The best way of eating is by being seated on the floor as it is considered the healthiest way of eating as per the Vastu. Besides, one should avoid eating on the bed as it causes mental stress.
  5. Never leave the dirty utensils and crockery in the sink after a meal as it may create a smell and disturb the mood at home. Similarly, leaving them overnight leads to negative energy, which one may experience the next day as well.
  6. Having a door at the back while cooking may lead to backache, pain in the legs, shoulders, and even cervical which should be taken care of while designing the kitchen and dining.
  7. Never sit or work or sleep under a beam as it may cause depression, headache, or loss of memory.
  8. Light a candle or lamp daily in the northeast direction. It promotes good health.
  9. Constant dripping or leakage of taps produces negative energy and signifies deterioration in health. There shouldn’t be a dripping tap or any kind of leakage in the pipes.
  10. Avoid constructing the toilet and the kitchen together. Place the two at a distance from each other.
  11. East is considered the best direction for cooking and eating, as it promotes effective digestion and good health.
  12. A pregnant woman should avoid sleeping in the northeastern direction to prevent chances of abortion or miscarriage.
  13. A bed with storage space leads to brain and heart-related ailments. Also, avoid sleeping on wrought iron beds; opt for simple wooden beds.
  14. Avoid sleeping under light beams as it leads to depression, headache, and memory loss.
  15. Do not place your bed in front of the mirror as it causes nightmares.
  16. Never align your bed with the toilet wall as that brings negative energy.
  17. Keep mobile phones and other gadgets away from bed to have a sound sleep.
  18. Never leave the clothes discarded on the floor or laying around here and there as it leads to mental stress and spreads negative energy.
  19. Never wear dirty clothes or clothes with creases on any important or auspicious day as it may bring low self-confidence and negative thoughts.
  20. Always keep the footwear properly and separate the indoor and outdoor footwear as it exposes harmful microorganisms. And if seen any footwear turned Upside down then immediately correct it.
  21. Never forget to clean the house daily as it freshens up the mood and helps to be energized all day long.
  22. Do not keep a broom standing upright or leave it in a place such that you step on it or walk over it.
  23. Never store in things such as cracked/chipped glasses, fused bulbs, broken-down clocks, irreparable electronic objects, etc. It brings bad energy and blocks financial flow in a home. Such things should be immediately discarded from home as soon as possible after finding out.
  24. Do not forget to clean out all the Spider webs from every corner of the house as it may cause planets like Rahu, Ketu, and Shani to create negativity and affect work.
  25. Never forget to worship, pray or meditate early in the morning as that uplifts the good vibes and energizes you all day keeping aside the negative energy.
  26. Never leave the drinking water open. Always cover it with a lid.
  27. Never ever keep big jars of water in the bedroom as it may lead to health-related issues and brings in bad dreams.
  28. Always keep the windows of north and east direction open as it brings in the positive energy in the house. Hence let the airflow in and take away the negativity storing the positivity only.
  29. Never leave the door of the toilet open as it is believed to create negative energy.
  30. Immediately renovate the door and windows if it is making a creaky sound as it brings in the negative energy in the house.
  31. Always close the main gate properly after entering the house as leaving a gate open may bring in bad energy.
  32. According to Vastu, proper ventilation is necessary for all the rooms. Dark spaces or corners should be brightened up with light color or white curtains to minimize bad energy within a home.