Can Astrology Predict Death? – Planets May Predict How One Can Die

An infamous French Astrologer Nostradamus predicted the coronavirus 2019 back in the 16th century! Isn’t it both shocking and mysterious? Is astrological prediction that strong to foresee even an extreme future? Can we use astrology to make the greatest prediction of all and predict when we are going to die? Does death astrology exist?

Can Astrology Predict Death

Astrology can indicate when an intense or transformational experience is likely to occur. Death is one of the rare things in astrology, which is very difficult to predict. Based on the planetary position, Dasha, and Sub-Dasha period on the birth chart, one can tell that physical death may occur. Not the playback some forecaster claim to see in a crystal ball but a more accurate resume of your life!

In astrology, there is no short-cut unique method to predict death. There are several factors, elements, and combinations that could be considered determinants of Death. Besides, the exact time of death can’t surely be predicted because astrologically these are only indications, which may or may not be avoided.

There is no one planet that is a bad omen and that suddenly heralds the prospect of death if it appears in your chart. If we are using astrology for death prediction then we need to look at the positions of every plant in conjunction with the sun in our natal chart along with the Dasha system.

Planets that help us Predict How One Can Die

So, we get planetary alignments, several times in our lives, which could result in the death of a native. Medical astrologers can foresee the relationship between a person’s health and the impact of the planet on it. However if one will actually die or not depends on several other factors, all of which can’t be explained in an astrological chart.

Planetary Alignments in Astrology

1. Shani – Saturn

Serious Saturn (lord of the 10th and 11th house) is referred to as father Time as it governs things likely to happen in our lives. In that instance, Saturn is often responsible for things beginning and ending for us. Although that does not mean that this planet can tell us when we are going to die all by itself. It usually signals the death of things such as relationships, and employment, or even points out to spiritual death. (Positive and Negative Effects of Saturn in 12 Houses )

2. Aruna or Indra Chakra – Uranus

The planet Uranus (lord of the 11th house) in many ways is the opposite of Saturn and it heralds sudden events or in this case, it can indicate sudden death that comes out of the blue. Uranus also rules surgery and accidents and it is a planet that is associated with strange and unexpected events.

3. Varuna – Neptune

Neptune (lord of the 12th house) as you would expect rules water-related issues so when it relates to our demise it can point to drowning, also death by accidents in the water. People who have Neptune in their charts that have been activated somehow at the time of their death may die in a way that is unexplained or death may happen while sleeping.

4. Yama – Pluto

In modern astrology, the planet Pluto (lord of the 8th house) is linked to violent death and often one which features some kind of serious trauma. An example of this could be a sudden aneurysm that kills the person instantly or an accident that results in a huge injury.

5. Mangal – Mars

Mars (lord of the 8th and 1st house) is linked to violence or violent death. Rulers of aspects like fire guns and knives can mean that the moment of death will come as a result of a shooting, stabbing, or fire. Whatever the form it takes it is usually traumatic and sudden. Death as a result of a Mars aspect is swift. The unfavorable position of Mars results in Kuja Dosha or Mangal dosha, which is a threat to partners. (Positive and Negative Effects of Mars in 12 Houses )

6. Sukra – Venus

If people die in their sleep or slip away peacefully at the end of a long illness, Venus (lord of the 2nd and 7th house) is prominent in their natal charts. If Venus is indeed around at the time of the death it can ease the suffering not just of the victim but also of those around them. In this way, death can also sometimes be looked at in a positive manner for the one who is dying. (Positive and Negative Effects of Venus in 12 Houses )

7. Brihaspati – Jupiter

Jupiter (lord of the 12th and 9th house) rules tumors so in this sense it is linked to cancer and death as a result of an incurable disease. This can be seen clearly if Jupiter has been activated as a result of directional influences in a natal chart. Also, it is linked to period death as this is not as violent as Mars. (Positive and Negative Effects of Jupiter in 12 Houses )

8. Surya – Sun

It is the actual position of the sun (lord of the 5th house) with other planets that help us to predict death. So the sun and its position in our natal chart or astrology chart are closely linked with who are we going to die. For example, if the sun is influencing the lord of 3rd house, death from punishment is likely to occur. (Positive and Negative Effects of the Sun in 12 Houses )

How are you going to die based on Zodiac Signs?

Astrological signs determine the traits of an individual based on their element and quality. Medical astrology can predict common sightings of chronic diseases and the nature of death from the medical condition. Some scenarios on what Zodiac signs might face death from what they are:

ZodiacsCharacteristics TraitsDeath by actionsDeath by disease
AriesExtremely StubbornShowing off too muchDeath by infection
TaurusMaterialisticRunning after the moneyDeath by kidney issues
GeminiJudgementalDie on their own doingDeath by Cancer
CancerFeeling everythingOut of tragedyDeath by gastrointestinal disorder
LeoSelf-centeredSelf-destructionDeath by diabetes
VirgoWorkaholicExcessive workDeath by falling
LibraIndecisiveThinking too long to make a decisionDeath by a throat infection
ScorpioDark and mysteriousShotDeath by poison
SagittariusExtremely OptiniatedAnonymouslyDeath by drowning
CapricornPeople’s personPoisonedDeath by stomach infections
AquariusEnjoy time aloneLost on woodsDeath by drug overdose
PiscesMovie loverTheatre fire or stampedeDeath by STDS

8th House – House of Death

The eighth house of astrology is known as the House of Death. It is associated with endings, transformation, and the afterlife. This house is ruled by the planet Pluto and is associated with death, rebirth, and regeneration. It is also associated with the occult, psychic phenomena, and hidden knowledge.

Astrology and Prediction

The answer is fairly simple actually; astrology can predict not just death but all sorts of important things in one’s life. Astrology is not merely fantasy and mythology but a hard science based on mathematical calculations of the movements of planets, and their effect on our lives. It has been proven by science that such celestial movements have subtle effects on a person’s daily life cycle.

We see so many astronomical events creating a stir around the planet all the time. The control of the moon over tidal waves and the behaviors of animals, the strange connection between the sunflower and the sun, etc. are all so objective and undeniable.

Such that it is quite logical to say that the mood and consciousness and the actions we take may also be affected by such movements. It is not all that difficult to imagine that people who studied such a phenomenon are not able to establish the connection between our life, the condition of our health, and the possible length of our lifespan too.

Random facts about Death and Astrology Linkage

  • Dashas of Marakas acts are the determination of Longevity. The association of malefic planets with other malefic planets causes death, the former planet acts as an effective Maraka (inflictors of death). The consideration is generally valid, but the association doesn’t mean actual death every time.
  • The 8th house from the Lagna is the house of longevity and furthermore, the 8th house from the 8th house is also considered the house of longevity.

The key, however, remains to be the right kind of astrologer, just because so many shops in the world sell synthetic gold, it doesn’t mean that real gold does not exist at all. A really good astrologer can find the date of one’s death to the year, month, date, and even time of the day. You just need to find one who can read your karma shape accurately. And luckily you are not far from such expertise! Know your life prediction and get remedies with the aid of Jyotish. Click here to sign up and get connected.