Compatibility of Cancer With 12 Signs – Kark Rashi

Cancer Compatibility with All Signs

Cancer or Kark Rashi is the 4th of 12 Zodiac Signs. Cancer-born individuals are sensitive, emotional, harmonious, and dedicated, yet fixed. Most Cancer-born value their home, loved ones and comforts more than anything else. Their most noble goal lies in sheltering and providing every comfort to their loved ones.

Soothing and caring, water sign Cancerians are also quick in offering help to others. On their part, these cardinal water signs try and avoid/ duck conflicts as much as possible. This very trait makes them quiet and controlled about their own feelings.

Cancer Compatibility with All Signs

Cancer Compatibility

According to Vedic Astrology, the most compatible signs for Cancer are Scorpio and Pisces.

Cancer and Aries

Kark Rashi compatibility with Mesha Rashi

  • Friendship – These cardinal signs can be complementary friends and have good bonding.
  • Work Compatibility – They should not even try to work together as they both want the lead.
  • Love – When in love, they have good potential, and they end up being together.
  • Relationship – They form the stereotypical traditional relationship, which is likely to end up in marriage.
  • Being together – They also will have many things that they enjoy doing together.
  • Married Life – The desire to protect their family and their home is what they both want to be married to one another.

Cancer and Taurus

Kark Rashi compatibility with Vrish Rashi

  • Friendship – Their friendship is just perfect, and they can balance each other’s excesses.
  • Work Compatibility – They will work very well together.
  • Love – They will have an instant attraction and are perfect for one another when in love.
  • Relationship – When in a relationship, this couple is the best of both worlds.
  • Being together – They understand each other very well and have a happy life together.
  • Married Life – They will be well-suited to a happy and long-lasting marriage.

Cancer and Gemini

Kark Rashi compatibility with Mithun Rashi

  • Friendship – They will make surprisingly good friends and have an awesome bonding.
  • Work Compatibility – Together, they have the drive to get things done.
  • Love- When in love, they have a strong and intimate bond.
  • Relationship – There is a lot of love, affection, and warmth involved in their relationship.
  • Being together – Together, they will find happiness and solace in the presence of each other.
  • Married Life – They may have difficulty sustaining a long-term marriage.

Cancer and Cancer

Kark Rashi compatibility with Karkata Rashi

  • Friendship – Cancerians are endlessly devoted to one another as friends with a loyalty that will likely never fade or be revoked.
  • Work Compatibility – Together, they will focus on the task until completion, avoiding drama and confrontation in the office.
  • Love- They will both have a great deal of dedication and motivation toward making their love life work.
  • Relationship – They will be able to have a long and successful relationship together.
  • Being together – They will have a blissful life making a beautiful home together.
  • Married Life – They will almost certainly be able to create a happy and loving marital life.

Cancer and Leo

Kark Rashi compatibility with Simha Rashi

  • Friendship – As friends, Leo and Cancer are both faithful to each other.
  • Work Compatibility – If they must work together, it is a good idea to divide their work between them.
  • Love- They make one of the most beautifully romantic love in the world.
  • Relationship – They are compatible as their differences complement each other in ways that make the relationship function well.
  • Being together – They make a wonderful home together.
  • Married Life – If they form a marriage, they will do the work necessary to be a successful marital life.

Cancer and Virgo

Kark Rashi compatibility with Kanya Rashi

  • Friendship – A friendship between them is plain and simple, yet powerful, the bonding that gets better and better over time.
  • Work Compatibility – They are a perfect working team. They are both hard workers who tend to adapt well to any working environment.
  • Love – There is a lot of respect and love between the two.
  • Relationship – They will have a caring and nurturing relationship together.
  • Being together – Together, they build an exclusively safe and cozy environment for living with each other with such love and respect.
  • Married Life – They will be well-matched as husband and wife and have a good marital life ahead in life.

Cancer and Libra

Kark Rashi compatibility with Tula Rashi

  • Friendship – As friends have a connection to each other and they annoy each other simultaneously.
  • Work Compatibility – The major difficulty for these two will be communication. Yet, both of them will be highly motivated to work together.
  • Love- They will be attracted to each other from the start, and their love will flourish over time.
  • Relationship – Their relationship is a challenging one, and it could potentially become a volatile one.
  • Being together – Libra and Cancer feel secure and free being together.
  • Married Life – They shall have a stable and long-lasting marital life.

Cancer and Scorpio

Kark Rashi compatibility with Vrishchika Rashi

  • Friendship – As friends, they will start to form an emotional connection with each other.
  • Work Compatibility – They form a great team and complement each other nicely.
  • Love- As lovers, they will be able to make the necessary adaptations for their love life.
  • Relationship – They will have a deep understanding of each other and are likely to be in a good relationship.
  • Being together – If they accept themselves and each other for who they are, they will have a long and happy life together.
  • Married Life – They are like a match made in heaven for marriage and family life.

Cancer and Sagittarius

Kark Rashi compatibility with Dhanu Rashi

  • Friendship – They may become good friends without any further disputes.
  • Work Compatibility – They will work surprisingly well together.
  • Love- As lovers, they shall enjoy being in each other’s company.
  • Relationship – They have a good chance of a successful long-term relationship.
  • Being together – They shall have a lifetime commitment to being together and have a happy life.
  • Married Life – They have a better than average chance of staying together in marital life.

Cancer and Capricorn

Kark Rashi compatibility with Makara Rashi

  • Friendship – As friends, they are closely associated with one another.
  • Work Compatibility – They will work very well together and naturally complement each other as to their working abilities.
  • Love – As lovers, they fit each other perfectly.
  • Relationship – They can do very well together in a relationship as they understand one another well.
  • Being together – Together, they provide balance for each other, and each is strong where the other is weak.
  • Married Life – They are likely to be a harmonious marital couple that can stand the test of time.

Cancer and Aquarius

Kark Rashi compatibility with Kumbh Rashi

  • Friendship – As friends, they take care of one another needs pretty carefully.
  • Work Compatibility – They will not necessarily work together at all, at least in doing a task.
  • Love – Their devotion and their curiosity could pave the way for a lasting love between them.
  • Relationship – If they do form a relationship, they can make it work.
  • Being together – Together, they will be very happy if both of them truly love each other.
  • Married Life – Their marriage will only last if they are ready to make compromises for each other.

Cancer and Pisces

Kark Rashi compatibility with Meena Rashi

  • Friendship – Their friendship is just the right amount of sweetness and vulnerability to bring out the best memories together.
  • Work Compatibility – They are an excellent team when it comes to working together.
  • Love – The love between them will be strong, and they will complement each other well.
  • Relationship – In a relationship, they understand each other well.
  • Being together – These two will bring out the best in each other, and they will have a long and happy life together.
  • Married Life – A marriage between them will be a delightful one.

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