The Aquarius woman is a bright, unusual, and knowledgeable lady who charms those around her at first sight. A contradictory but very charismatic sign requires a unique approach. The air sign can be described as an extraordinary personality whose character is revealed gradually, demonstrating all the strengths.

Let’s figure out how the so-called air ladies behave in ordinary life:

Aquarius Woman Based on Vedic Astrology

Aquarius ladies (Kumbha Rashi) are ruled by Shani Graha (Saturn); the spheres of influence of Saturn in our world are duty, work, discipline. Because of the Shani Graha (Saturn) influence, the Aquarius woman gains access to the treasury of human wisdom. This quality allows her to easily penetrate the essence of things and situations and read people’s souls like a book. Likewise, its causative Graha (planets) are Brihaspati (Jupiter), Shukra (Venus), and Shani (Saturn).

The Vayu Tatwa (Air Element) is dominant in Kumbha Rashi. Thanks to her airiness, the Aquarius woman feels like a fish in water where the wind of change blows. Sometimes she can anticipate the event beforehand and be in the right place before it happens. Vayu Tatwa gives Aquarius a lively mind, curiosity, creative thinking, sociability.

General Characteristic of Aquarius Woman

Aquarius is one of the dual signs of the zodiac, which combine different, sometimes conflicting traits of character and temperament. They are interested in everything mysterious and inexplicable. Like a magnet, they attract people to themselves. They do not suffer from loneliness and do not lack friends.

The main features of an Aquarius woman are openness, sociability, benevolence. Her character hardly fits into the conventional framework – in this lady, a fountain of passions and a storm of emotions coexist with modesty and even shyness. The changeable nature will not allow her interlocutors, colleagues, and loved ones to get bored next to her. Representatives of this zodiac sign cannot stand any obligations and restrictions of freedom, either with themselves or others.

It isn’t easy to find the same easy and pleasant interlocutor in communication as the Aquarius woman. She embodies a living encyclopedia that knows everything and equally discusses fashion news or trends in world politics and economics. Interest in communication and curiosity are the differences of the sign of Aquarius, which help representatives to maintain a wide range of contact with people from different professional fields and with diverse interests.

The Personality of Aquarius Woman

The most charming, beautiful, fun, and attractive are women born under the zodiac sign Aquarius. This is the calmest sign of the entire zodiac who judges other people and expects to see herself in another person. Aquarians usually are very wise, but sometimes they do not notice the obvious things right before them due to absent-mindedness. Women of this sign are curious, and they are attracted by everything unknown and new.

Aquarius Woman

Let’s look at their traits in different aspects of life:


The Aquarius woman can have strong love feelings, but they will be more subtle and spiritual than sublime. Passion in sex and bed is not the strong point of the representatives of this zodiac sign—men with the same views on intimacy and the institution of marriage like and suit their sexual temperament.


The lady of this sign values independence and freedom in relationships and marriage. It is unlikely that anyone will succeed in tying her to himself, but she will be faithful to her husband or chosen one. Aquarius does not accept dishonesty in relationships and betrayal, does not forgive betrayal to a spouse or partner, and she will not allow communication on the side.

Aquarius woman will not tolerate regular scenes of jealousy, scandals, and attempts to lock her in four walls, turning her into a homebody mistress. She needs to socialize with her friends and relax outside the home. Her husband does not know for certain what her beloved dreams of and what secrets keep the depths of her soul. However, she will constantly strive to reveal the innermost secrets of a loved one.


No one likes to organize friendly parties as much as Aquarius. The characteristic of this sign suggests that these women quickly converge with any people. They are great friends, they love to help, but they can be overly intrusive. The external emotionality of the sign does not prevent her from subtly feeling other people, showing firmness and strength of character at the right time, defending her position, protecting herself and those close to her. Sometimes these women can play in fighters for justice, pushing friends away from themselves, conflicting, and provoking people.

Work and Career

In choosing a profession, Aquarius woman will rely on the main feature of the astrological characteristic – sociability and the factor of usefulness for herself and others. Jobs that involve communication and interaction with people are best suited for such ladies: teacher, flight attendant, psychologist, social worker, journalist.

Enrichment and monetary rewards for work play a secondary role in choosing a profession for such persons. It is much more important for them to help people and realize their abilities. The creative process attracts the sign’s representatives by creating or improving something new and interesting, but by no means self-promotion. The Aquarius woman is not suitable to be a nurse, pastry chef, secretary, accountant.


Although health depends on more important factors than the planet’s position, astrologers have drawn some general features regarding Aquarius and its relationship to health. They are very aware that they need to be physically active to be healthy. However, they are more of a thought type, so they are not interested in such earthly things for a long time, and they always need encouragement to practice. As far as the tendency towards diseases is concerned, it is considered that their critical point is the nervous system. They often suffer from nervousness, insomnia and that addiction diseases should be avoided.


Do you know that thought that the family is just a social convention? For many Aquarians, it makes perfect sense. Women of this sign believe that it is only worthwhile to maintain contact with those who respect their thoughts and are not intolerant. They hate being charged to fit into the pattern. That’s why some of them live far from their family and prefer only to get close to the few ones they love on special occasions.

She does not consider herself superior to her children, so she treats them as equals. Unlike mothers of other signs, they may not be as concerned about their performance at school. But it is not careless: they believe that traditional means of assessment do not measure someone’s real knowledge. They raise children to be good citizens and to care about the collective. At the same time, they encourage them not to give up their personality because of social pressure.

Aquarius Woman Facts

Facts about Aquarius Woman according to Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology offers so much information that one can make their life far better. This science has specified some facts about Aquarius Woman such that if she applies them in her life, she will gain some unthinkable profitability:

  1. Swami Graha (Ruling Planet): Shani (Saturn)
  2. Tatwa: Vayu (Air)
  3. Traits: fierce, determined, hardworking, scientific intellect, social worker
  4. Lucky Color: Black, blue, purple, green are the lucky colors for Aquarius. Wearing clothes of these colors brings peace of mind. Always keeping a black or blue colored handkerchief in the pocket is beneficial. Be sure to choose a mainly black, blue, purple, or green color in some form or the other in your clothes.
  5. Lucky Day: Saturday – they remain delighted on this day. For them, Tuesdays are auspicious, Sundays are medium.
  6. Unlucky Day: Wednesday and Friday
  7. Lucky Numbers: Numbers 4 and 8 are lucky for the people of Aquarius.
  8. Unlucky Numbers: 3,7,1,2,9
  9. Lucky Stone: Sapphire is the lucky gemstone for Aquarius people, so they should wear sapphire when Saturn is bad.

The following facts make a woman born in the sign of Aquarius phenomenal.

  1. The unique ability of a woman born in the sign of Aquarius is to be witty without effort. She is so much fun, and with her, you feel like time flies. This makes her a favorite in society but also in every environment.
  2. A woman born in this sign is a realist and knows what is possible and what is not. She does not want to spend her time on dreams that she knows will not come true. Instead, she invests her time in achieving realistic goals.
  3. If a woman born in this sign promises you something, be sure that she will keep that promise. That is because she is so faithful and loyal. No matter what others say, she will always be loyal to those she cares about, without thinking about the possible consequences.
  4. Aquarius woman is gentle and caring. When she notices that someone is suffering or is in trouble or a problem, she will do her best to help. That is why her friends and acquaintances love and respect her even more.
  5. A woman born in this sign is a true social queen. She likes to meet new people and have an active social life.
(Last Updated On: March 10, 2022)